Wild Card Round NYG @ GB

1st Quarter

Mike Daniels blows up and Micah Hyde cleans up a 1st down run.  Perkins able to slither for 6 on 2nd down and Eli with all day to throw finds Cruz underneath for a new set of downs.  NYG out to midfield.  NYG keep rolling as Beckham takes a checkdown and spurts fwd for 11.  NYG do a little tempo and Eli finds the TE for 5 as NYG finding early rhythm and success on short throws.  GB weakness at ILB a big problem.  2nd down run gets nothing.  Good push up front drove the lead blocker backwards into Perkins.  Might be 4 down territory even with a 3rd down stop given the cold weather.  Pocket collapses by Eli gets it away and Beckham drops it.  NYG showing punt from the GB 35 which is ridiculous.  Beckham got away from Burnett and just flat dropped it.  GB has to burn a TO on special teams as Kyler Fackrell was late getting off the field.  NYG still showing punt.  Hyde makes the fair catch at the 5.  So early field position advantage for NYG.

0-0 10:53′ 1st qtr

Maybe Cook can get GB out of the shadow of its own goal post.  Because the 1st down run to Montgomery certainly doesn’t.  #12 squeezes it into Cook setting up 3rd and short.  Between ILB and CB.  Not an easy catch either.  DRC limps off for the NYG.  Keep an eye on that.  On 3rd&2 #12 deep drop and slightly under throws Cook down the left sideline as Cook on a scramble drill breaks the out route off and heads upfield.  Ball a little short and Landon Collins the NYG S breaks it up.  Schum gets a nice bounce at least but NYG take over at its own 38.

Perkins for a couple on 1st down.  NYG screen to Perkins, and HHCD is a little too proud of his hit after the 5-yard gain.  Again, after the 5-yard gain.  3rd&3 for the NYG.  GB needs a stop to dig out of the field position hole.  Pressure doesn’t get there and Eli floats it to Sterling Shepard who had a free release and Hyde gets toasted.  Gunter burned this time and Eli just slightly overcooks it to Beckham.  That was nearly 6.  Beckham adjusted well on the ball but couldn’t quite bring it in.  On 2nd&10 NYG with a 1st down into the redzone again finding Shepard over the middle.  GB can’t get to Eli and the NYG WR are winning against the GB coverage schemes.  Shepard gets behind Hyde again but this time Hyde gets there a touch early and gets a hand in to break up the corner route.  Clean pocket again against a charmin soft zone from GB and another manageable 3rd down at 3rd&3.  Randall reads the screen well and bothered Shepard enough.  Ball caroms high into the air but nobody around to pick it.  Gould bangs through the FG.

NYG 3-GB 0  5:44′ 1st Qtr

Hail Mary specialist cant’ do much with the return and GB takes over at its 23.  Montgomery stretch play gets a yard.  DRC has a bruised thigh and is “Questionable” which is unfortunate for the NYG  and good for GB.  #12 with all day back there ad OL completely stones the NYG front.  5 guys can block 4.  #12 finds Nelson for a 1st down.  If that continues NYG will have to blitz.  8 seconds according to FOX.  1st down throw has to be into the bench as NYG got pressure that time.  #12 tries a deep shot down right sideline for Cook and the wires were crossed.  Cook could never locate the ball.  On 3rd&10, #12 contact with Jenkins and a soft DPI call on the NYG. That looked to be the definition of incidental to me.   Gift horses and all.  Looked like Jenkins stumbled and made slight contact.  Thats a tough call and a big 32-yard break for GB.   Little razzle dazzle fakes fool absolutely nobody and screen to Montgomery for -1.  Maybe leave that one off the call sheet.  DRC heads to the lockerroom.   2nd&11, NYG S gets the sack.  #12 held it for about 4 seconds that time.  Replay shows Adams covered which was the first (only) read.  On 3rd&22 #12 short on his throw to Nelson at the sticks and GB has to punt.  Ball was nearly picked.  Not  the razor sharp #12 of the “run the table” weeks early.  Schum hangs it up and NYG take over at its 11.  GB needs a 3&0ut.

False start and NYG inside its 10.  Jennings gets a couple yards off 2 carries and a big 3rd&11 here with a chance to try and get some plus field position.  Conservative but clever rushing attempt on 3rd&11 gets 10 and I exhale because they nearly got that 1st down.  Punt rolls out of bounds at GB 45.

