Packers @ Bears

It’s cold. Very cold.  This might be mentioned during the game.  Did you know the Packers and Bears have played in cold weather before?  I mean cold weather isn’t great but really it’s the wind off Lake Michigan that can really mess up the game.

Also there are some crazy stats about how close the rivalry is in terms of total points and record.  This might also be mentioned.

I think Admiral Ackbar probably provides the best pregame analysis for this one.


Blake Martinez is back at ILB for GB which hopefully provides some help against Jordan Howard and some decent Chi RB.

1st Qtr

 Packers ball first.  short run and screen to Adams sets up 3rd & short.  #12 shakes off the free blitz from the Bears ILB and keeps his eyes downfield to find Cook into Bears territory.  That should have been 3&out.  Fantastic work from #12.  GB tries to set up a screen and never got unclogged.  On a 3rd&long, #12 again finds Cook for the conversion and Cook wrestled down near the 20.  Looked like Bulaga moved early but no flag.  #12 complete to Nelson inside the 10 + a RTP call and GB knocking on the door.  Montgomery skate through the right side thanks to an assist from Bulaga and Lang and GB with the early lead.

Packers 7  Bears 0  9:57′ 1st qtr

Decent return sets up Chi at the 35.  GB opens in zone and Chi finds the hole to get into GB territory.  3rd&3 from GB 41 an underneath throw incomplete.  Great drive on the ball by Thomas to disrupt the play and Chi in punt formation.

GB starts inside the 1 after a perfect punt but #12 to Nelson gets GB to the 21.  On 2nd down #12 normally would tuck and run but instead CJ Wilson (I think ex-Packer CJ Wilson) gets him down for no gain. #12 had no interest in testing his hamstring/calf there.  #12 just misses Nelson deep as Nelson gets away with a push off.  #12 sacked on 3rd down and looks shaken up by it.  Defensive holding on Chi erases it and new set of downs.  Nelson broke off his route and broke up field and Chi holds instead of letting GB repeat the opening TD to Adams last week.  Montgomery with some tough running and GB is on the Chi side of the field.  GB clearly trying to get more balance offensively and perhaps take a little pressure off a gimpy #12.  So far Chi has had trouble covering up GB WR.  Slot CB blitz gets there as #12 can’t find anyone and Chi forces a punt.

Colts up 10-0 on the Vikings and Giants up 7-0 on Detroit early

Off play action Barkley has all day to throw but can only find a RB underneath for 3.   Howard gets a couple and another 3rd down.  Be nice to get the ball right back.  GB already has a tremendous time of possession advantage.  Lot happening on 3rd down.  GB blitz somehow lets Barkley escapes and Randall and GB fortunate that Bellamy can’t secure the catch deep in GB territory.

Montgomery with great patience and then burst upfield to get GB to the Chi 30.  He shook off multiple tackles on that run up the sideline.  Chi really should have had him for a TFL.  Apparently GB has outgained Chi by 150 yards 2′ into the 2nd qtr.  But, GB only up at TD.  A pitch out on 3rd & short goes backwards.  No idea what the wind is or why FOX can’t show us in the score bug.  GB hard count fails and GB will attempt a FG.  Packers go for it out of the TO.  I would kick a FG here and get a 2-score advantage.  #12 sacked again, as nobody could get open.   A healthy #12 probably runs for the 1st down.  No idea why we didn’t appear to have a rub route called just to get a short completion to move the chains.  Looked like everything was being run down the field.  Might have overthinked that one.  Bad play call especially with an immobile QB.

GB has run 23 plays to just 7 for Chi  and +11 in TOP but only lead 7-0.

Chi gets a nice completion over the middle.  Good throw from Barkley.  Rollins whiffs on a tackle and another 12-yards for Chi across midfield.  Chi inside the GB 30 as Fackrell loses contain and Barkley slides left to find a WR over the middle.  Easy completion puts Chi inside the 20.  Chi facing 3&3 inside the GB 10.  GB blitz doesn’t get there and Chi WR can’t get away from Rollins on a corner route.  Chi gets the FG.

