Packers @ Lions

With the Washington L at home vs. the NYG both the Packers (GB) and Lions (Det) are in the playoffs.  GB makes its 8th consecutive appearance, longest in the NFC.  Safe to say the #FireMM #FireTT movements worked about as well as that thing about pestering electoral college electors.  The game tonight decides the NFC North.

NFC Playoffs:

  1. Dallas
  2. Atlanta
  3. Seattle
  4. GB/Detroit
  5. NYG
  6. GB/Detroit

GB Win = Host NYG next weekend in the Wild Card round of the playoffs

GB Loss = Play @Seattle next weekend in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.


The Lions will be down 2 starters on its OL with LT Riley Reiff and C Travis Swanson missing.  However, Detroit gets back stud CB Darius Slay.  I would expect Slay to try and shut down Nelson lining up with him all over the field.  As opposed to say improv in the secondary.  That should mean Adams and his uncertain hands will get plenty of looks from #12.  Jared Cook is probably in line for some serious work over the middle.

1st Quarter

Det starts at the 25, and a good run sets up 2nd & 4.  Stafford pass sails out of bounds as Gunter avoids a DPI flag.  Great pass break up at the sticks on Hail Mary specialist Golden Tate by Joe Thomas.  Quick 3&out and GB takes ove rat its own 25 after a booming punt by Det.

GB opens with a run by Montgomery and then empty set.  #12 avoids a sack with some Wilsonish running and dives fwd setting up a 3rd&1.   RR and Nelson in the backfield lead the way for Ripkowski who converts and then carries again close to midfield.  #12 sacked as Ripkowski whiffs on the blitzing S.  3rd & 10 looks like some wires were crossed.  Clean pocket and Cook ends up reaching back and tipping the ball away.  Definitely was targeting Allison who had a step on his CB with 1st down yardage.

Easy pitch and catch to Ebron for a nice gain and Det goes no huddle.   Looked like a little miscommunication on Det’s 2nd down run as Stafford turned the wrong way from his RB and another 3rd&4.  Det C moves early and its 3rd&9.   Letoff for GB.  Tate got well behind Randall who I guess was expecting S help and Stafford overcooks it totherwise that’s 6.  Hyde picks his way to a nice return but a flag on GB special teams which is far too common this year.  GB loses 20+ yards from that flag

1st down throw finds Nelson, but he slips as he moves to jet upfield so its 2nd&2.  Ripkowski powers through a huge hole in the A Gap.  Backup FB helping out as Taylor and Linsley double team to carve a lane.

Bulaga gives back 5 with a false start.  #12 looking Adams way all the way on 1st&15 and miffed when there’s no flag.   #12 with plenty of time but can’t connect with Adams on a scramble drill and its 3rd&15.   A conservative screen to Montgomery doesn’t get untracked and its time for another punt.  Odd play call on 3rd & long there.  Wonder if the plan was to get some yards and then go for it on 4th.

The Det RB with a large following among the economic anxiety crowd gashes GB for about 15-yards on a first down carry.  Stafford finds Jones for 9 on an out route.  As Collinsworth notes, Det looking to the GB right side and finding room.  Det converts the 3rd&1.   HHCD can’t get off the block enabling the conversion.  Tate burns Gunter on a slant and Det is in GB territory.   Det had the right call with a screen facing a GB blitz but Stafford isn’t composed enough to hit the RB.  Stafford gets crushed by the $10.5M man but hangs in there long enough to find Tate for a 1st down at the expense of Gunter again.  Stafford finds Tate in the redzone but GOLDEN TATE GETS CALLED FOR OPI APPROXIMATELY 3+ YEARS TOO LATE.  He double shoved Rollins like he were Sam Shields.  Det back outside the 30 and a run does little so its 3rd&15.  Could be another good screen down or find Ebron over the middle?    Screen to Tate and Det will kick a FG to start the 2nd.  Great hustle as always from Mike Daniels to wrestle the Det WR down.

0-0 End of 1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

Wide left.  Kick sails and we remain scoreless. Det now left 10 points out there.

GB takes over at its 29, and #12 forces it to Cook in triple coverage and they come closer than they probably deserved. Incomplete though.  Ripkowski finds room to set up a 3rd&2.  Jumping on both sides of the line.  I thought Det moved early.  But refs flag Bahktiari. Yeah, he moved.  I suppose it was before the DE for Det jumped opposite Bulaga.  I was typing how #12 was sacked on a Det blitz but somehow #12ducks under and squirms fwd and flips it to Cook for a 1st down.  What a play.  Det had him.  Cook again over the middle bulling his way inside the Det 35.   Det probably not going to keep giving Cook such a clean release.  Ripkowski again inside the 30.  RR gets some YAC which is rare but helpful and GB is inside the 15.  Blitz picked up and RR on a slant inside the 10.  But flag down for defensive holding.  1st & Goal for GB at the 10.  Run gets a couple and #12 checks it down to Ripkowski who takes it from there. TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY.

