Wisconsin vs Georgetown

Wisconsin (WI) takes on Georgetown (GT) in the semifinals of the Maui Invitational.

Head Notes

  • Great win for Wisconsin against a decent enough Georgetown team.  Badgers started each period fast and ground the life out of Georgetown in the 2nd half.
  • Wisconsin abuses Georgetown on the glass with a 50-21 rebounding edge
  • Wisconsin had 20 offensive rebounds to just 1 for Georgetown
  • Ethan Happ the star of the game (19-15-1-2-2; 2 turnovers.  8-13 FG).  His activity on the boards was the difference.
  • Wisconsin just 5-21 from 3 (23.8%) but 23-44 from 2 (52.2%)
  • 13 turnovers for WI wasn’t terrible but still too careless especially since it wasn’t great Georgetown defense, just sloppy passes and bad footwork.
  • Hayes; shooting touch was off (2-8) but his post moves looked good.  Would like to see him and Happ working down low more.

1st Half

GT settles for long jumpers on its first 5 trips and knocks down just a solitary triple.  WI gets Happ going early with 5 of the Badgers first 8.   Koenig has the other 5 as WI races to a 10-3 lead.  Another hot start.   GT smartly gets to the point on its 6th trip and gets a pair of FT as the reward.   Hayes, having learned nothing from March, fails again trying to step through a double team with a predictable result.  Jake Bilas with some interesting stats on the 20+% of WI trips ending in turnovers this year.  Koenig splashes a 3 after another offensive rebound.

14:40′  Wisc 13  Georgetown 6

Koenig firing away, scoring 10 of the Badger 15 early on.  At some point somebody else will probably have to score unless he really is going for 50+ tonight.  Pryor hits a 3 for GT.  He murdered Oregon last night.   Officiating really tight early thus far.  Seems to hurt both teams.  Pryor with ANOTHER 3.  WI doing a nice job of trying to get to the rim and take advantage of the quick whistles.

11:58′ Wisc 19 Georgetown 14

Trice gets to the rim to extend WI lead to 7.   Happ does a nice job on the offensive glass but seems a little timid once he has the ball.  I get there is a 7-foot dude for GT there, but get into his chest and draw contact.  Instead keeps kicking it out.  Nigel Hayes picks up his 2nd dumb foul of the half, this time on an offensive rebound.  Although replay shows there wasn’t actually any contact so not sure what the ref saw there.  Tough jumper and soft post touch gets GT within 3.  Happ finally goes at the GT giant and draws a shooting foul.  Happ collects his 10th rebound with 9 left in the 1st half.  Another careless turnover and GT FT further chips away at Badger lead.

7:48′ Wisconsin 21 Georgetown 20

Wisconsin outrebounding GT 19 to 5.  Koenig with a  blow-by and rainbow off the glass.  sweet dish for Showalter to Happ for the layup.  Great ball movement swinging the ball around the perimeter put GT on skates.   Happ again tentative off a no-look pass from Koenig and ends up missing a sitter.  Game a little too fast and open right now.  WI needs to slow it down.  Iverson with his 2nd travel of the game, in a hurry off a shot fake.  6th WI turnover.  Trice forgets what school he plays for and tries a pull up 3.  Next possession he throws it away leading to an easy transition hoop for GT to trim the lead to 2.

3:26′ Wisconsin 25 Georgetown 23

Showalter splits a pair of FT.  Koenig back in since nobody else can shoot on this WI team apparently.  Happ again bothered by GT giant and misses again.  Koenig bailed out on a reach-in that looked like a clean pick.  Payback.  Koenig gets called for an offensive foul.  Maybe his arm was extended but a pretty ridiculous flop by GT to get the whistle.  Hayes with a nice drop step for 2.  Good things from going inside.

HALFTIME Wisconsin 32 Georgetown 29.  Koenig carrying the offensive load for the Badgers.  Happ dominating the glass.  But GT hanging tough with some good shooting and not turning it over.