Green Bay 7  Chicago 3  6:00′ left 2nd quarter  (Colts up 17-0 on Vikings,  NYG up 7-3 on Detroit)

3rd&3, Chi get pressure and floats a wounded duck out of bounds.  GB will have to punt.  Lang with a blindside block and he felt the effects.  That could be another concussion for a guy who has suffered from concussion problems in the past.  If he is out, that would mean Jason Spriggs in as RG.

Mediocre punt and holding on GB puts Chi on its own 45.

GB pass rush is invisible and yet again Barkley finds a WR wide open deep over the middle putting Chi in the redzone.  Another pass over the middle gets Chi to the GB 10.  Chi takes advantage of Randall’s poor tackling as Randall just gets trucked on a WR screen and Chi takes the lead.

Chicago 10  Green Bay 7  2:16′ left 2nd quarter

#12 overthrows Cook but on 2nd down finds the big TE for a 20-yard gain.  Bulaga got away with a hold.  #12 has Nelson open deep but pass is under thrown and CB is there a beat early, and Nelson just didn’t go up and get it (maybe sun is in eyes?) and its incomplete.  Should have been a completion.  Cook with another reception out to midfield before Montgomery bulls his way into the redzone.  Sharp cuts and pure strength.  What a hard downhill run from the converted WR.   Adams beats his man and drops a TD pass that was right on him from #12.  That could be expensive.  3rd&long and Bears have been getting to the injured #12.   #12 tries to throw across his body to Nelson but didn’t get nearly enough on it to the corner and it should have been INT.  Thanks to Adams’ drop GB will have to settle for a FG attempt.  Ugly attempt, not sure if it was blocked or just mishit.  well it snuck through to tie things up.

Chi 3 easy completions get to GB 42.  No way they can try a FG here as the ball doesn’t carry here.  But they can fling one to the endzone to steal a TD or draw a DPI flag.  Hail Mary throw batted by Makinton Dorleant right to Hyde for the INT. That was close.  Lot of Chi players around the ball.  That is clear simultaneous possession and a TD in Seattle.

But Chi starts the 2nd half with the ball.  GB has to regret not having a 2-score lead right now with this dominant edge in plays and TOP.  Montgomery giving GB balance for first time in awhile.

HALFTIME Chicago 10  Green Bay 10  (Colts up 27-0 @ Vikes;  NYG up 10-3 on Detroit)

Stats from ESPN

1st Downs 13 9
Passing 1st downs 6 9
Rushing 1st downs 5 0
1st downs from penalties 2 0
3rd down efficiency 2-6 0-3
4th down efficiency 0-1 0-0
Total Plays 34 24
Total Yards 248 185
Total Drives 5 5
Yards per Play 7.3 7.7
Passing 122 162
Comp-Att 12-19 12-16
Yards per pass 5.5 10.1
Interceptions thrown 0 1
Sacks-Yards Lost 3-17 0-0
Rushing 126 23
Rushing Attempts 12 8
Yards per rush 10.5 2.9
Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-2 1-2
Penalties 3-25 2-10
Turnovers 0 1
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 0 1
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 18:10 11:50

3rd Qtr

The much maligned (by me) $10.5M man blows around the LT and strip sacks Barkley to set up GB inside the Chi 20.  First play of the 2nd half.   GB starts with an empty set.  #12 rolls right and Cook does it all.  Chucks Chi DE and then gets open for 8-9 yard gain.  Montgomery cuts upfield for 1st down.  Linsley comes off, could just be a shoe thing.  But Don Barclay comes in with Tretter inactive.  Lang gets called for holding.  Good call.  Got hands outside the shoulders a bit.   Linsley back. Adams open again the corner and Adams again drops a sure TD.  I know we don’t do +/- in football but we might have to start.  Adams at -8 if GB doesn’t score a TD here.   On 2nd down, #12 actually runs a little bit and scoots out of bounds.   Great coverage again by Chi.  #12 with a nice clean pocket, and all day to throw, and nobody can get free.  Great coverage AGAIN by Chi.  #12 runs it and gets a lot closer than I thought he would.  About a yard short.  GB kick an 18-yard FG.

