UW Green Bay @ Wisconsin


  • Wisconsin separated from GB about halfway through the 1st half and were never threatened from there.
  • UW only 5-15 from 3 which is interesting on both counts.
  • UW shot 51.1% from 2 and did a nice job of getting to the rim and not settling for jumpers that weren’t falling.  Good to see that side of the Badgers offense.
  • UW with 18 Assists on 27 Baskets which is a ratio I could get used too.
  • UW forced 18 GB turnovers which helped UW get out and get easy baskets.
  • UW 14-21 from the FT line.  I’d like to see those numbers improve because again, in closer games, that will matter quite a bit.
  • Showalter with 16 points, 6 steals, and 5 rebounds while playing stifling defense
  • Happ with 14-10-6 and 2 steals.  His effort on both sides is impressive and he appears to be getting more comfortable as a passer. He even hit his first career shot from outside the lane.

Another week another derby, this time the UW-Green Bay (GB) Phoenix visit frigid Madison to take on the red hot Badgers (UW).  The UWGB Head Coach is named Linc Darner which is probably the most interesting thing about them.

1st Half

After Showalter connects on a 3 on the opening possession the Badgers lose their outside shooting touch and pumping up brick after brick.  GB looking to set up a little pressure off made baskets.  They don’t seem super committed to it.  I’m a little surprised more teams don’t try this just to mix up defensive looks and if nothing else force UW to burn some clock advancing the ball.  UW isn’t Dick Bennett slow on offense anymore but the term “methodical” still applies.  I’d extend my defense and give UW less time on the offensive end to touch the post and swing it around.  Vitto Brown got some post touches early which I don’t know if I’ve ever seen.  One drew a foul and the next was a pretty little dish to Happ for a bunny.  It’s still early, but so far Nigel Hayes has been invisible and Koenig hasn’t carried the load.

GB actually takes a lead about 9′ into the game.  UW is playing too much iso ball early instead of passing to move the GB defense and find an open look.  Hayes started to make his presence felt after GB took the lead getting to the line twice.  BOth times he made strong moves to the basket instead of settling for jumpers.  Showalter hits another 3 off a great feed from Happ.  Happ actually sticks his first shot outside the key in his career.  If he can do that…then you’re getting a little Jr Kaminsky offensive toolkit.  Showalter again from 3 and UW is up 22-14.   Teams know about Koenig + Hayes + Happ and have to respect Brown’s range a little.  If showalter can find a consistent shooting touch that really should open up the offense even more.  He’s the guy you can traditionally hide your weakest defender on or rotate off of to help with better offensive players.  Danger time for GB here down 9 with <7′ to halftime.  Showalter with a heat check 3 clangs away.  Happ connects on the off hand and the UW margin is back to 11.

GB has a guy playing in a long sleeve shirt.  He isn’t good although he does enjoying passively watching his teammates play offense from the wing.

UW actually get out more off of GB turnovers and getting some easy baskets.    Happ is getting good looks but he still doesn’t have that Kaminsky touch around the rim.  GB appears to just let whoever brings it up the floor dribble and shoot.  Probably a thin playbook.  Koenig still can’t get his shots to fall.  GB showing some signs of life here in the minutes of the half to get back within range of UW.

2nd Half

Iverson almost had an amazing dunk off a give-and-go with Hayes.  tartar sauce. They should do it again.  Koenig hits a pair of FT and maybe that cliche thing about seeing the ball go in will get the shooter going.  Never worked for me.    Long sleeve guy for GB missed a 3.  Happ back in and dishes to Iverson for an easy 2.  Slow start for both teams to the second stanza as GB gets to within 7.  But another strong Hayes move gives him an And1.  UW is already in the bonus less than 5′ into the 2nd half.  So this cold take awhile.  Hayes and Iverson just having their way down low.  Too big.  Too strong.  Too quick.

Showalter still zoning and drills another 3 to put UW +12.  Trice-Koenig-Brown-Iverson-Thomas the 5 for UW and a lot of dribble drives to the basket.  Trice with his veteran head jerk to draw a soft foul on GB and get to the FT line.  Pretty ball screens and controlled dribble by Koenig to space the floor for the feed to Happ for the reverse.  Happ finds a cutting Showalter for 2 and Trice the same for Happ and UW is up 55-36 and its done and dusted in Madison.  Showalter with a steal and cruises in for a layup off his 6th steal.   Offensive flowing easy now for UW.  UW depth showing as GB just can’t match the UW energy.

UW 59  GB 37  7:22′ left 2nd half

I’ll never understand how or when coaches decide to empty the bench a bit.  I understand you want your regulars conditioned for 40 minutes which they’ll be playing in B1G play.  But might be good to let some of the bench guys like Thomas, Illikainen, Pritzl? Van Vleet? etc. to get some minutes with a few of the regulars to build rapport and get some real game experience.  Badgers still has Koenig-Showalter-Hayes-Brown out there with Trice in for Happ.   The intensity has waned considerably now under 5′ and UW just seeing this thing out.  The Big Ten studio report seems filled with lithium based on the promos.  I don’t think Dave Revsine cares even a little if you stick around for the postgame show.   Hayes still out there in a 19 point game with under 3′.  Sharp spin and dunk.  Finally bench is emptyish although Iverson and Trice still out there.  Lets see some scout team offense.   Scout team transition defense apparently needs work.

Wisconsin 73  UW-Green Bay  59

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 23-57 27-58
Field Goal % 40.4 46.6
3PT Made-Attempted 6-19 5-15
Three Point % 31.6 33.3
FT Made-Attempted 7-12 14-21
Free Throw % 58.3 66.7
Total Rebounds 34 35
Offensive Rebounds 11 9
Defensive Rebounds 23 26
Assists 13 18
Steals 2 13
Blocks 1 3
Total Turnovers 19 9
Personal Fouls 19 15





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