2nd Half

Man, if Happ can learn that thing Kaminsky picked up where you make a lot of close shots he’d be amazing.  He gets himself in decent position but just can’t finish.  Happ with a steal and a dunk to finish the play to give WI a 7-point lead.  Happ another layup and GT needs and takes a TO.

18:10 Wisconsin 38 Georgetown 29

GT switches to zone.  Hayes and Koenig get open 3s but can’t knock them down.  Happ gets the GT giant outside and beats him off the bounce for 2.  Peak hits another 3 to keep GT in contact.   Koenig gets a jumper off the window.  Touch foul on Happ gets us to the under 16

15:15′ Wisconsin 42 Georgetown 34

Hayes with flashback to freshman year doing work down low.   Iverson with the putback dunk that will be on repeat on actual sports blogs and such to stretch WI lead to 12.  GT goes back to 2-3 zone but Illikanen misses the open look.  GT takes a TO.

11:16 Wisconsin 48 Georgetown 36

GT goes to a 3/4 court pressure to speed WI up and get some turnovers.   Vitto with the 3 to restore the Badger advantage following a GT 3.  If GT can’t make shots they can’t set up pressure.  WI just swarming the offensive glass (14-1 on the offensive rebounding).   Soft foul on GT gets the Hoyas an And1.  With :20 left on the shot clock Trice takes a long 2 for some reason.  Peak with another 3 and cuts WI lead to 8 with just over 8′ left. Gard takes a TO to settle the Badgers down.  Happ gets the 15th offensive rebound of the game.  Happ getting more assertive, goes right around the GT giant for 2.   Hayes with a pretty spin but forgot the ball.   GT wild drive out of control gets the whistle? that wasn’t a good call.  Happ’s 4th.  Another terrible call.

6:36′ Wisconsin 57 Georgetown 49

Brown hits a big 3.  Hayes grabs the rebound on the defensive end, tries to draw the foul smartly, then dumbly throws it at Brown’s feet.  Off a steal, Iverson gets tackled going to the rim.  Called a Flagrant 1 so 2 FT and the ball to Wisconsin.  Thanks.  Jake Bilas makes a compelling case as to why that was a bad call by the refs to add the penalty to it.  GT back to the 2-3 zone because they have to do something different.  Guess what, WI offensive rebound.  Bad pass from Showalter.  Under 5′ now and Badgers by 13.  Iverson with a nice shot fake to draw the And1.

4:45′ Wisconsin 64 Georgetown 49

Hayes easily grabs the offensive rebound off the missed FT.  Gt has quit on Helfrich and Klinsmann and McCarthy now.  Brown with a dagger 3, and it’s WI by 18.  Koenig and Showalter sit down and that might be it for them with (likely) UNC tomorrow night.  Never mind, they’re back out of the TO

3:35′ Wisconsin 67 Georgetown 51

Noticeable lack of juice to this one now.  I think if they went to running clock nobody would object.  Iverson adds to the highlight reel with a thunderous dunk as GT quits.    Also, Costa Rica just scored a 5th.  Not sure why the refs are calling phantom fouls that nobody wants.  Badgers break the pressure nicely.  Good opportunity to practice the closeouts we didn’t do in the Sweet 16 against Notre Dame.  Happ fouls out trying to grab an offensive rebound and the benches are empty.  Fittingly enough, last moment of the game is a WI offensive rebound.

FINAL Wisconsin 73 Georgetown 59.

Game Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 28-65 18-47
Field Goal % 43.1 38.3
3PT Made-Attempted 5-21 5-15
Three Point % 23.8 33.3
FT Made-Attempted 12-16 16-20
Free Throw % 75.0 80.0
Total Rebounds 50 21
Offensive Rebounds 20 1
Defensive Rebounds 30 20
Assists 12 7
Steals 5 6
Blocks 5 1
Total Turnovers 13 10
Personal Fouls 18 16



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