#13 Wisconsin @ #25 Indiana

1st Half

UW roared out of the blocks racing to a 16-2 advantage early thanks to hot shooting from deep especially from Bronson Koenig.  But percentages being what they are, UW crashed back to earth as IU steadily chipped away at the UW lead.  nothing remarkable to the IU spurt beyond not turning it over and prying the lid of the basket.  IU was able to get down low a few times.  UW’s poor foul shooting cost them and IU’s muscle was too much for UW on the glass.  Happ and Koenig were most of the Badger O while Hayes was pretty inconsequential.  The slower the pass and the more extra passes the better for UW.  IU comfortable getting quick shots in transition and hoping UW misses 3s.

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 16-31 15-30
Field Goal % 51.6 50.0
3PT Made-Attempted 5-11 3-10
Three Point % 45.5 30.0
FT Made-Attempted 1-6 4-5
Free Throw % 16.7 80.0
Total Rebounds 14 20
Offensive Rebounds 4 6
Defensive Rebounds 10 14
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 7 5
Steals 4 2
Blocks 3 1
Turnovers 3 6
Team Turnovers 0 0
Total Turnovers 3 6
Personal Fouls 6 7

2nd Half

Both teams looked sluggish out of the break but that eventually leads to a Hayes dunk off an IU turnover.  Back-and-forth most of the way as IU found lots of success bullying Happ and Hayes down low.  But the quickness of Happ on the offensive end for UW posed equal challenges for the Hoosiers.  Koenig continued an aggressive and torrid pace from 3.  Showalter with a nice drive and 3 to give UW a little breathing room.  Hayes had a chance to bookend the 2nd frame with breakaway dunks but IU hustled back to knock it away.    UW showed its composure to make a late sprint to the finish.  IU ball with UW ahead 66-63 with 2:27 left and a Happ layup and Brown with a dagger 3 with :40 left to settle things.  A quiet night from Hayes (10-2-2, on 4/11 shooting) but superlative efforts from Happ (19-6-4, on 8/11 shooting and even 3/4 from the FT line) and Koenig (17-1-3, and 3 TO, on 5-5 shooting form 3) enough to get a nice road win for UW.  UW has won 9 straight after losing to UNC in Maui.   UW has a tough matchup @ Purdue on Sunday afternoon.  UW struggled with IU’s size and its not going to get easier against the twin Boiler towers.

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 28-56 26-49
Field Goal % 50.0 53.1
3PT Made-Attempted 10-20 5-15
Three Point % 50.0 33.3
FT Made-Attempted 9-14 11-15
Free Throw % 64.3 73.3
Total Rebounds 25 32
Offensive Rebounds 8 9
Defensive Rebounds 17 23
Assists 12 9
Steals 9 5
Blocks 4 2
Total Turnovers 7 13
Personal Fouls 15 16

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