Seahawks @ Packers

Extremely tough matchup for GB hosting the surging Seahawks (Sea) at cold Lambeau Field.  Thomas Rawls is back and healthy meaning the Sea ground game could be a problem.  Wilson is healthy again at QB so his legs and arms can hurt you.

Inactives  TJ Lang is back which is vital to have a healthy enough OL against the Sea D.  Little depth at LB now with Perry, Fackrell, and Martinez out.  Clay played hurt and was ineffective last week.  Hopefully he’ll feel better.

I’m late to start this one because of the endless Dolphin-Cardinals game is being shown here in New Mexico.  I have NFL Sunday Ticket but it doesn’t help.  This is dumb.

1st Qtr

On 3rd & 1 on the Packers opening possession #12 finds Adams for a 66-yard TD.   Looked like Adams was going to run an out but smartly broke it up once the Sea DB jumped underneath.  They haven’t started showing it yet here but I’m guessing Sea thinks there should have been a penalty on GB on every snap.

Sea steadily moving down the field.  Rawls with a couple runs and Wilson picks up a 3rd & short with a quick scramble up the middle.  The inability of GB to collapse the pocket, getting pressure up the gut is a real problem.  Especially when our D is predicated on pressure with OLB to pinch the pocket from the sides.  Decent QB can just step up and throw or run.  GB stuff a 3rd & 1 turning it into 4th & 2 thanks to Jayrone Elliott and Jake Ryan cutting off all escape routes for Rawls.  Sea settles for a FG. That was a 13-play 64-yard drive taking 7:14′ off the clock.

Packers 7 Seahawks 3   6:16 left 1st Qtr

GB starts with a handoff to Montgomery with nice patient running for a hard 7.   Big hole off the B gap on the right side and Montgomery bursts for 17 out to midfield.   Starks finds considerably less success but doesn’t fumble so that’s good.   Michael finds room around right end for another first down.  quick snap catches Sea for a free 5 inside the Sea 35.   Michael runs takes it back outside the 35.  Whoops.  3rd & 3 near the Sea 30 and something got messed up. #12 was expecting Michael to hand off to the left and Michael went to the right.  Surprised GB going for a 51-yard FG and not going for it.  And Crosby pushes it right. wonderful.

Sea goes deep off 1st down play action and Wilson overshoots a wide open Jimmy Graham down the seam.  Replay shows Joe Thomas though HHCD was helping over the top and HHCD had bit on an underneath route.  A 3-yard run for Rawls sets up 3rd & 7 for Sea.  Baldwin is a couple yards short on the completion and Sea decides to punt.  Randall not known for his physicality with a solid tackle for 0 YAC for the slippery Baldwin.  GB will start its 3rd possession with :28 left in the opening qtr at its own 14.

Cobb with 4 of a sideline throw.  Probably too long a throw to the wide side to try and get much on that one.  Ball is in the air longer.

2nd Qtr

OL gives #12 a nice clean pocket and Cobb on LB KJ Wright advantage GB and GB out to its own 43.  And of course Richard Sherman takes a cheap shot at Adams down the field trying to injure him.  But he went to Stanford so its fine I guess.

On 3rd & 2 at midfield #12 felt the heat and couldn’t find anyone so he throws it away.   Decent punt from Schum and Sea takes over at its own 16.  Sea jumps then Sea starts a brawl and Datone Jones gets flagged because that makes sense.  I mean, Seattle is a dirty team everyone knows this, so don’t engage.    And of course officials blame the 3rd guy involved because Seattle always gets away with the dirty stuff.  Jones with a dumb swipe at Ifedi and Ifedi throws a punch but of Jones gets flagged.  Fortunately, Burnett undercuts a route after Grahm slips and intercepts Wilson to take GB inside the Sea 30.

HAVE to get some points here.  Cook too big for the DB Shead and gets inside him to set up GB for a 1st & goal.  Nelson on a quick hitter down to the 1.   Montgomery takes it from there.