On 1st&10 #12 takes his time and looks to break out of the pocket but slips down and its 2nd&14.  Too many deep drops.  But then GB tries the quick short throws and Adams wasn’t really open and pressure forces #12 to throw it away.   Again more dancing in the pocket and #12 takes another big sack.  GB can’t getting open in zone.  So much for field position.  Short punt and NYG take over at its 34.  That was humiliating all around.

Eli finding a lot of room over the middle and Shepard gets away from Randall out to the 48.  Eli getting a clean pocket.  Daniels read the run well and its 2nd&9.  The O isn’t making them so the D needs a big play.  Ryan makes a nice play to limit a short throw to the TE.  3rd&6.  Eli burns a TO to save the delay penalty.   Eli looking left the whole way to Shepard and Randall breaks it up.  2nd big deflection and nobody there for GB to pick it.  NYG punt and GB takes over at its 22.

Somehow GB still only down 3.  1st and 10 play fake and #12 finds Cobb for a 1st down.  Big completion there.  Nice to see Cobb is still relevant.  #12 floats when to Nelson along the sideline and it should have been INT then should have been caught and incomplete.  Nelson stays down after a shot to his hip?  Run to Montgomery does little and its 3rd& long.  No fewer than 7 guys there attending to Nelson.  Shot to ribcage?  might need an MRI because I think your kidney/spleen is in that area.  Blitz forces early throw and strong effort from Adams but better effort from rookie CB Apple to break it up.  Schum finally booms one and NYG take over inside its 10.

Short pass to Beckham for 2.  Jennings burst through the left side for a 1st down.  Eli goes tempo and strike to the TE down the seam and A big gainer down to the GB 30.  Blake Martinez can’t hold up in coverage.  Again, bad ILB, a problem position for years, exploited by the NYG.    HHCD goes to help on the WR and Martinez gets toasted.  Underneath to Cruz sets up 2nd&4.   Gunter gets away with some contact on Beckham on a throw to the endzone and its 3rd&4.   Pass tipped at the line by Joe Thomas.  Athletic play there.  Beckham shares his opinions on the no call with the ref.  Gould kknock through a 40-yarder to double the NYG advantage.

NYG 6  GB 0 7:24′ 2nd quarter

Janis has a nice return on the short kick to the GB 45.  Cook gets a 1st down for GB crossing over the middle.   Collins escorts #12 out of bounds on a bootleg as nothing was open downfield.  Short throw to Cook gets 6.  I think that’s called a dig route.  I want to see more of those.  Out of his hand.  #12 with all sorts of time on 3rd&4 and eventually flicks it to the 20-yard-line with nobody in the area.  That is intentional grounding which is correctly flagged and instead of a long FG or going for it on 4th&4 Schum is on to punt.  Inexcusable from #12 there.  GB has been dormant all half and he wastes a chance at 3.  There was a lot of time to find an appropriate way to throw it away.  Janis as a gunner again, drags Harris down inside the 10.  Perkins with 3 or so on 1st down.  Martinez down.  Eli takes a shot to some WR I’ve never heard of and its 3rd&6.  Martinez on the training table checking his knee? calf?    Eli sacked on 3rd down as pressure flushed him right to Peppers.  Eli chose the wrong route to escape.  NYG punting from own endzone.  Hyde fields at the NYG 45 and a lot of east-west gets him to the NYG 38.

#12 throws a dart to Adams on 1st down who got justenough separation from Apple down the right sideline.  Inch perfect throw.  GB set up 1st&goal at the NYG 7.  GB wastes a play with a stretch run to Montgomery that gets 2.  Sadly the best run of the game though.  I want a throw to Cook.  On 2nd&goal #12 does a lot of dancing before flipping it to Adams in the endzone.  Credit to #12 and Adams who kept working.  GB with a thoroughly undeserved lead.

