Packers @ Titans

Trying to imitate what Acme Packing does with its game summaries.

1st Quater

Great awareness by Joe Thomas to snag the surprise onside kick by the Titans.  But GB wastes field position with a low throw behind a wide open Cobb at the sticks.

Demarco Murray gashes GB with the easiest 75-yard rushing TD you’ll ever see.  GB hurts itself with penalties and punt back to the Titans.  Titans convert from 2nd & 25 after LT Taylor Lewan is ejected for contact with an official.  2 big pass plays and a little trickeration and GB is down 14-0 just over 8′ into the game.  Titans close out 1st Qtr with a 3rd TD on a clever throw back pass that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix didn’t figure out.

2nd Quarter

GB starts to get off the mat with a nice scoring drive that again works laterally and steadily moves down the field culminating in a short TD slant to Nelson.  But Titans answer right back to stretch it out to 28-7 and have 4 TD on 4 Possessions.  That’s suboptimal for a defense.  After a holding penalty in the red zone mutes GB momentum, Don Barclay misses a key block which destroys a promising screen to Starks.  GB settles for a short FG.  D gets a stop on 3rd down after a great pass breakup by Kentrell Brice on 3rd down.  But it doesn’t matter because rookie Trevor Davis muffs the punt.  Jared Abbredaris would have handled that cleanly.  Make it 5/6 for Titans O with another easy scoring drive.

As Braden Wolf notes, this is a nice game for Oregon Duck fans with Marcus Mariota leading a hot offense and GB defense playing like the tissue paper Duck defense.

Packers rally quick and march down the field now with 3 straight scoring drives.  Screen to James Starks for a TD and GB andicantbelieveiwritethis cut the deficit to 35-16 (crosby hooks the XP wide left).  Titan return the kickoff across its own 40 so now with 3 TO have a chance to get even more.  Titans fail to convert on 4th & 5 on GB side of the field but GB hail mary fails to capture the 2015 magic.

Halftime is the only thing that can stop the Titans O right now.

3rd Quarter

Packers defense rises up to start 3Q getting a stop on 3rd & 2.  Micah Hyde slides to make a fair catch on punt duties.  Packers first play of 2nd half is a deep shot to Geronimo Allison.  WR is open but #12 throws veers out of bounds.  #12 gets a tough spot on 3rd & 1 and his sneak is short.  MM has to go for it on 4th & inches.  No decision here down 19.  GB converts as I put a brick through my TV with a shotgun snap and toss play to Starks.  Bad officiating from Jeff Triplette’s crew (shock!) preserves a Titans TO who were fooled by GB staying on the field on 4th & 4.  Beautiful throw and catch from #12 to Davanta Adams on 4th & 4.  Titans bring a blitz but James Starks does a nice job picking up the blitzer.  #12 with a smart scramble up the middle to score a TD and takes a shot as he crosses the goalline and GB players constructively raise their objections.   Officials  flag Titans for the hit but none for the ruckus that followed showing considerable restraint.  Jeff Triplette announcements are just the worst.  Starks stuffed on the 2-pt try on a draw play.  Odd play call choice instead of rolling #12 out.

GB tries an onside kick since they were kicking off from midfield.  Crosby hits it well but nobody there to clean it up.  Missed opportunity to steal a possession.  GB had the Titans in and 3rd & long but Mike Daniels with a stupid unsportsmanlike penalty to move the ball to the GB 38 and new set of downs for the Titans.  On 3rd & medium Mariota finds Tajae Sharpe for an easy TD.   Rollins looking in the backfield jumped fwd and Sharpe just coasted by him with no S over the top.   Gunter commits DPI on the 2-pt try but no flag so it’s 41-22 Titans 6+’ in the 3rd.

RG Lang already hurt and now LT Bahktiari slowly ambles off with an injury.  2nd rounder pick Jason Spriggs is the new LT.  Roll #12 right with a TE next to Spriggs?   After a couple positive plays from Spriggs he gets abused and #12 takes a big sack for 3rd & 21.  GB decides to kick a FG on 4th & 10 from the Titans 21  so it’s 41-25 with :57 left in 3Q

4th Quarter

GB D gets a stop after some nice run defense and Burnett actually trips up Mariota for a sack on 3rd & 8.  #12 and Nelson started to regain a little of the back shoulder timing.  Could bode well for 2017 I guess.  On 4th & 9 GB has to go for it.  #12 has all day and Richard Rodgers has 1st down yardage but drops a low throw.  Terrible drop and that might extinguish the last flicker of GB hope.  Titans stopped just short on 3rd & 9 but pick up key yards to set up a long FG.  Titans drill a 51-yarder and it’s back to a 19-point margin 44-25.

After a coverage sack, #12 is picked on a 3rd & 19.  I guess #12 thought they were going to keep going and it’s a simple INT.  Cuterlish reaction from #12.  8:55 Titans ball.  On a 3rd & 3 Mariota finds Sharpe in the soft hole in the zone between Goodsen and a scrambling Hyde.  The only drama is whether Titans will hit the half-century mark.  Titans add a late FG which I guess matters for gamblers who had Titans -21?

GB looks terrible falling to 4-5 on the season but Detroit is setting the pace in the NFC North at 5-4 holding the head-to-head tiebreaker on the 5-4 Vikings.  somebody does technically have to win the division like in 2013.






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