Green Bay 13  Chicago 10   11:10′ 3rd Quarter

Another screen.  Another terrible effort by Randall on tackling and its a 17-yard gain for Chi.  I mean Randall makes that tackle and its maybe a yard gain.  Mike Daniels trashes a run to put Chi in 2nd & long.  Chi WR drops the ball.  Looks like Randall there early but gets away with it.  Could (maybe should) have been DPI.  On 3rd & 9 Barkley overthrows down the middle (had been fertile ground) and HHCD INT sets up GB at its own 42.

Cobb not been targeted at all today.  Given how much Cook has been involved I would have thought Cobb could work underneath him.  But has not happened.  2015 Davante showing up obviously hurt.  And as I write that, Adams nice catch and spin to get inside the Chi 40. Good for him.  I think he stayed inbounds.  #12 scrambles for a 1st down.  Wow, run 3 times this half already which is not what I would have expected considering how he moved in the 1st half.  Lane Tayler with a costly Hands-to-the-Face and it’s 1st&20 back to midfield.   #12 finds RR over the middle.  #12 never set his base and just fired that all arm.  He hurries up as Chi was subbing but Chi prepared so #12 slows it back down.  Not a pretty pass but Nelson close to the sticks and gets a good spot for 1st down.  Montgomery just clowning people now.  Runs left and nothing there.  2 Bears have a shot at him and he cuts back inside and finally dragged down just short of the goalline.  GB again struggles in short yardage.  Ripkowski?  McPhee was too quick off the edge there. Left unblocked and GB ran away form him. Didn’t matter.  Back shoulder to Nelson?  Back to Montgomery and great job by the left side of the GB line (taylor and Bahktiari) to open a chasm in the Bears front.  Lang and Linsley coming over too and Montgomery shrugs off an arm tackle.

Green Bay 20  Chicago 10  4:53′ 3rd Quarter

Chi needs an answer.  Great screen call gets Chi a 1st down.  Good tackle by HHCD prevented a bigger gain because GB was bringing pressure.   Catch and run gets Chi across the 50.    Barkley misfires over the middle again and HHCD INT again and takes it to the Chi 45.  Datone Jones showing some athleticism dropping in coverage. A TD here twists the knife a bit.  Not sure Chi could rally from a 3-score deficit in the 4th quarter (LATER UPDATE: yes, yes they can).   Whoa!  Christian Michael with some serious jets as he races for the score.  He dismisses a tackle attempt around the 20 and sprints away home.  Impressive burst that.

Green Bay 27  Chicago 10  1:03′ left 3rd Quarter

Howard with a good strong run to start the drive but Chicago isn’t erasing a 17-point deficit with runs.  On 2nd&6 Barkley overthrows Jeffrey but a flag down.  Holding on Randall.  Not his best effort today.  But Jeffrey has been quiet.  Jeffrey isn’t a burner, not sure what he was doing.  Clear penalty.  Dreadful technique.    This time Barkley on target and finds Jeffrey down to the GB 35.  Jeffrey again down to the Chicago 10.  Rollins in zone doesn’t get over there in time.  On a 2nd&goal Jeffrey easily beats Randall on a slant and Chicago has a pulse.  TD Bears.

Green Bay 27  Chicago 17  13:27′ left 4th quarter

GB needs to at a minimum burn some clock.  Don’t get to MM conservative but drain some clock here.  3rd&3.   McPhee gets another sack and its a quick 3&out.  Again OL doing okay but just nobody getting free.