GB 7  NYG 6  2:20′ 2nd quarter

1st down run does nothing as Perkings is wrapped up by Peppers.  MM takes a TO which I don’t like because i don’t think the D is going to stop them.  Nice gain on 2nd down sets up 3rd&short coming off the 2′ warning.   GB rises up on 3rd down as Guion? I think submarines the NYG LG and Burnett is there to ensure that Perkins gets nothing.  GB uses its last TO and NYG punt it back with 1:46 left.  Good punt and GB take over at its own 20 with 1:38 left. Mike Perriera now saying that hit that knocked out Nelson should have been flagged for being leading with the crown of the helmet.  hmmmmm..

Run to Montgomery gets 9, lets see how fast GB moves. NYG still have 2 TO.   Pass tipped at the line and it would have been a 1st down on the check down to Montgomery.  Collins there again and gets it.  Montgomery picks up the 1st down on the ground but just 60 second left and clock running.  GB hits a sliding Cobb at midfield.  #12 loses his fundamentals and hurls a terrible duck off his back foot towards Adams.  At least the clock is stopped.  GB probably needs 20 yards to give Crosby a fair shot with :33 left and no TO.   Screen to Montgomery and nice tackle prvents him from getting out of bounds.  Pass knocked free down the field to Cook.  Good for GB because the clock runs out if he hangs on.  :06 left.  Cobb catches the hail mary despite what looked like some mild OPI on first glance in the back of the endzone.  Cobb with a 2-handed shove and great body control to haul it in.  Crosby hits the XP and GB somehow leading 14-6 and starting with the ball.

As a reminder, on last play of the 1st half in 2012 playoffs, Hakeem Nicks caught a hail mary throw from Eli to give the NYG a 21-10 lead at the break.  Payback.


GB ball at its 29 to start.  Toss play to Montgomery and he picks his way for 3.  Nelson out of the game with a rib injury according to Erin Andrews.  #12 escapes a sack and doesn’t throw it away and instead just straight runs out of bounds like a goofy goober.  I think that counts as another sack.  Its 3rd&9 and long throw to far sideline to Cook is complete but well short of the sticks.  Big stop for the NYG because GB stretching this to a 2-score game could really put the NYG up against it.  NYG look like they touch the punt but they recover it.  I think on replay it touched a Packer first anyways.

Big run for Perkins on 1st down out to the NYG 40.  Thomas gets thrown down and big hole for Perkins.  Quick throw to Beckham incomplete and its 2nd&10.  Beckham underneath for 8-yards somehow.  That was easy.  3rd&2 Eli quick underneath to Beckham to the GB 45.  ANOTHER short throw this time to Perkins is incomplete.  NYG have to be setting GB up for some big vertical throw.  Misdirection on the pitch to Perkins and he is escorted out of bounds after a gain of 4-5.   On 3rd&6, Eli hurried by Peppers who was being held by Ereck Flowers and jets around the end to force an incompletion.  I’m very mean to Peppers but he has made some plays today.  Hyde makes the fair catch at the GB 10.

Michael explodes for 10 on 1st down.  WHY ISN’T HE GETTING MORE WORK?  IS IT BECAUSE HE MISSED A COUPLE ASSIGNMENTS. Dude just runs hard.  Shook off 2 tackles.  Another nice burst this time only for 4 but still positive yardage.  He should have fresh legs.  “he only knows 1 speed” according to Troy Aikman.   Nice tackle from Collins prevented a home run but Michael quick cut upfield for 8.  He looks good.  Shot of energy to get a couple 1st downs for GB.  Bottled up a little there but Michael gets 3-4 there.  Michael with 4 carries for 26 yards.    Play action and #12 finds Ripkowski close to a 1st down. Collins delivers a big shot to stop Riipkowski a yard shy.  How did Collins last to the 2nd round?  #12 tries a hard count and burns a TO.  Dive play to Ripkowski and I think he’s short.  There was nothing there.  Collins rides him down.  Hankins grabbed Ripkowski’s facemask big time and the refs missed it.  Should be 1st&10 at the NYG 45.  MM always known for his aggressive tendencies in big games, huddling up as though GB is going for it from its own 42.   The GB D is doing well enough.  I don’t like this decision at all.  Just punt it and play D.    Montgomery is nowhere close and GB throws NYG a big lifeline.  Such a stupid call.  Sneak it?  Ripkowski flattened and Taylor can’t get any push.

