Green Bay @ Washington

After wins earlier on Sunday by Minnesota and Detroit, Green Bay (GB) is staring at a 2-game deficit in the NFC North if it loses tonight @ Washington (WA).  GB is still down its top 2 CBs but finally gets back Clay Matthews so maybe that will rouse a pass rush that’s been dormant in his absence.

1st Quarter

GB starts with the ball.  #12 didn’t say anything to his family in the intros.  Don Barclay starting at RG is not good.  I’m still surprised dude made the 53 out of camp.  Thrown away, stuffed run (Linsely’s gets trashed), incomplete behind a slipping Jared Cook.  Short punt sets up WA at its own 41.   A bad drop on 2nd down by Desean Jackson (for some reason running over the middle).  And there you go, Clay gets 2x on the left and Nick Perry bulls his way to a sack.  Decent coverage gave Perry an extra beat to get home.

Ripkowski doesn’t gain much on the ground but he makes an impression.  #12 has to check it down to Starks on 3rd & 8 which gets 0.  Already the lack of running game means its alway 2nd & long.  All season the O is “behind the chains” which means the offensive playbook shrinks and the defensive playbooks expands.  WA rips a big run on 3rd & 2 for the first flickers of life for either offense.  GB DL was just steamrolled on that one.  WA flips the field but forced to punt.

#12 tries a sort of back shoulder type throw on 3rd down to Adams but it drifts too far inside and doesn’t really give Adams a good shot at it.  WA with good field position at its own 45 to start its next series.   GB clearly scared by speed at the WR position for WA and playing off.  WA can get some short underneath stuff whenever it wants.  GB not able to get in Cousin’s face so far.  Big 3rd down conversion for WA.  Cousins doing a nice job of spreading the ball around.  Burnett with a chance for a TFL on a run and 3rd & long becomes 3rd & short.  Cousins finds Desean Jackson for 6.  Micah Hyde no match for DJax out of the slot.  NBC replay demonstrates that Clinton Dix did Hyde no favor trying to cover Garcon on the far side instead of staying home.  Again, no pressure on Cousins.

#12 to Montgomery for a HUGE 3rd down conversion.  Richard Rodgers is just too big to tackle.  Ball out of #12 quickly = good results for GB.  Rough opening quarter ends with a little movement by the GB O.

2nd Quarter

Another quick throw, ball of #12 hand, and 3rd & 2 for GB.  But a delay of game gives back 5 yards.  Also might take GB out of FG range.  pass batted and too far to kick and too close to punt so GB goes for it.   Low throw to Cobb incomplete.  Hands-to-the-face call on WA gives GB a 1st down.  a sneaky left hand was enough to draw the flag.  seemed harsh.  Collinsworth notes #12 missed a wide open Nelson on a deep post. Screen set up well for Starks, would have been a big gainer, and Starks dropped it.  Brutal.  All day on 3rd down but nobody gets open, 4th & 2.  GB passes on a 42 Yard FG with the wind.    #12 smartly keeps it and runs for 1st down.   Jared Cook takes a screen for 1st & goal.  Cook was wide open and didn’t turn around in time.   easy TD but GB can’t execute.   3rd & Goal GB goes 5 wide and #12 finds Ty Montgomery for a TD but Barclay gets called for holding (good call) and erases it.  3rd & Goal from the 13.  #12 gets his facemark ripped but still scrambles to find Nelson in the back of the endzone.  Wasn’t always a pretty drive but it chewed clock and evened the score. 7-7, 9:27 left.

WA incomplete on 2 throws to start its drive and a false start.  3rd & 15.  Can GB get pressure on Cousins?  Julius Peppers climbs the ladder and uses every inch of his 6’7″ to deflect a screen but nobody can pick it.  I guess that was worth $10.5M.  WA O on the field for less than :30.  GB takes over at its own 43.  Goodson looks completely deflated as he is carted off and a thin GB secondary gets thinner.

Positive GB run from a RB! as Starks scampers for 7 on 1st down.  #12 avoids a sack on a slow developing play action fake and fires to nobody over the middle.  Just like old times, #12 hits Cobb on a crossing route to move the sticks.  Collinsworth notes that Barclay continues to get abused at RG.  Starks makes something from nothing on a checkdown and WA runs back with the ball.  Starks whistled down by contact.  Norman for WA gets mad and spikes the ball and gets a 5-yard penalty.  Thanks.  Another quick pitch-and-catch to Rodgers2Rodgers.  Barclay with another holding call.  You can’t just tackle the guy bro.  Great coverage but better protection and #12 with a long run sets up 2nd and short.  GB somewhat charitably given a TO instead of a 2nd delay of game.  Run goes nowhere and #12 sacked on 3rd down.  Crosby drills a 37-yarder.  GB 10 WA 7  3:37 left.

