MLS Cup ET Seattle @ Toronto

Started watching about 75′ into the MLS Cup Final versus MLS created Toronto FC (TFC) and MLS created and everyone’s favorite bonfire topper Seattle Sounders (Sea).

92′ TFC sub (the hero of the Eastern Conference semis against Montreal) with a sharp cut inside on his left and his shot had eyes for the bottom corner near post but deflected out for  a CK.

95′ TFC sub again off a feed from Giovinco, looking far post and doesn’t wrap his foot around it and a comfortable save for the Sea backtop in the end.

97′ Altidore battles for a corner for TFC.  Future Swansea Swan star Bradley with a terrible delivery and its out for a throw.

98′ TFC very much the aggressor looking for the early goal in this ET.  Sea comfortable just sitting back absorbing pressure and looking for a moment to get Lodiero and Morris in space to steal a goal.

99′ TFC with pressure on the ball forcing Sea to work to get the ball fwd.  Lots of Sea falling down trying to get fouls in the final 1/3.  When Sea does get fwd, TFC throws bodies behind the ball and looking to get Giovinco and Altiodre on a counter.

100′ and apparently Sea hasn’t got a shot on goal.  Good service in of a FK for Sea and Marshall rose to meet it but TFC defender gets enough on it to steer it out for a CK.

101′ TFC has Bradley and Will Johnson out there but zero ability to work the ball out of the back to attacking players.  Probably a good personnel move there PTFC.  Meanwhile, Giovinco is completely gassed, not sure if he’ll stay out there just to take a PK if it gets to there in 18′.

103′ Nope, Giovinco being subbed off.  The reigning MVP.  I guess the right move because Giovinco was giving TFC nothing and that was probably too big a risk.  But if Ricketts misses a PK that will be an easy sub to 2nd guess.

105′ Sea D wins a footrace against the TFC sub and if he didn’t TFC was in.

No real chances here in the first 15′ of ET but clearly TFC looking for a goal so far and Sea content to take their chances in a shootout.

105′ I don’t think Jordan Morris wearing regulation shin guards.   That’s a yellow card.

106′ right out of the blocks, Morris muscles off a TFC defender and whips in a dangerous cross that Sea nearly gets too.  Clumsily dealt with but cleared.

107′ Ricketts fluffs his lines!!!!  takes a deflection 1st time out of the air and he scuffs it wide.  That may be a very expensive miss.  Not a simple tap in by any means but poor effort to not even get that on frame.  Wonder if Giovinco, dead legs and all would have.

108′ Frei with a massive save!  Ricketts floats in a cross that is inches too high for Altidore.  Altidore gets a head on it but can’t get enough pace behind it and Frei scrambles over to bat it away with a strong left hand.  Save of the game I’m assuming and saved Sea’s hopes for a title.

112′ Nothing happening,  Sea taking eons on a throw-in.    Brad Evans (on for Morris) spins in a cross and TFC makes hash of it, and ball drops to a Sea player who wasn’t expecting it and can only steer it right to a grateful TFC GK.

115′ TFC CK come sto nothing Sea looking to counter.  Will Johnson can’t do anything to slow them.  Sea player cut down but no whistle on a fairly obvious tactical foul by TFC player.  Sea can’t believe they didn’t get a call since that’s the first time its happened in club existence.

119′ Ricketts pace has definitely provided a shot of energy to TFC.  He outruns Sea defenders but his cross is too deep into the 6 and Frei is able to smother it.

121′ Sea hatchet man Alonso down with cramps.  Not sure if it matters because I doubt he’s a PK taker but I don’t know.  And we’re a headed to Kicks From the Mark to decide things.

Kick 1: TFC (Altidore scores. drills to lower right, no chance for Frei) Sea (Evans scores. cooly slots low to GK left)

TFC 1 Sea 0

Kick 2:  TFC (Bradley saved. abysmal effort, no real power, not to the corner) Sea (Ivanschitz scores.  sends GK wrong way and low to GK left)

TFC 1 Sea 2

Kick 3: TFC (Cheyrou scores. Frei guesses right again but shot curled just beyond GK reach into left corner)  Sea (Fernandez saved copying Michael Bradley for some reason and comfortable stop)

TFC 2 Sea 2

Kick 4: TFC (Will Johnson scores sends Frei the wrong way and converts low to GK left, despite the protestations of Gaston Fernandez)  Sea (Jones scores, with some serious stones and drills it high in upper left corner)

TFC 3 Sea 3

Kick 5: TFC (Moore, goes low to GK right, not a lot of pace but wide enough Frei couldn’t get there).  Sea (Lodiero, smacks it high to GK left and we’re level after 5)

TFC 4 Sea 4

Kick 6: TFC (Morrow Misses. Tries to go high down the middle and stings the crossbar and away)  Sea (Torres Scores and Seattle Sounders are your 2016 MLS Champions)

TFC 4 Sea 5

Altidore and Ricketts misses absolutely criminal and Seattle steals it in PK shootout.

Gross.  A terrible 2016 with the only sensible conclusion I suppose.


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