Oklahoma @ Wisconsin


  • Another good nonconference win against a good young OU team that should earn an NCAA tourney bid.
  • A listless 1st half performance from UW put this one in doubt for awhile, but a 20-2 run by UW from the 11:45 of the 2nd half to the 6:17 put this to bed.
  • Hayes and Koenig raised their game in the 2nd half with good ball distribution and hot shooting (especially Hayes) steadied the ship.
    • Hayes scored 28 on 8-13 shooting and only 2 3s.  He did take and make a series of midrange jumpers.
  • Trice is going to get more and more minutes.  6-8 shooting including 4-4 from 3.  This guy has Devin Harris type potential by Jr-Sr year.
  • UW simply has to improve its FT shooting, especially Happ. The Badgers were just 12-20 from the FT line and this will be a liability in closer games during conference play.
  • Happ had I would say a quiet 16 points.  Seemed like UW would decide to feed him on a few possession and then drift away from him for awhile before going back to him.  I’d like to see more of Happ and Hayes in the post directing traffic.
  • Kahlil Iverson is lots of fun  https://twitter.com/BadgerMBB/status/805133853551693825       https://twitter.com/WisconsinOnBTN/status/805117757670887424

1st Half

Fresh off thumping Syracuse midweek, the Badgers (UW) take on another 2016 Final Four participant in the Oklahoma Sooners (OU).  UW comes out flatter than the Sooner State and some hot shooting from 3 and a dedicated effort to pound the ball inside gets OU out to a lead.  At various points OU led by as many as 8 in the 1st half.  OU just active on both ends rebounding and loose balls and UW couldn’t match that intensity.  OU playing more physical and UW seemed to just be expecting whistles on the OU reaches and they weren’t  forthcoming.  Offensively, Hayes couldn’t establish a deep enough position so he wasn’t effective posting up or kicking out.  OU could handle him pretty comfortable.  Trice shot it confidently and well in the 1st half to give UW  little spark.  Happ also belatedly asserted himself down low.  But he doesn’t finish like Kaminsky and his struggles from the FT line are a liability.  UW strung together an 11-6 run to close the 1st half to get within .3 at the break.  UW with only 5 assists on its 14 baskets.  Badgers should feel fortunate to be within 3 at the half.

FG Made-Attempted 14-28 14-33
Field Goal % 50.0 42.4
3PT Made-Attempted 5-8 4-13
Three Point % 62.5 30.8
FT Made-Attempted 7-7 5-9
Free Throw % 100.0 55.6
Total Rebounds 18 16
Offensive Rebounds 3 6
Defensive Rebounds 15 10
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 2 5
Steals 1 3
Blocks 2 2
Turnovers 8 4
Team Turnovers 0 0
Total Turnovers 8 4
Personal Fouls 11 7

2nd Half

OU again getting to the rim and getting good looks.  But Showalter of all people gets UW it’s first lead on a 3 with about 16′ left.  immediately and I mean immediately erased by OU racing the other way.  But a slip pass to Hayes gets UW up 51-50 with 15′ left.   Trice gets bowled over and the refs call a double foul because one official’s feelings would be hurt I guess because he missed the call.  The ref with  the cleanest look got it right and called the charge.  Seth Davis, no UW fan, even thought it was a clear charge.  OU keeps the ball and a touch foul gets OU a 3-point-play.  Still too easy for OU to get to the rim on off dribble handoffs.  Happ doing work down low.  Wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.  He still can’t make FT. airball and brick on 2 FT with UW up 11 with 7:45 left.   Hayes and Trice hit back-to-back 3 and UW is suddenly up 17 with 6:21 left.  Game over, as OU looking more lifeless by the possession and UW spreading the wealth.

Full Game Stats ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 25-51 33-63
Field Goal % 49.0 52.4
3PT Made-Attempted 6-14 12-27
Three Point % 42.9 44.4
FT Made-Attempted 14-17 12-20
Free Throw % 82.4 60.0
Total Rebounds 29 31
Offensive Rebounds 6 10
Defensive Rebounds 23 21
Assists 4 15
Steals 1 5
Blocks 3 4
Total Turnovers 16 5
Personal Fouls 20 14

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