#9 Wisconsin @ #22 Creighton

*started watching at the under 12′ because Georgetown was pissing away a win against Maryland on FS1 and I was putting the future of American soccer to bed

Head Notes:

  • Well deserved win for Creighton who seized control of the game in the 2nd half with stingy defense and offensive spurt.
  • Wisconsin still can’t get anything going inside.  Hayes learned to shoot as a sophomore and seems content to bomb away from deep.  When it’s falling it’s brilliant.  When it’s not? less so.
  • Koenig and Showalter need to make a commitment to get the ball inside either feeding the post or themselves driving to the goal.
  • Wisconsin Shot Chart isn’t pretty (62% of shots = 3 pointers; 28.2% on 3 pointers)
  • Wisconsin Bench: 3-15 for 9 points
  • Creighton Bench: 5-10 for 15 points
  • Creighton shot exactly 50% from the floor and exactly 50% from 2 and 3 so defense is a bit of issue
  • Wisconsin = 16 Turnovers; Creighton = 7 Turnovers.  Some Wisconsin turnovers led directly to easy hoops in transition for the Bluejays
  • Bright spot on the boards. Wisconsin outrebounded Creighton (42-28) including snatching 16 offensive rebounds.
  • Wisconsin 4-5 FT, Creighton 15-22 (some of those Bluejay FT were when Wisconsin was trailing late and fouling to lengthen the game).  But that’s a direct consequence of Wisconsin not getting the ball inside.
  • It’s early, so not a particularly damaging loss especially on the  road.  Would have been nice to win this one for March seeding purposes.


FG Made-Attempted 26-63 28-56
Field Goal % 41.3 50.0
3PT Made-Attempted 11-39 8-16
Three Point % 28.2 50.0
FT Made-Attempted 4-5 15-22
Free Throw % 80.0 68.2
Total Rebounds 42 28
Offensive Rebounds 16 6
Defensive Rebounds 26 22
Assists 15 15
Steals 4 8
Blocks 1 1
Total Turnovers 16 7
Personal Fouls 22 13

*started watching at the under 12′ because Georgetown was pissing away a win against Maryland on FS1 and I was putting the future of American soccer to bed

1st Half

Wisconsin stretches a lead to 28-20 but Creighton responds quickly, forcing Wisconsin to settle for long jumpers and consistently getting to the rim for good looks.  Wisconsin has to be careful not too get too reliant on individual antics from Koenig and Hayes for its offense.  When Wisconsin misses triples they really miss triples.  Wisconsin too frequently settling for triples but it’s not clear who on the floor can get to the rim with Happ on the bench.  Wisconsin misses its 10th straight triple.  Creighton muscles up an offensive rebound to take a 31-30 leave with 2′ left first half.  Wisconsin still not in the bonus, probably because its settling for so many jumpers.  Wait, officials trying to even up the foul count now.  Another miss from deep but Trice with nice offensive rebound.  Hayes tries for midrange jumper, misses, Wisconsin steals back and Hayes fumbles it out of bounds.  Creighton takes a 33-30 lead into the half.

The Wisconsin depth is really remarkable this season in particular.  Handful of freshman got minutes last season, but it bodes well all season that Gard feels comfortable using a deep rotation.  10 different Badgers saw action in the first half and 8 different Badgers scored.


FG Made-Attempted 11-32 14-29
Field Goal % 34.4 48.3
3PT Made-Attempted 8-23 4-9
Three Point % 34.8 44.4
FT Made-Attempted 0-0 1-2
Free Throw % 0.0 50.0
Total Rebounds 23 14
Offensive Rebounds 9 2
Defensive Rebounds 14 12
Assists 8 7
Steals 2 4
Blocks 0 1
Turnovers 7 3

68% of Wisconsin FG attempts came from 3, while just 31% of Creighton FG attempts did.

7 Turnovers seems a little high for a Wisconsin team that averaged 11 a game during the 2015-16 season.

Nobody is shooting FT because Wisconsin doesn’t foul and it doesn’t shoot inside.

2nd Half

Ethan Happ with a careless turnover and Showalter should have just allowed the layup but thought he was going to foul on the floor? clearly an And-1.  Creighton up 38-32 just 1:20 into the 2nd half.   “beautiful move by Happ” for 2 in the lane was perhaps a charitable description by Tim Brando but it counts just the same.

Wisconsin apparently has the most NCAA tournament wins (11) over the last 3 seasons.  I guess that makes sense.  FS1 with the “BREAKING NEWS” graphic for the latest College Football Playoff Top 4 which is not breaking news on November 15th especially since nobody wants Bama this year.

Teams just trading baskets right now.  Showalter with a nice move to the rim which is what I want to see.  Shots in the paint.  Koenig hits a jumpter and Iverson attacks the rim.  This half Wisconsin drawing some fouls and could get into the bonus early (as opposed tto not at all in half 1).  Koenig hits  a ridiculous 3 (2) as the shot clock expires but Creighton replies immediately.

Under 16′ TO: Creighton 44 Wisconsin 43   Flipping over to Kansas-Duke momentarily just because I haven’t been angry enough the last week.  The Seahawks waived Christine Michael in case Green Bay is interested.

Under 12′ TO:  Wisconsin 46 Creighton 44. honestly nothing really happening.  Wisconsin hit a 3, Creighton missed some shots.  Badgers miss an opportunity to build a little lead as Creighton goes cold from the floor.

Hayes opens his account in the 2nd half, great possession as ball rarely hits the floor.  But Creighton with an And-1 on a sort of soft call.  10′ to go Wisconsin up 2.  Creighton takes a lead after Jordan Hill slips on defense.  Happ finds Hayes out of a double team and Hayes punches it to tie it up again.  Creighton doing a good job doubling Hayes.  He misses a 3 badly but Showalter tips it in despite a cramping calf that leads to the next TO.

Under 8′ TO: Creighton 54 Wisconsin 52.  Right now the bench is 3-15 from the floor and has just 9 of the Badger points.  Creighton bench has 10 points on 3-7 shooting.

Creighton 3, another soft And-1 following a Badger turnover, and  another Creighton  3.  Things unravel in about 75 seconds out of the Under 8′ TO.  Wisconsin takes a timeout to try and stop the bleeding but it may be too late.  Creighton 63 Wisconsin 52, 6:29′ left.

Creighton stretches the lead late to win 79-67.


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