1st down run does nothing for NYG but ball on the GB 40.  I can’t get over how dumb that play call and decision was.  This might cost us the game.  Eli goes deep and has a WR named King open for the TD.  Randall gets roasted this time.  He was WIDE OPEN.  HHCD jumps underneath and Randall was staying outside thinking HHCD was going to be there.  For some reason the NYG kick the XP.

GB 14  NYG 13  5:16′ 3rd quarter

Michael on the return with some more hard running out to the GB 36.   Harrison stones a 1st down run.  Cook with a nice catch and run bulls his way for a 1st down.  Adams with a catch and run now over the middle and GB is at the NYG 30.  Slant and he is left alone.  Cobb on the slant now and gets free in the NYG secondary to get the TD!  Where has that been?  #12 likes Treven Wade, and according to FOX, DRC should be there, but isn’t and #12 likes the matchup.  That was a simple drive and Crosby just sneaks through the XP

GB 21  NYG 13  2:53′ left 3rd quarter

Rainey catches the kickoff near the sideline and momentum takes him out of bounds.  NYG at its own 3.  Short completion to Tye for 6 and then Ryan busts up the 2nd down throw and its 3rd&4.  Field position man.  GB needs a stop to force a NYG punt deep in its own end.  Anybody seen Clay Matthews?    Peppers bats it and Burnett verynearly got the diving INT before it hit the ground.  Replay shows clearly he did not.  That’s what 3? 4? times now a batted pass has fallen harmlessly to the ground without a GB player being in position to nab it.   Liner backs up Hyde to his 40 but he sneaks down the sidelien and returns it inside the 40.  GB needs a TD here with this field position.  Anything less is a disappointment.  Bootleg and #12 wants it all and finds Adams crossing the NYG secondary alone and Adams inside the 15.  NYG was in zone and nobody close to Adams.  Michael in the backfield with #12 on 1st down and Adams headed upfield and #12 was thinking back shoulder.  2nd down run is trashed and its 3rd&10.  #12  targets Cobb who was locked up with a CB.  Lot of contact refs.  That really could have been called.  CB has hands all over Cobb.  Not sure why that isn’t DPI.  Big hold of some sort for the NYG considering where GB started.  Crosby connects on the FG as I had to fire drill AS9 to his potty as he was showing his poop face.

GB 24  NYG 13  :21′ left 3rd quarter

FOX shows that stat that Eli and #12 each have 2 wins at Lambeau in the postseason.  Flas start on the NYG and we’ll try this again.  1st&15. Marshal l Newhouse moved.  Handoff gets most of the penalty yardage back.

4th Quarter

Vertical throw to Beckham and Ryan did a nice job dropping with him to disrupt it.  HHCD made sure.  Could have been caught or INT and it falls incomplete.  Big  3rd&11 for the D.   Eli throw just off the fingertips of Beckham.  He had lot of separation and throw a little high and wide but Beckham has the biggest “catch radius” in the NFL and should bring that in.  I don’t agree with Joe Buck that Beckham’s trip to Miami contributed to that missed connection.  Refs filisbustering and finally announce a penalty on GB.  Tough call on Montgomery.   That didn’t look like much and the long deliberation didn’t inspire confidence in the call.  GB at its own 20.

NYG really ought to start covering slants.  Adams takes 1 for a 1st down.  Allison had a step or 2 but #12 overthrows him.  Delayed handoff did nothing.  Linsley did not do his job there.  3rd&11.  Montgomery as a WR this time and #12 hits him stride down the middle of the field.  Montgomery was running a shallow cross and then turns it upfield behind Collins to get to the NYG 36.  Adams was trying to pick off Montgomery’s man.  On a handoff, Montgomery bent backward and is down.  Facemask should have been called.  NYG think its a fumble.  Montgomery was down, and play was blown dead for fwd progress.  So no fumble and no review.  Montgomery needs a lot of help getting off the field from that wrenching tackle.  Michael from here on out.  Lots of snaps for Allison forthcoming now with Montgomery and Nelson out.  2nd&9 #12 sidearms from Cobb and Cobb heard footsteps.  Pass was offline anyways.  This MM is 4-down territory.  This place on the field.  #12 has to burn GB’s 2nd TO before the 3rd&9 from about the NYG 35.  AS9 successfully pooped in his potty but is pretty distressed by it.  On 3rd&9, its Adams again over the middle and you can feel the NYG deflation.  GB at the NYG 22.  Too cute naked zone read gets about nothing but keeps the clock moving.  Screen to Adams and he darts for about 7-8.  3rd&3 with clock moving under 9:30 left. Getting late early.  #12 with all day again and Cobb keeps working over the middle.  A hattrick for Cobb and that might be the finishing blow for GB.