Daniels blows up a run with Kenny Clark following along.  GB spends an optimistic TO on D.    Good run by WA set sup 3rd & 4.  WA does NOT want is D back on the field this half.  Just had 2 long scoring drives by GB.  Hyde beat on 3rd & 4 by WA TE Reed.   Clean pocket and clear passing lane for Cousins.    Blitz doesn’t get home and Reed again gashes GB defense after a missed tackle.   WA runs right through GB D for easy TD on the ground.   WA goes for 2 I guess because of the wind Collinsworth keeps talking about.  Clinton Dix with a nice play to deny the running attempt.

HALFTIME  WA 13 GB 10.  WA starts 2nd half with  the ball.  A relief to see GB not staring at a double digit deficit in the 1st half of a game. Hard to tell whether good defense kept it to 4 scoring drives or bad offense.  Neither team looks particularly good and has hurt itself with some sloppy penalties and miscues.  Stats indicate that yeah, fairly even game. Perry’s sack on WA opening possession only sustained pressure the GB D has gotten on Cousins.  #12 with some nifty footwork to avoid a few sacks.  Cannot believe Barclay is the best option at RG.  I’ll keep saying it.  Get the ball out of #12 hands quickly and force WA to make tackles.  Wouldn’t mind seeing Jared Cook be used outside of the red zone.  Defensively, GB has given WA too many 3rd and shorts and is fortunate WA isn’t better than just 4 of 7 on 3rd down.

#12 hit 8 different WR (targeted 9) for his 13 completions.

Cousins hit 6 different WR (targeted 9) for his 11 completions.


1st Downs 10 9
Passing 1st downs 7 7
Rushing 1st downs 1 2
1st downs from penalties 2 0
3rd down efficiency 3-9 4-7
4th down efficiency 1-1 0-0
Total Plays 35 29
Total Yards 127 171
Total Drives 6 5
Yards per Play 3.6 5.9
Passing 80 123
Comp-Att 13-22 11-18
Yards per pass 3.3 6.5
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 2-20 1-7
Rushing 47 48
Rushing Attempts 11 10
Yards per rush 4.3 4.8
Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-2 2-2
Penalties 3-25 4-30
Turnovers 0 0
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 18:04 11:56

3rd Quarter

Killer penalty on Mike Daniels for roughing-the-passer on a 3rd & 6.  Should have been 3&out.  Cousins was incomplete and well short of 1st down sticks anyways.  I think that was a bad call. Didn’t look like head-to-head or late.  Bad break for GB.    Cousins pressured on 3rd down but keeps his eyes downfield and hits Reed for a long gain.  3rd & 4, and Peppers gets there for a sack.   On the replay, DJax wide open in the endzone but WA RT barely impeded Peppers en route to the sack.  WA FG

16-10 WA 9′ left 3rd quarter.

Packers narrowly avoid catastrophe on the kickoff.  Ball dies short of the goalline and Richard Rodgers pounces on it or WA would have recovered the world’s longest onside kick at the GB doorstep.

Adams with a very Adamsish drop on a 2nd & 3 on a slant.  Should have been an easy 1st down.  Yet another GB miscue.  Maybe Adams needs to talk with #12’s family or something.  Adams bailed out by Jared Cook on a nice fade touch throw down the sideline.  GB on the WA side of the field.  Cobb with a leaping grab on what had to be a busted play as Cobb and Adams were mighty close to each other.  WA gives GB a free 5 yards on another delay of game on the D.  Don Barclay Q with a shoulder injury and being bad at football.  Rookie 2nd rounder Jason Spriggs at RG.  GB with a 3rd & 8  at the WA 13.  #12 took a sack in this situation in the 1st half.   Spriggs flinches and its 3rd & 13.  #12 overthrows it short to Allison who was himself 6-7 yards short of the sticks.

NBC really concerned about the wind here for Crosby.  And sure enough, he hooks it wide left.  Big miss and GB is still down 16-10 5′ left 3Q.  Any WA score here might officially move us into 2017 mode.  NBC promos Tottenham @ Chelsea on Saturday so something to look forward too.

