Wisconsin @ Marquette

#17 Wisconsin plays @ Marquette (MU).


  • A nice road win for UW over a likely NCAA tournament team.
  • A 21-3 run for UW from the 16:11′ – 9:24′ mark of the 2nd half gave UW a cushion they would not relinquish.
  • 6 Badgers finished in double digits as UW got 72 points from its starters and an explosive 16 off the bench from Iverson.
  • UW shot 58.2% on FG and 44.4% from 3.  Badgers even shot 72.4% from FT to close it out.
  • UW had 20 assists on its 32 FGs
  • Happ playing foul-free basketball for most of the 2nd half helped immensely in UW’s post defense and his efficient 5-8 from the floor added a dimension on O that was missing with him in foul trouble.
  • Hayes closed it out with some aggressive moves to the basket against physically overmatched MU defenders.

1st Half

Happ picked up 2 fouls in the first 1:21 of the game.  Both kind of soft calls but nothing you can do.  Iverson in for him.  Brown does the exact same slap to force a turnover and doesn’t get called like Happ did.  MU working hard to get inside and after a shaky start, Wisconsin offense started to find some creases in the MU D.    Showalter instructed today to help out with MU’s size down low but it isn’t really working. Charlie Thomas inability to shoot means on D MU can let him roam the perimeter without bothering to contest.  Koenig has 8 of the UW 15.  He drills a 3 and then loses in man off the make and MU answers.  MU travels, double dribbles, and step out of bounds on one play but since this isn’t the national title game it is rightly UW ball.  UW moving the ball well and MU gone cold and forces a MU TO as Badgers move ahead by 7.  But MU hits 3s on 3 of its 4 trips to close within 2.

7:24′ 1st half  Wisconsin 27  Marquette 25

Both teams struggling to find the beat here and get much going offensively.  Some unfortunate touch fouls going against UW on MU drives and rebounds that don’t seem to be called in favor of UW.  Badgers have no post game, especially without Happ.  Hopefully Happ can avoid getting whistles early in the 2nd half to open up some more shooting lanes.  Thus far, the interior shot-making comes from good passing and terrible MU defense leading to some open layups.  But not a post game.  Without Happ, MU’s bigs having fun on the glass.  Lots of dribbling on the offensive end is a sure sign that the UW offensive possession is going nowhere.   ANOTHER dumb foul on UW, this one actually legit.  Brown bit on the pump fake and MU smartly leaned in to draw 3 FTs

HALFTIME  Marquette  40  Wisconsin 35

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 14-27 14-29
Field Goal % 51.9 48.3
3PT Made-Attempted 3-10 5-13
Three Point % 30.0 38.5
FT Made-Attempted 4-4 7-9
Free Throw % 100.0 77.8
Total Rebounds 14 13
Offensive Rebounds 3 5
Defensive Rebounds 11 8
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 8 7
Steals 6 4
Blocks 3 1
Turnovers 7 7
Team Turnovers 0 0
Total Turnovers 7 7
Personal Fouls 8 7

Numbers make it look dead even but MU getting some friendly whistles has really been the difference.  UW needs to play better D and hopefully getting Happ back helps interior D which enables the other 4 guys to guard their man and not have to help down low. MU outscoring UW 18-6 in bench points.  That has to change.  Trice or Iverson need to do a bit more.  Maybe Charlie Thomas will learn to shoot at halftime.

2nd Half

Happ plays the exact same D as the 1st half and forces a miss and doesn’t get called.  Hmmm.  Neither team can get the lid off the rim to start the half just trading a basket in the first couple minutes.  UW first 8 points of the half all inside with 4 apiece from Happ and Brown.  Happ making his presence known on the glass already.   Iverson with a sweet left handed hook And1 to give UW the lead 5+’ into 2nd half.  Short lived with an MU 3 on the other end.  But Koenig hits a 3 of his own.

Wisconsin 53 Marquette 47   13:59′ left 2nd half

This does not portend a game where anyone gets more than a 5-7 point lead the rest of the way.  However, big sequence here for MU to keep the gap close and for UW to try and disprove me and stretch it out.  beautiful ball movement swung around the perimeter and Iverson sticks a triple from the corner.  Hayes misses a bunny that could have put UW up 11 but MU way off on a 3.

Wisconsin 56  Marquette 47  11:24′ left 2nd half

Veteran move by the freshman Trice to draw a 4th foul on MU Hauser.  UW up 11 under 10′ now and a chance here to keep building the margin and leave MU too much to do.  Happ made it harder than needed but hit the reverse and the foul.  Pretty bounce pass from Hayes.  Happ takes advantage of the lane violation to continue the 16-0 Badger run and make it UW +15.    Happ making a big difference in his on and off ball defense down low to force MU to rely on jumpers.    Trice jumps the passing lane and UW has its biggest lead at 67-50 forcing a desperation TO for MU.

Wisconsin 67  Marquette 50  8:03′ 2nd half

MU with a layup out of the TO but Hayes gets an offensive rebound and sticks a 3, quickly answered in kind by MU.  But MU needs stops.  Touch fouls now going UW’s way.  Happ bricks the front end of a 1-and-1.  MU on the mark now hitting some 3s but UW has answered every punch thus far and MU can’t make much of a dent in the deficit.  UW takes a TO presumably to make some corrections on D.

Wisconsin 76  Marquette 62  4:13′ left 2nd half.

Iverson elbows a MU guy in the face and the MU gets the foul.  So that sucks for him.  Iverson shooting 2 as UW is in the double bonus.  Make up call on the other end as Koenig fouls a MU guy shooting 3.   MU closes to 77-67 with 3:45 left.   MU then showing some pressure on D but Koenig spins away.  First signs of life in the 2nd half from the MU crowd in Milwaukee.  Koenig dribbles away the possession and misses a step back J at the shot clock buzzer.  2 FTs from MU and it’s an 8-point game with 3′ left.   Hayes walks and bulls over an MU defender and gets the basket.   On replay, definitely a flop by MU but I still think he traveled.  UW keeps fouling enabling MU to get points with the clock stopped.   Hayes finally gets deep post position and draws the foul much to the chagrin of the MU guy who slapped Hayes on the forearm.  This is turning into just a mess of whistles and FT.  But MU blinks and missing the front end of a 1-and-1 which probably gets UW home and dry now up 10 with 90 second left.    Hayes just bullying Reinhardt from MU and a little stare down after the foul in case the last 3 possession didn’t get the message across.  UW up 11 with 1:26 left after the FT from Hayes.   Iverson skies for the rebound and Hayes gets fouled again by the same poor dude from MU.  He splits again and UW by 12 with 1:12 left.   Iverson open on the Go Route and a ridiculous technical foul called because he dunked with alacrity?  I guess he hurt MU’s feelings too much.  That was  weak.  MU keeps getting fouls called for them by jumping into UW defenders like they were Duke or something.  Man, these last couple minutes are interminable.

FINAL  Wisconsin 93  Marquette 84

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 32-55 27-58
Field Goal % 58.2 46.6
3PT Made-Attempted 8-18 10-22
Three Point % 44.4 45.5
FT Made-Attempted 21-29 20-23
Free Throw % 72.4 87.0
Total Rebounds 33 27
Offensive Rebounds 8 8
Defensive Rebounds 25 19
Assists 20 8
Steals 9 5
Blocks 6 2
Total Turnovers 9 12
Personal Fouls 18 25
Technical Fouls 1 0




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