Green Bay 7 Detroit 0  10:47′ left 2nd quarter

This could complicate things defensively

Good gain for Det on 1st down.   GB blitz from the ILB gets home and Martinez wraps up Stafford for the sack despite flagged holding on the C.  Ryan just walked him back.  3rd&15.  Stafford finds TJ Jones (no idea) as Rollins looking in the backfield and HHCD can’t get there in time.  Big conversion for Det.  Big run through the middle and Det is knocking on the door.  Lowry got blown up.  Clark with a nice tackle on the 1st down play.  Datone Jones a mile offside so the Lowry sacks means nothing. Ebron beats HHCD on a slant and I’m guessing the Det RB will be finishing this drive shortly.  Stafford audibles seeing everyone in GB in the box and throws to Boldin out of the backfield but Hyde is equal to the task. Fade to Bolding is nothing.  But on 3rd&goal there’s the dive play and its TOUCHDOWN DETROIT.

Detroit 7  Green Bay 7  5:00′ left 2nd quarter

GB starts with the ball in the 2nd half so chance for some points here on either end of the break.  Michael with a nice burst to get a 1st down but the screen to Adams for a nice gain nullified by holding on Jeff Janis.  Yeah, he got a fistful or two of jersey.  Obvious call.  On 1st&17 delayed handoff gets a few inches. #12 runs for a couple yards but a flag down.  This time Lang gets called for holding.  Sort of.  3rd & 12, Det smartly declines.  Pressure getting there now and throw to Ripkowski is short.  ANOTHER flag on GB, this time its Block in the Back on Geronimo Allison, but penalty declined and its punt time.  That drive never got off the ground.  Now GB trying to hold on to the half.

2nd&8 an easy throw to Jones gets a 1st down.  Stafford picking on Randall.   Blitz does its job and Matthews drops a Pick6.  That was right between the 5-2.  Terrible drop.   Boldin gets the first down on a crossing route.  Screen works this time and Det ripping off chunks now.  Ryan, Perry, and Daniels pressuring and Stafford tosses it over them to get Det to the lip of FG range with about 90 seconds left.   Ryan wrestles Zenner down perhaps short of the 1st down setting up 3rd&1.  Big hole up the middle and Det in the redzone with :37 left. Randall allows another easy throw but this one underneath and in bounds so no real damage.  Stafford somehow zips one into Boldin who takes it to the GB 4.  Just :26 left and Det burns its last timeout.  Gunter or Ryan or perhaps both should have broken that up.  Det runs a pick play to Tate for the TOUCHDOWN LIONS. 11 Plays 69 yards

Detroit 14  Green Bay 7  :23 left 2nd quarter

#12 finds Allison wide open in Det territory.  GB has all its timeouts left.  How did Det let that happen?  GB might get 2 plays here before getting Crosby out here.  #12 too high for Allison.  So quick flat route to Cook and we’re down to :06.  I’d kick from the Det 35 and not risk it.  #12 just tried a hard count and GB burns a timeout.   Crosby can make from here, not sure why we’re running a play.  #12 just throws it high and wide to Cook and Crosby will try from 53 to end the half.  He drills it and GB steals 3 points heading into halftime.

HALFTIME Detroit 14  Green Bay 10

Stats from ESPN

  • Penalties hurting the Packers
  • Det has the 16-9 advantage in 1st downs
  • Det is 5-8 on 3rd downs but GB only 2-6
  • Det missed makeable FG and TD throw to Tate cost them 10 points
  • Clay dropping a Pick6 costs GB 7…Det goes on to score a TD
1st Downs 9 16
Passing 1st downs 6 11
Rushing 1st downs 2 5
1st downs from penalties 1 0
3rd down efficiency 2-6 5-8
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Plays 28 40
Total Yards 184 248
Total Drives 5 5
Yards per Play 6.6 6.2
Passing 125 178
Comp-Att 10-17 16-22
Yards per pass 6.9 7.7
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 1-5 1-5
Rushing 59 70
Rushing Attempts 10 17
Yards per rush 5.9 4.1
Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-1 2-2
Penalties 6-40 3-20
Turnovers 0 0
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 12:46 17:14

