The Curse of Titletown (Guest Author)

Curse: a prayer for harm or injury to come upon one.  A highly used term in 2016.  A term all franchises wish to avoid. If you’re cursed, you likely live in Cleveland.   If you were  cursed, you may live in Chicago.

Curses are generally not associated with winning franchises.   There are no curses associated with the Chicago Bulls, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Yankees or San Antonio Spurs.

Curses are generally not associated with great individual athletes i.e. Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, or Michael Phelps.  If a curse exists, it’s generally well known.   The Billy Goat, Bill Buckner, and Madden Cover curses to name a few.

But what about the Green Bay Packers?  That’s right. Titletown, USA.  The home of Favre, Lombardi, Rodgers, Starr, 4 Super Bowl Championships, Cheese, and Lambeau Field.

How could the Green Bay Packers be cursed you asked?   Two Letters:  A&W.  The burger shack? Yes, the A&W curse.  At no time in history has 550 calories of pure 100% U.S. Beef patty-goodness ever resulted in so much pain and anguish.   (

While Madden has wrecked the careers of Barry Sanders, Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb, A&W has cursed Jennings, Jordy, Lacy, Sitton and Lacy.

That’s right folks: Meat and Cheese.  Ham and Rolls.  Beef and Cheddar.  Wisconsin Tradition.   A curse that has unknowingly tugged at heartstrings of Packers fans from Kenosha to Eau Claire.  Or maybe we have known the entire time.  If not, let’s dive into this one.

Greg Jennings:   At the height of his career, Jennings was hoisting a Super Bowl trophy and A&W was serving of 0.85 Papa Burgers. (  What happened next? 2012.  Jennings’ worst and last year in Green Bay. (8 GP, 36 Rec, 4TD) (

Sorry Greg.

Jordy Nelson:  In 2012, Jordy Nelson began his fateful relationship with A&W.  Sure the first two seasons were spent celebrating over $0.87 Jordy Burgers, root beer and meat sweats, but every good thing comes to end.  That was 2015 during the pre-season.  We all know the story.  Torn ACL and a dramatic fall from dominance for the Packers offense.

Sorry Jordy.

Eddie Lacy: Following a successful Rookie Campaign in 2013, Eddie Lacy signed on with A&W.  Since that date, Eddie’s rushes have decreased while his waistline has ballooned.

Sorry Eddie.

Josh Sitton:  2016. That’s it.  A pre-season worth of patties.   Shortly after signing a ¼ pounder deal with A&W, the All-Pro left guard was cut and now he protects Jay Cutler.  It cannot get much worse. (

Sorry Josh.

As always, eat Wisconsibly.  Meat and Cheese, that is.


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