Still lots of time left and Chi should get another couple possessions after this.   Howard is a good back and picking up a couple 1st downs for Chi.  Jeffrey abuses Gunter this time and Chi is ripping off 10-yard chunks at will.  Matthews is out there but really completely useless so far.   Barkley takes a deep shot on Gunter and ball under thrown.  Gunter is a little lucky because WR had some separation.  3rd & 5 for Chi but clear 4-down territory.  Doesn’t matter.  Jeffrey over the middle.  rinse&repeat until Capers decides to do something/anything different.  GB blitz late and Ryan hit with RTP for low shot on Barkley.  Chi will be at the GB 10 after this.  Tough call.  Looked like Ryan hit him closer to the hips. That’s not what that portion of the RTP rule is for.   Howard in for another Chi TD and its all Chicago at the  moment.

Green Bay 27  Chicago 24  7:34′ left 4th quarter

#12 overthrows Adams.  At least Detroit and Minnesota are going to lose.   GB facing a 3rd&6 and #12 can’t get the 1st down running.  GB has to punt.  2 straight 3&outs for GB protecting a 10-point lead.  That’s not ideal.  Big punt from Schum and Chi will start at its own 20.  Maybe the pass rush will finally wake up.

That same play action flip over the middle works again as it has all day.  Good tackle by Thomas in coverage on Howard and it’s 3rd&3.  Chi has 2 TO.  Chi gets the 1st down on a simple short throw.  GB D still afraid of the deep ball and Chi eating them up over the middle and underneath for decent gains.  Chi ahead of the chains almost all the time now.  GB can’t get to Barkley at all.   Gunter flagged for holding and gives Chi another 1st down.  That’s a bad call.  Not sure why that’s holding.  He just jammed him at the line.  Not sure the range in this weather.  Probably another 10.  Screen will do it.  Chi in the redzone as we hit the 2′ warning.  Terrible collapse here for GB.  Best case this is going to OT on a short week.

GB fortunate Detroit and Minnesota lost but if GB does completely throw this one away then they’d need to Detroit to lose again next week to stay alive in the division.  Howard powers inside the 5 and GB has to start using TO to keep time left for the dormant offense. Howard denied on 1st&goal and a holding call moves Chi back outside the 10.   Good call.  Chi TE ropes down Peppers.  But whatever, Chi back inside the 5.  GB uses its 2nd TO.  I see no reason Chi should consider kicking a FG.  Howard stopped short on 2nd&goal.  GB burns last TO.  I keep it on the ground twice more.  GB only had 10 really for that play.  and Hyde breaks it up.   No idea why 3-10 Chicago is kicking a game tying FG and not going for the win.

Chicago 27  Green Bay 27  1:19′ 4th quarter

No TO for GB.  Not sure what Crosby’s range is today.  GB has 73 seconds to get maybe 50 yards.  Cook fell down and its incomplete.  Chi should have been flagged for illegal contact or hands-to-the face take your pick.  Officials miss that one somehow.  Shovel pass to Montgomery does nothing and Chi should use their TOs.   Lang and Taylor can’t handle 1 LB and Taylor took a shot to his hip from Lang.  Chi will have some time to get in range for a FG with a stop.    #12 and Nelson finally connect on another miracle on the midway.

GB will get up and spike it to set up Crosby for a FG with :03 left.  Crosby drills it but Chi called a TO.  So we do it again.  Crosby has had problems kicking in Chicago before although Julius Peppers is on his sideline now.Same result and GB escapes a demise of its own creation.  You can hear Adams exhale.

FINAL  Green Bay 30  Chicago 27

1st Downs 20 29
Passing 1st downs 9 21
Rushing 1st downs 9 5
1st downs from penalties 2 3
3rd down efficiency 3-10 3-8
4th down efficiency 0-1 0-0
Total Plays 58 63
Total Yards 451 449
Total Drives 11 11
Yards per Play 7.8 7.1
Passing 225 354
Comp-Att 19-31 30-43
Yards per pass 6.4 8.0
Interceptions thrown 0 3
Sacks-Yards Lost 4-27 1-8
Rushing 226 95
Rushing Attempts 23 19
Yards per rush 9.8 5.0
Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-5 3-5
Penalties 8-64 6-40
Turnovers 0 4
Fumbles lost 0 1
Interceptions thrown 0 3
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 32:47 27:13

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