3rd Quarter

Touchback and GB starts at the 25.   Rare carry for Montgomery opens the drive for 5.  #12 hits Adams for the 1st down.  SNG montage shows Slay shutting down Nelson so far. #12 hits Allison for a 1st down but flag is down and Montgomery limp/jogs to the sideline.  Defensive holding declined.  Replay shows Montgomery with what looks like a knee thing non contact on a bootleg.  OL gives #12 all sorts of time and nothing open so he scampers for the 1st down.  GB WR need to start winning some 1-on-1s.  Bulaga jumps late after Det DE moves first.  Doesn’t look like Det DE was in the neutral zone so dumb play by Bulaga and good call by refs.    On 2nd & 11 #12 hits Nelson and GB declines the illegal contact.  I wouldn’t mind some of these defensive flags on bad GB plays.  That looked similar to the opening TD against Minensota last week.  And as Collinsworth predicts, #12 finds Nelson on a slant over the middle and takes GB inside the Det 5. Ripkowski range this.    #12 sees the pressure and rolls away from it to give him justenough time to find Adams for the GB TOUCHDOWN! (adams then picks up a stupid flag for dunking on the crossbar).  That was a 5:37 drive to start the 2nd half.

Green Bay 17  Detroit 14  9:23′ left 3rd quarter

Good coverage on the kickoff and Det only takes over at its 29.  Lets see if Capers had any adjustments.  Det opens with a run off LT and again looked like Det moves early but no flag.  Det going no huddle.  A run and a throw to Zenner and another Det 1st down.  Miscommunication on 1st down and short throw to Ebron and Det facing an important 3rd&5 after the long GB drive.  Nick Perry races around RT and even with the clubbed hand drags down Stafford forcing a Det punt.  Just uses a strong hand to bat away the RT and Hyde dances for little on the punt return.  1st break of serve in the 2nd to GB and a chance to get a 2-score advantage.  If #12 wants another MVP now would be the moment to take it.

Good run from Ripkowski and #12 overshoots Allison.  Bahktiari could have been flagged for a hold.  On3rd&3 Ripkowski goes up the middle to move the chains.  Wouldn’t mind seeing #12 avoiding some of those hits as he scrambles fwd.  Bulaga off and Spriggs on at RT.  And GB immediately runs Montgomery (who is fine now apparently) around the right side.  Spriggs had to stay on that block an extra beat.  Nice debut.  Shovel pass to Montgomery sets up a 3rd&7 from the GB 45.  This time Taylor moves early and its 3rd&12.  #12 has to check it down to Montgomery and punt upcoming.  Well no MVP awarded on that drive.  Det D does its job.  So does Schum as Det will starts at its own 4.

GB blitzes and Stafford seses it and lofts a throw to the right as Jones gets behind Rollins.  That gets Det out of jail and on the march.  Rollins down after not making the play but he bangs his head on the ground.  Scary.  Rollins strapped to the board.

So with backups all over the place in the GB secondary Det opens with a run.  The quarter ends before Det can snap it.  Good, because Jake Ryan was lined up outside opposite Eric Ebron and that could have been real bad.

4th Quarter

Rollins Out, Randall Questionable, Dorleant Questionable.  Hyde is earning a new payday tonight.  3rd&13 and Stafford has plenty of time but overthrows Andre Roberts and Stafford reacts like Roberts ran the wrong route.  Big break for D to get off the field here.

Okay, another opportunity here for the O to get some separation.  Another 5+’ TD drive turns up the heat and should quiet the crowd.  #12 running around like crazy and scrambles for a 1st down.  Wow.  Some nifty footwork there.  He wanted the deep shot and it wasn’t there.  Michael covers a lot of ground to get a few yards but another flag down.  Lang again hit with block in the back and its an even 10 penalties now for GB.  that was a bad call.  Lang got enough shoulder that that one should not have been called.  Its 1st&16.   #12 floats one to Allison, and the undrafted rookie from Illinois uses every inch of the 6’3″ frame to haul it in.  Great route, great throw, great catch.  Plus territory.  #12 got the snap when he was not expecting it and he cooly flips it to Adams for 7-yards.  That could have been disaster.  Great hands by #12 to corral that snap.   2nd&3 was a 1-man route off play action adn the man was not open so #12 throws it away.  Big 3rd&3.  and Cook works himself open down to the  Det 22.  Cook soft plays it and sharp cut outside gets him separation.   Run/Pass option, everyone blocks a run but #12 flips it to Nelson for a 1st down.  Too soft coverage from Slay outside.  Slay on 1-knee after the play.  Seems like a safe prediction that #12 will check on Slay’s replacement, a guy who was burned by Dallas a lot last week.  Instead its a run to Michael and Slay can come back in.  Weird.  #12 timing off to Montgomery and #12 stares daggers.   Looked like Montgomery just wasn’t ready for it.  Looked like a batter who couldn’t pick up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand because that should have been 6.  On 3rd down #12 dances around for nearly 8 seconds and somehow squeezes one into Allison in the back of the endzone.  TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!  Crosby shanks the XP.

