New NCAA Rushing Leader

sort of.  For real congrats to Donnel Pumphrey of San Diego State who set the FBS career rushing record in the Las Vegas Bowl today.  Pumphrey rushed for 115 yards to finish with 6,405 for his career.  Ron Dayne finished his Wisconsin career with 6,397.

Just one kind of problem here for the record book.

The record does come with a caveat: Dayne rushed for 728 yards over four bowl games in his career, but the NCAA doesn’t credit those yards to his total because it didn’t start counting bowl games toward records until 2002. Dayne played for the Badgers from 1996 to ’99. His career rushing total including bowl games stands at 7,125 yards.

That seems a little unfair to Ron Dayne.  This is similar to the Roger Maris issue when he was chasing Babe Ruth.  Maris had 162 games to get 61 HR (and in fact hit his 61st in the last game of the season) while Ruth hit 60 in just 154.  For the record, I don’t count Ruth’s record either because he didn’t have to face a guy like Satchel Paige.  Similar problem with Tennis and the “Open Era” enabling professionals to earn their corn.

It’s not too complicated to me comparing records:

  • No professional v amateur distinction
  • Known PED user records don’t count
  • Uniform season length including whether postseason stats are included
  • Records preceding full integration don’t matter

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