Packers 13  Seattle 3  9:36′ 2nd qtr

Rawls for 2 and Wilson overshoots Rawls and it’s 3rd & 8.  The pressure gets home and the 4th round rookie  Dean Lowry able to get to Wilson.    That time they actually collapsed the pocket and Wilson faked some sort of weird jump pass.  His height might have been a problem there.  Short punt and GB set up at the Sea 48.

#12 has time, thanks to good OL play so far.  Gives him time to go through progressions and find Nelson for 1st down.  GB facing a 3rd & 6 after 2 nothing plays.  Might be in 4-down range.   #12 hits Montgomery out of the backfield and Cook blocking Chancellor downfield gets GB inside the Sea 10.   #12 slides to his left and finds Nelson for the TD who was running away from KJ Wright.  Listen, I’m thrilled and was not expecting any sort of lead but no lead feels safe to me against the Seattle magic.

Packers 21  Seahawks 3  5:15′ left 2nd qtr

GB end of half D has not been stellar so getting to half without letting Seattle trim the deficit is important.  Sea starts 2nd half with the ball.  Wilson scrambles for 8 and then GB gets close to a sack but Wilson does Wilson things and able to throw it away to keep it 3rd & 2.  Ex-Badger S/QB/TE Tanner McEvoy gets in front of Gunter (I think) for a simple 3rd down pickup.  Surprised we aren’t seeing more of Rawls.  Clark had some penetration but Rawls slips forward for 3.   Jones can’t keep the edge against Wilson but the throw is behind the WR and it’s 3rd & 7.  Twice now Wilson using his legs to avoid a sack and keep it 3rd and manageable for Sea.  The 3rd down throw to Baldwin was short and low.  Incomplete.  Cobb back out there.  WATCH FOR THE FAKE.  Ryan boots it to Cobb who takes it at GB 16.  I think 21-3 at the half is fine.  No turnovers and no more bites at the apple for Sea this half is enough for me.

Montgomery carries for 6 on 1st down and that’s the 2-minute warning.   #12 floats one to Adams as Adams just jets by Shed.  #12 limping a lot now but he’s 12/13 200+ yds and 2 TD so his arm is fine.  #12 goes right back at Shed and incomplete to Cook.  Against any other team that is probably DPI but not one the Seahawks ever get flagged for.  Shed was there early.   #12 tries to catch Sea with 12 men but I don’t think he did.  Play is a completion for 11 to Nelson.  But GB was never set and Sea had 12 so its offsetting and #12 misses a 3rd down throw to Adams.  Adams ghosted Shed again and in stride its a TD but #12 overthrows him.  Sea has a long completion to Reece along the sideline.  His right foot was out but I guess we aren’t going to bother reviewing.  Matthews was being held on the play too.  On a 1st & 5, Jones steams around the end losing contain and Wilson steps up trying to hit an open Baldwin deep but Randall covers a lot of ground to intercept Wilson to save some points.

HALFTIME  Green Bay 21  Seattle 3

Stats from ESPN

1st Downs 9 10
Passing 1st downs 6 7
Rushing 1st downs 2 3
1st downs from penalties 1 0
3rd down efficiency 3-7 2-5
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Plays 31 30
Total Yards 143 254
Total Drives 6 7
Yards per Play 4.6 8.5
Passing 79 202
Comp-Att 8-16 12-15
Yards per pass 4.6 13.5
Interceptions thrown 2 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 1-11 0-0
Rushing 64 52
Rushing Attempts 14 15
Yards per rush 4.6 3.5
Red Zone (Made-Att) 0-1 2-2
Penalties 1-5 2-20
Turnovers 2 0
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 2 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 15:24 14:36

3rd Qtr

Lockett takes 2nd half kick to Sea 33 and Wilson slips it to Rawls for 7.  Baldwin picks up the 1st down and Rawls carries for another 10.  Sea starting to find rhythm for first time since its opening drive of the game. Rawls gashes GB on 3rd & 1 and Sea is in the red zone.  Randall tries to go low and fails to really slow Rawls.  Thats the Randall tackling I’m more accustomed to seeing.  HHCD great coverage on Graham on a throw to the endzone.  A lucky bounce off of Gunter’s back caroms right to Rollins who picks off Wilson in the endzone.  Gunter in tight coverage in great position.  Rollins in the right place at the right time for the takeaway.  Pete Carroll complaining about DPI when there was none because thats what he do.  Unless of course Seattle assaults someone before the ball is there and then it’s fine.

