Houston Texans @ GB Packers

Something short of fireworks between Hou & GB started this one from sleety/snowy Lambeau.   A 3rd down catch and fumble from Hou and return by Burnett set GB up deep in Hou territory but a #12 botched snap on 3rd & goal turned GB away without even a FG attempt.   Hou was able to pick up some 1st downs on 3rd & longs, with QB Osweiler using his legs a couple times.  GB scheme pinches the pocket on the edges with Perry and Matthews but can’t get anything up the middle leaving room for even the slowest QB’s a chance to escape and get yards.  Burnett tackled well to get a stop.  Jake Ryan knifed in the backfield timing up the snap count to wreck a run.  Matthews burst upfield is impressive but at times is a liability in run defense because a trap can just run in behind the spot he vacates.

Hou gambled going for it on 4th down apparently not watching the B1G Title Game last night.  Channeling 1st half UW and 2nd half PSU, the GB S made the play.  A few easy completions set up the O deep in Hou territory after a couple good runs converted a 1st down. #12 hit Cobb for the opening score.  GB missed another opportunity to add to the lead after a nice Cobb punt return set them up beyond the GB 40.  But #12 sailed a pass to an open Adams and GB had to punt.  Thus far, the Hou O really hasn’t been able to get any big plays and has been “behind the chains” the entire way.  Osweiler hasn’t shown much accuracy or anything beyond a couple of the aforementioned scrambles up the middle.   Lamar Miller left early with an injury and Hou hasn’t been able to get anything going on the ground thanks in part to the GB S, Guion and Perry.

On a 3rd & 7, GB had a good matchup with Adams inside the Hou 40 but he didn’t run a particularly crisp route and didn’t get any separation.  The #12 throw didn’t give him much of a chance.  Other than that, it was great.  Hou took over at their own 10 with 1:37 left 1st half.  GB D has been a sieve late in halves, and sure enough 3 completions moves it to the Hou 40.   But great coverage down the field gives GB rush. Matthews was being held but credit the $10.5M man, as Peppers helped collapse the pocket and got the sack to extinguish any thoughts Hou had to getting points late in the half.

HALFTIME Green Bay 7 Houston 0

Stats from ESPN

1-6 for GB on 3rd down is why GB hasn’t gotten separated from an anemic Hou team.

1st Downs 7 6
Passing 1st downs 3 4
Rushing 1st downs 4 2
1st downs from penalties 0 0
3rd down efficiency 3-9 1-6
4th down efficiency 0-1 1-1
Total Plays 34 27
Total Yards 109 102
Total Drives 6 5
Yards per Play 3.2 3.8
Passing 52 68
Comp-Att 9-15 11-16
Yards per pass 3.1 4.3
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 2-18 0-0
Rushing 57 34
Rushing Attempts 17 11
Yards per rush 3.4 3.1
Red Zone (Made-Att) 0-0 1-2
Penalties 1-2 3-20
Turnovers 1 1
Fumbles lost 1 1
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 17:13 12:47

2nd Half

The GB O picked up right where it left off, namely going 3&out.  Hou responded with a methodical mix of run and pass to get inside the GB 5.   On a 4th & 1, Hou connects for a TD to even the score.  Could have been an OPI call but Rollins was grabby himself so probably a good no call.  GB running game is purely cosmetic at this point.  Just no real movement.  Not sure it’s doing enough to even sell play action.  GB hasn’t been able to get in rhythm with any type of tempo or quick completions.  Hou has a good D so it was not going to be easy, but GB never really been able to get much in the way of 1st down success.  Hou meanwhile starting to get something going.  On 3rd & longs, Hou picked up a couple first downs including a 3rd & 12.

GB backed up on its 2 after a Hou punt but Ty Montgomery out of the backfield races for a 1st down. Lets pause to celebrate GB converting a 3rd & short.  Hou CB Jonathan Joseph injured on the play.  I would think #12 will check on the replacement.  WR aren’t getting open and its more ponderous passing attempts. Adams had a chance at a sideline catch that would have taken GB inside Hou 35 but he couldn’t hang on.  Cook’s size has given Hou a little trouble when #12 has bothered to look his way. Adams atones with a nice catch and tough run.  Officials whistle him out of bounds at midfield but IDK.  That was mighty close.  I think he might have stayed in, but hard to tell in the snow and white sideline chalk.  #12 again sitting in the pocket but didn’t throw it.  Clearly his hamstring or whatever is bothering him but he ambles for a 1st down.  Somebody forgot to cover Nelson in the endzone for a McSorleyesque 32-yd TD strike to give GB a 14-7 leave to finish a 98-yard drive.

Hou opening up some things on the ground, just keeping GB off balance.   Smart safe Hou play calls which is what you do when you don’t trust your QB.  Example: 2nd & 19, a checkdown throw gets them to 3rd & 7.  But Hyde was in position to stop Hou.  The completion would have been short but Hou could have gone for it.  Instead they have to punt.  8:52 left, GB has the ball and a second score of any kind probably ends the game.  Neither O has done enough to make a 2-score rally likely.  Tight sideline dart to Nelson and patient running from Montgomery gets 2 quick 1st downs.  Nelson out jumps CB Jackson on a 3rd & 6 and sets up GB inside the Hou 25.  Hail Mary specialist Jeff Janis takes the end around pitch and carries inside the 5.   Successive punches from GB has Hou against the ropes.  And Ripkowski (KUUUHHHHNNN!!!) plunges in to give GB a 21-7 advantage.  I bet Wayne Larravie calls that the dagger.  Great TD drives here.

GB 21 Hou 7  (4:11 left in the game)

GB forces a 3rd & 4, But pass rush doesn’t get there and Hou converts.  GB in that soft late game Capers defense that nobody likes.  Hou only has 1 TO so unless they pick up the pace they will have to try an onside after a TD on this drive.  GB needs to get their secondary to relearn how to tackle.  Randall tries the tough guy big hit without wrapping the ball carrier and the Hou TE simply bounces off and gets close to the 1st down.  Hopkins saves some fantasy football teams with a 43-yard TD catch and run.  Randall turns him loose on the sideline and it’s way too much ground for Hyde to cover in support.  Hou misses the XP so it’s an 8-point game.  With 1:51 left and 1 TO left, Hou has to try an onside.  GB upmen let the ball go and Adams covers it up.  Not a bad kick but good blocking gave the sometimes sure-handed Adams the chance to cover it up.

FINAL Green Bay 21 Houston 13

Stats from ESPN

1st Downs 17 16
Passing 1st downs 9 9
Rushing 1st downs 8 7
1st downs from penalties 0 0
3rd down efficiency 6-15 4-12
4th down efficiency 1-2 1-2
Total Plays 63 57
Total Yards 318 309
Total Drives 10 10
Yards per Play 5.0 5.4
Passing 195 200
Comp-Att 21-34 20-30
Yards per pass 5.4 6.5
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 2-18 1-9
Rushing 123 109
Rushing Attempts 27 26
Yards per rush 4.6 4.2
Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-1 2-3
Penalties 2-12 4-30
Turnovers 1 1
Fumbles lost 1 1
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 31:27 28:29

Next: Sunday December 11th vs Seattle (Lambeau Field)


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