GB 31  NYG 13  9:19′ 4th quarter

I’m already not looking fwd to the 2 late NYG TDs against soft Capers Quarters Coverage giving me heart palpitations.

Beckham out to the 30 despite clear block in the back on the NYG.  King out for an easy 1st down and NYG are at their own 47.  Matthews finally makes noise and rips around left end and sacks Eli and the ball comes out.  NYG WR and Joe Thomas stand around while Peppers belatedly makes an effort to grab it SINCE THERE WAS NO WHISTLE.  Matthews still playing 10000 MPH picks himself off the hit on Eli to race over the pounce on it. Confused officials rule it GB football and we await a booth review.  That was ridiculous.  Replay shows the ball was dislodged and the “empty hand” of eli pushes the ball fwd making it look like an incomplete pass.   Perkins didn’t do anything and then started to pick it up and then trucks Perkins to get the ball.  GB ball at the NYG 45.

1st down run does little but whatever now it’s just about taking time off the clock.    Allison comes back for the out from #12 and comes up just short of the sticks.  play action and #12 thinks about running and then comes off his first read to find Adams again.  GB ball with clock moving inside the NYG 30.  Michael carries for 5 and clock under 6′.   Michael squirms fwd again and carries inside the NYG 15 as the fight has gone out of the NYG team. Michael earns every inch of those 5 yards to get to the NYG 10.  Fun watching him run.  He knows he is fighting for his career and runs like it.  #12 burns the last TO with 3:52 left.   #12 finds Ripkowski for another 1st down.  He threw that a little behind Ripkowski and the big FB has to turn and adjust and fall down.  If that is on him that’s a TD.  Sad Eli on the bench.  Montgomery drives down to the 1.  Glad to see Montgomery back out there.  NYG finally decide to use a TO and I love that someone brings #12 a coat during the TO.  2nd&goal and Ripkowski deep and he just fights and fights and powers in for the TD. Where was that on 4th&1 MM?  I mean NYG had that stacked up but he, with an assist, from TJ Lang, get it home.

GB 38  NYG 13  2:43′ left 4th quarter

1st&10 a NYG screen gets 20.  Pass mayb etipped at the line and 2nd&10.  Eli looks like he’d rather be almost anywhere else.  Most of the NYG look like they are thinking about  being shirtless on a boat in Miami.  3rd&6 and Perry destroys Marshall Newhouse and crushes Eli.  4th&6 for the NYG coming out of the TO.  Eli patient, finds King crossing away from Hyde and a short throw to Jennings gets NYG to GB 33 with 1:32 left.  Eli deep shot floated and Randall breaks up HHCD or HHCD breaks up Randall for the INT.  Eli finds Shepard on 3d& 6 but clock running.   Shepard falls down and its 3rd&10.   Eli escapes Peppers and slides down after getting first down yardage.  Eli tries a fade and it doesn’t fade.  Randall insread of sitting down he returns it for some reason.  Randall gets tackled by the NYG 30-yardline.  #12 takes a knee and its game over.

Good Randall today

especially with no Nelson, middle of the field was vital for GB O

FINAL  Green Bay 38  New York Giants 13

1st Downs 15 23
Passing 1st downs 12 17
Rushing 1st downs 3 5
1st downs from penalties 0 1
3rd down efficiency 5-16 5-14
4th down efficiency 1-1 1-2
Total Plays 63 70
Total Yards 365 406
Total Drives 13 14
Yards per Play 5.8 5.8
Passing 295 331
Comp-Att 23-44 25-40
Yards per pass 6.4 7.4
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 2-4 5-31
Rushing 70 75
Rushing Attempts 17 25
Yards per rush 4.1 3.0
Red Zone (Made-Att) 0-2 3-4
Penalties 3-42 2-20
Turnovers 2 0
Fumbles lost 1 0
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 25:29 34:31

NEXT: @Dallas Sunday January 15th @ 2:40 p.m. MT


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