Cousins does a great job of avoiding pressure and dumping it off to the RB for a 1st down on 3rd & 5.  GB doesn’t get any pressure up the middle like ever so even with Perry and Matthews ripping off the edge, the QB can simply step up in the pocket to keep the play alive and find an open WR.  Crowder burns the GB D (WA speed and all) down the middle  Rollins again gets toasted.  Not a strong sophomore season from him or Randall.  Again, nobody can get on Cousins.  WA goes for 2 again.   Zone read doesn’t fool Matthews.

WA 22 GB 10  2′ left 3rd Quarter.  GB season on the brink and slipping towards the abyss.

Jared Cook makes a fantastic adjustment on a floated pas from #12 on 3rd & 3 to move inside the WA 40.  #12 then airmails a throw to Adams.  GB has a 3rd & 3 on the WA 31 as we end the 3rd.  GB in 4-down territory though down 2 TDs.

4th Quarter

WA forgets to cover 1-half the field and Starks takes a little dump off to the endzone for an easy TD.   I might have scored on that one. My dog Lambeau too and she’s got Lacy issues with her weight.  WA 22 GB 17  14:51 left.

Cousins drops a dime to Garcon who toasted Gunter that time and its back to a 2-TD lead for WA.    Gunter was 2-yards behind Garcon.  Gunter a long physical corner but went undrafted out of the U because of a slow 40.  It was evident there.  WA 29 GB 17 14:25 left.

GB responds with a run for -2 and #12 again with bad foundation and throws a pass in the dirt intended for Cook.    Cobb busts loose on 3rd down and shakes a tackle to not just get a 1st down but scampers into WA territory inside the 40.   #12 run and Starks surge and GB is in the red zone.   Pick play gets Cook inside the 10.  Nice job by Cobb and Nelson not committing OPI by waiting long enough for #12 to get the pass off before they start blocking.   TD to Jared Cook.  For all the heat TT takes lets credit him for a nice low-risk FA signing.  Not his fault Cook got hurt.  Difference maker on O here for GB and that red zone slant is exactly what GB hasn’t had in a TE since Finley got hurt.  Clearly Cook talks to #12’s family.

WA 29 GB 24  10′ left.   Sure would be nice to have that 3 from the Cosby missed FG right about now.  Conservative offense says WA runs the ball here to use clock.  But I see no reason wind or not for them to not just keep throwing deep against a bad GB secondary.

GB stuffs a run but an out to DJax sets up a 3rd & 3 for WA.   Cousins gets hit and Blake Martinez stupidly drills the WR early for clear DPI.  But holding on WA zeroes that out.  Martinez there just a beat early. Too bad because the pass was off line.  Nice diving catch by DJax on 3rd down.  MM could challenge but probably could decision to not challenge because I think he’d lose that one.   2 runs and its a 3rd & short 3 for WA. 7′ left.    Mike Daniels only DL in the game now but Perry, Peppers, Daniels, and friends stand him up.  Nice job by the GB front.  6′ left and WA has to punt.  Nick Perry down injured which is an unfortunately common sight for the 2012 1st rounder.  WA goes for it and converts by a QB sneak from its own 40.  Wow, what a call.  NBC cuts away to the racist dickhead owner of WA for the celebration.  Now Blake Martinez is down holding his left knee so if Carl Bradford is the guy you wanted GB to use to get the stop they needed you’re in luck.  You also don’t exist so never mind.  As Collinsworth notes, GB will move Clay inside and have Peppers, Perry, Jones, and Fackrell as the OLB.  Gunter fights well to break up Garcon and CARL BRADFORD (apologies) nearly picks it off.  WA goes up top again and Crowder beats ILB Joe Thomas for a 53-yard gain to set up WA at the GB 1.  your dime LB on a speedy WR is not the matchup you want there would be my guess.  We brought Hyde on a blitz and left Thomas to cover the middle of the field.  Brilliant.  Actually would have been better to score to save time.  Kentrell Brice, in the game with the injury to Goodson, is hurt.  WA punches it in.  11 play 81-yard drive, 6+’ and its WA 35 GB 24.  WA misses the XP so it’s an 11-point game meaning I again to be mad about Crosby’s missed FG.

Mike Trico suggests that GB allowing lots of points is bad for its chances at winning.  Adams with a great catch-and-run.  Had he beena ble to stay in bounds he might have gone the distance.  Jared Cook carries down to the WA 30 but Josh Norman punches it out and WA falls on it. WA rips off a long run inside the GB 5.  Burnett had a chance a couple yards downfield but misses and he was off to the races.  Kelly walks in for his 3rd rushing TD.  Congrats his fantasy owners?

WA 42 GB 24, 2:24 left

I’m going to bed.


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