Green Bay 23  Detroit 14  10:02′ left 4th Quarter

Brice misses a tackle and Zenner picks up 5.  But I’m okay with Det runs now.  A screen sets up Det for 3rd&short.  Some safe calls here from the Lions to get the chains moving.  Stafford with a clean pocket and hits Jones into GB territory.  That was easy.  Blitz doesn’t get there but it forces Stafford to unload a beat early and Gunter fights hard to break it up.  Pressure gets to Stafford and he misses the mark on 3rd down.  4th&10.  Have to go for it don’t you?  Prater has the leg for it so Det will try a 54-yard FG.  And he’s got it.

Green Bay 23  Detroit 17   7:42′ left 4th Quarter

Montgomery with a run and short throw to Adams with an incredibly generous spot given a 1st down.  But Det smartly challenges and its reversed.  On 3rd&1, #12 does some zone read and races around the left end for a 1st down.  Gutsy call.   Finally a defensive holding call on a bad GB play and GB gifted a 1st down.  Slay called for grabbing Nelson.  Yeah, grabbed him twice.  On 1st&10, #12 goes for a home run ball to Cook but the big TE doesn’t really open any window for #12.  Short throw to Adams incomplete and GB only taken off about 2′ of the clock with this on 3rd&10.  GB catches Det subbing and officials take forever to notice before finally throwing a flag.  So we’ll do it again. This time on 3rd & 5.   Montgomery showing his Stanford education and catches the check down and stays in bounds after getting the 1st down.  Montgomery with a big run of 9 as clock rolls under 4′ and GB now in FG range.  Smart cut from Montgomery to find the lane.  No more penalties please.  GB in some sort of weird pistol thing and it works for another 1st down.  Det has all 3 TO left.  #12 almost gets Det to jump but we’re at 1st&10 GB with 3:03 left.  GB really can get conservative here and force Det to burn its TO and a FG makes it a 2 score game again. Quick throw to Nelson gets GB inside the 20 and Det uses its first TO.  Delayed handoff to Montgomery is perfect and GB inside the 10.  Tahir Whitehad the ILB for Det has Montgomery sized up in the hole, but Montgomery shrugs him off and surges ahead for a 1st down.  Det uses its 2nd TO.  Adams with the Dagger on the fade from #12. TOUCHDOWN PACKERS.  Det selling out for the run and Adams singled up outside.  Wasn’t a perfect throw, actually needed to get that closer to the boundary but Adams adjusted well and snatched it.  GB goes for 2 and gets it.  Adams again on a clever little design.  Low throw.  Allison in the slot essentially just causing chaos and lets Adams slip in behind him.

Green Bay 31  Detroit 17  2:50′ left 4th Quarter

11 Plays 75 Yards 4:52

Det starts at its 25 and they have 1 TO left.   Ebron gets the 1st down but stays in bound and Ebron again over the middle as Det scrambles to get 1 more play off before the 2′ warning.  Tate takes it to the GB 21 with 1:57 left.  Again, classic Capers D just way too soft.  I’m fine giving up underneath stuff but this is allowing acres of space down the field over the middle.  That was about :55 for Det to get 54 yards.  We have to resist a little.  Now the GB CB playing press coverage.  Great job by Gunter to get a hand in there to knock the pass away and prevent a TD.  Lets make Det work a little bit here.   Ebron underneath for 5 is what I want to see.  Clock rolling.  Hyde INT the 3rd down throw to Tate and that’s it.  Hyde just locked him up and found the ball first.   Hyde with the game saving PD @ Chicago and the game clinching INT to win the NFC North.  Spriggs is down in some sort of yoga pose.  No idea what the problem is.  GB in victory formation as we can hear some GOPACKGO.  Because of the injury, Det still had a TO so GB will have to punt it back. Now things boil over as RR throws a punch.  RR was fired up about the Spriggs injury.  GB will punt it back with about :28 left.  The play clock reset for some reason so chaos reigns.

NBC announces that Det-Sea will  be the Saturday night game meaning Green Bay – NYG will be on Sunday.

Schum way off the mark on the punt as Al Michael muses about the Over/Under .  Stafford tries the hail mary and its caught because this is GB-Det.  So now it will come down to the onside and another hail mary.  Boldin out jumps Gunter Burnett and Brice?  TOUCHDOWN LIONS

Green Bay 31  Detroit 24   :13 left 4th quarter

Textbook recovery for GB as RR covers up the onside as the blockers do their job.

FINAL Green Bay 31  Detroit 24

Green Bay wins the NFC North and will enter the playoffs for the 8th straight season. This time as the #4 seed facing old foe NYG @ Lambeau next Sunday.


Full Game Stats from ESPN




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