GB gets a 1st down on a Hands to the Face penalty against Sea.   But another busted play as both FB dive fwd and #12 turns and nobody is there.  Stuffed run sets up 3rd & 16 and it’s hard to see this drive doing much.  Checkdown to Montgomery gets a few yards and it’s a punt for GB.  TJ Lang took exception to a cheap shot by a Seattle defender that of course is unflagged.  Man the Seahawks are just a disgusting team all around.

Poor punt puts Sea at its own 32.  Clark jumps offside erasing a run stuff and Sea gets a 1st & 5.  Sea holding GB and again not flagged.  Not sure what it takes really for Sea to get penalized. Murder?

Randall slips, Baldwin bobbles the ball and Randall the recipient as Randall gets to his feet and returns the INT inside the Sea 40.  Big opportunity here for GB to turn the screws a bit.  Again, no lead is self against Wilson but could make it along way back with 6 here.

OL does just enough and #12 finds Nelson into the red zone.  Now ruled incomplete after Sea D complained.  I think that’s the right call.  MM challenges it which is a high reward if he’s right but I think he is just wasting a challenge and a TO here.  Don’t see these getting reversed against Seattle.  Upheld and a short throw to Adams makes it 3rd & 6 just inside Sea 30.  Have to avoid a penalty, sack, busted play here to stay in FG range.  Immaterial as Adams outmuscles Shed and gets inside the Sea 20 for a fresh set of downs.  Montgomery somehow wriggles through some tackles and moves inside the 15.  On a 2nd & 4, all day for #12 and he just looks left forever and can’t find anyone.  Another 3rd down.

Richard Rodgers time?    Yup.  1st down.  Cheap shot high on KJ Wright to the TE’s head.  Classic Seattle.  But this time, Seattle actually gets flagged.  That has to be a first.  Seattle brought pressure on Richard Rodgers side and that left RR as the obvious hot read for #12.  #12 finds Nelson for the TD.  Nelson and RR tried to do little rub route but they collided and Nelson just looks back right and Nelson works back open against Chancellor.  More tough guy woofing and shoving after the snap.

Green Bay 28  Seattle 3  4:24′ left 3rd qtr

1st down pressure from Jones and Daniels get Wilson to the ground.  Jones rips the ball out but Wilson was definitely down.  Delay of game adds to Seattle’s woes and it’s 2nd & 18.  Screen seems like the obvious call or out to Baldwin to get half of it back.  Wilson checks it down to the TE for a nice gain setting up 3rd & 7.  Jones with a nasty looking shot to Wilson’s ribs.  Locket bobbles the 3rd down throw and Gunter cleans it up to make sure. Gunter likely would have stopped him short anyways although Seattle might have gone for it on 3th and short.  WATCH FOR THE FAKE.  Seattle punts and it will be GB ball at it sown 15?  2 carries and a generous spot gets GB a 1st down. #12 takes forever and takes needless sack and GB will open up the last quarter with 3rd & very long.

4th Quarter

Slip screen to Montgomery and it looked like he was going to get the 1st down but Kam Chancellor blasted him short of the sticks.  Sea burns a TO before the punt which maybe will come into play later.  #12 is limping for real now.

With Peppers and Daniels in hot pursuit, Wilson finds Baldwin for 8.  This already looks like the soft Capers D that will let Seattle get a foothold in this game.  Rollins with a nice defense on a bad low throw from Wilson sets up 3rd & 2.  Safe bootleg gets Seattle a 1st down.  Jayrone Elliott blows by the LT and crushes Wilson for a sack and its 3rd & 18.  Strong hands by Wilson to hold onto the ball.  Wilson runs around Wilson style and zings one to Lockett to avoid the sack and makes it 4th & 3.  Randall down hurt.  Packers late getting 11 out there but doesn’t matter as Matthews gets into Wilson’s face and forces a high incompletion and GB takes over on downs.

With #12 hurting and Hundley in, seems like lots of running here to burn some clock.  Hard for me to believe that #12 would be on the bench in a closer game.  OH MY.  SEATTLE GETS FLAGGED FOR A PERSONAL FOUL FOR LATE SHOVE ON RR.  THAT WAS NOT EVEN ANY DIRTIER THAN USUAL.  Hundley on a bootleg had 3 guys in the area and misses all of them.  Hundley goes to the Shed well again but overthrows Adams.  Crosby knocks it through and GB extends the lead to 31-3

Packers 31  Seahawks 3  10:32′ left 4th qtr

And that’s it.  FOX cutaway to Tampa Bay – New Orleans so I don’t get to watch the rest of the best Packer win of the season.  Thanks again DirecTV.

Listening on the radio and GB announcers incredulous at some of these spots that should have been a 1st down and GB ends up turning it over on downs.

Braden here taking over because apparently those controlling the New Mexico Fox feed care more about Jamies than 12. Warning: there will be no insight here as to whether a guy went undrafted because of his 40 time or whatever.

Another Seattle tipped pass results in a pick that has GB set up at Seattle’s 19 yard line. That’s the fifth pick of the day for NC State grad Russell Wilson. – B

Seattle now going from chasing Dallas for home field to maybe dropping behind Detroit and having to play on Wild Card weekend. Detroit will surely mess this up somehow but interesting nonetheless. – B

Chip Kelly, who is not Oregon’s coach, in danger of losing to Chicago and NYJ in back to back weeks. Gimmicks never work, kids. – B

My Packer analysis is probably not great because I took Eddy Lacy in the second round of my fantasy draft. – B

The RedZone producers are apparently suuuuuuuuper interested in this LA-ATL game. – B

You also dropped Davante Adams.  Anyways, they cut back to the GB game aas Seattle seems content with backups in to run out the clock.  According to what I followed on the radio after Wilson’s 5th INT, Hail Mary specialist Jeff Janis took the end around for another TD to further extend the GB lead.

For some reason, Clay Matthews bum shoulder and all is still out there.  So is Russell Wilson, I guess to build rapport with Tanner McEvoy.  Seattle inside GB territory and nobody out there appears to care.

Packers 38  Seattle 10  1:56′ left 4th Qtr

Super excited to see how Seattle spins this one as the fault of the officials.  Meanwhile, Oregon BBall in a battle with Bama with 14′ left.  Practice Squad staple and Jr version of Mike Daniels, Christian Ringo forces the 6th Seattle turnover of the game stripping Alex Collins.  Hundley in victory formation.

FINAL  Green Bay Packers 38  Seattle Seahawks 10

Next (@ Chicago Sunday December 18th @ 11 a.m. MT)

Stats from ESPN

1st Downs 22 18
Passing 1st downs 14 10
Rushing 1st downs 7 5
1st downs from penalties 1 3
3rd down efficiency 6-12 4-11
4th down efficiency 0-1 0-1
Total Plays 68 56
Total Yards 355 330
Total Drives 13 14
Yards per Play 5.2 5.9
Passing 218 237
Comp-Att 22-39 18-25
Yards per pass 5.2 9.1
Interceptions thrown 5 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 3-22 1-9
Rushing 137 93
Rushing Attempts 26 30
Yards per rush 5.3 3.1
Red Zone (Made-Att) 0-1 4-4
Penalties 7-63 5-50
Turnovers 6 0
Fumbles lost 1 0
Interceptions thrown 5 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 31:50 27:47

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