NFC Divisional Round: GB @ Dallas

Rollins inactive further lessens the depth at CB for GB.  Big advantage for Cole Beasley out of the slot for Dallas.  Gunter’s size might see him matching up with Dez.  Beasley and Witten working underneath over the middle are hard to defend especially when the Dallas ground game gets them ahead of the chains in manageable downs and distances.  For example, a quick throw on 3rd&3 blunts any pass rush and is hard to contain to stop a conversion.  We can give up short throws on 3rd&long if we swarm the ball and make tackles in space.  But those same throws are death by paper cuts on 3rd&short.

So that could be a big change to the Dallas O.

1st Quarter

Touchback and Cowboys start at the 25.    Joe Thomas out there at ILB for GB.  Tyron Smith in at LT.  Dallas opens with a run and Ryan and Burnett hold him to a gain of 2.  HHCD was maybe 10 yards downfield expecting run all the way.    Terrance Williams catches a bootleg throw from Prescott and gets the 1st down easily.  Elliott finds room around the left side and Clay eventually drags him down after a gain of 7.  Good first few plays of the Dallas offense.  Witten chipped on Clay and did enough to spring Elliott. Dez with the 1st down on a quick out route.  HHCD stayed on the inside WR and gave Dez a free release outside.  Deep drop off play action and Micah Hyde beats Witten inside and gets the sack.   Hyde just dances inside as Witten was pulling over and gets Prescott down for -6.   Quick throw to Beasley well blocked and Dallas is in 3rd&2.  Gunter reaches in and breaks up the 3rd down post to Dez but Gunter is very slow to get up.  If he doesn’t get a hand in that’s a TD for Dallas because Burnett  was coming to break it up as well and not in position to make a tackle.  Gunter stays down and needs attention.  GB can’t afford that.  Hyde would probably have to move outside and you lose his versatility and get even thinner.  Especially if Randall exits with an injury which seems to occur weekly now.  Hopefully its just the wind knocked out of him.  Didn’t look like he landed weird on his wrist/hand.  Dallas attempting a 50-yard FG.  Bailey has a monster leg so this is no problem for him.  True to form he knocks it through and Dallas with the early lead.

Dallas 3  Green Bay 0  11:23′ 1st quarter

GB starts at the 25.  Montgomery the single setback.   #12 looks around and settles for checkdown (good) for Montgomery for 6.   #12 needs to take those checkdowns instead of just holding holding holding it waiting for a vertical shot.  Ripkowski (KUUUHHHHNNNN) stoned and GB catches Dallas with 12 men so it will be 3rd&short.  Maybe don’t celebrate your 2nd down run stop on the 2nd snap of the game so vociferously.  Apparently that was enough for a 1st down.   GB in the I Formation and Dallas D looking to crowd the box.  Dallas D takes a TO.

GB in the pistol and hand to Montgomery with a couple nice cuts and carrie sout to midfield.  Good patience, vision, and power.  Looked a little like James Starks on those cuts except he hung on to the ball.  I-Formation for GB and #12 finds Cobb.  Nearly picked, but Cobb gets 16.  GB 1st&10 inside the Dallas 35.  Dallas jumps, free play which means deep shot  and its a TD to Richard Rodgers!  RR beats Dallas ILB Sean Lee and ball has just enough on it.   Lee stutters on the double move and that was enough to get RR free.  Ball a little underthrown but good strong hands from the lumbering TE to haul it in.  Replay shows that Dallas was 5-wide in single high.  Had the underneath slant open too but with the free play #12 was always going to take a shot.

Green Bay 7  Dallas 3  8:58′ 1st quarter

Touchback and Dallas opens with run to Zeke for 5.  Looked stopped up but he squirmed through something for 5.  Again Dallas ahead of the chains.   Prescott had lots of time and takes a shot from Ryan on the release but its to nobody.  Flag on Gunter for Holding.  Uhhhh, yeah.  He just ropes down Dez as the Dallas WR tried to cut back outside.   Dallas back to the ground, and Zeke bounces it for 9.  GB not much success so far in containing the ground game.  Zeke then gets enough up the middle for a fresh set of downs.    gB blitzes and Williams gets in front of Randall for a 1st down.  Zeke handled Burnett easily on the blitz.  Zeke with another good gain on 1st down.  This Oregon run defense from GB is not working.   Easy completion to Williams again inside Randall for a big gain.  But Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Dallas.  #19 entered the huddle and then left.  More confusion for subbing.  According to Mike Perriera, if you enter the huddle and then leave without participating its 15 and not illegal substitution.  Scrubs a big Dallas gain to the redzone.  MM catches that refs marked only 5 and should be 15.  Thats like a 35 yard penalty considering the completion it erased.  Prescott nice clean pocket and Hyde breaks it up.  Good throw and Hyde in great position to make a play on the ball.  Sees it all the way.  Dallas facing 3rd&20.  Screen?  or that short throw to Beasley?  Instead, Prescott fittingly enough overthrows Butler.  GB in zone.  He found a whole between Thomas, Gunter and Burnett but errant throw and Dallas punts.  Cobb with fair catch at the 10.

Green Bay 7  Dallas 3  4:52′ 1st quarter

GB open in the gun with Ripkowski next to #12.  Every economically anxious fan’s favorite player gets 3.  This time it sMontgomery in the gun.  Cook was open and #12 overthrow him.  Those two just need more reps because Cook’s size/speed is such a tough matchup.  3rd&7, with a stop Dallas should get good field position.  #12 rolls right and slings a dart to Cook.   I don’t know what you tell the D.  That is the definition of throwing your guy open.  Some Justin Herbert heat that.  Montgomery rumbles through a nice hole on the right side for 7.  Play action slant to Allison and the timing was off.  #12 had to double clutch.  Dallas S has a contact lens problem.  Empty set, 50wide for GB and #12 dancing tin the pocket and Allison makes the grab for a 1st down.  #12 had loads of time and Allison working underneath 1 on 1.  Replay shows Montgomery beat Sean Lee.  I mean if RR can…Fake end around and  Cobb on an easy throw for 7 on 1st down.  Slow developing play.  Surprised that worked even a little.  So far the GB OL is giving the Dallas pass rush almost nothing.   GB out of the I, #12 lookso up top to Adams.  Davante ws held/grabbed/pulled.  No idea why that wasn’t a hold.  Dallas CB pulled Davante shoulder pads out of his jersey and that STILL doesn’t draw a flag.  Apparently we’re playing in Seattle now.   No matter.  Adams catches the rainbow as #12 drops a dime and Adams worked Byron Jones silly on that one.  Pretty.  GB inside the redzone.  RPO for #12 and he flips to Cobb for a gain of 8 as 1st quarter ends.

2nd Quarter

#12 to Montgomery on a little pick play with Adams and its a 1st down.  GB goes 5-wide and Cook was on top of Allison and it falls incomplete.  Cook was held but again no flag.  #12 had a tiny window if he throws that one more towards Cook’s outside hip.  Montgomery for 6 on the next play! Touchdown GB on a trap play through the A Gap!  Tretter and Taylor with the key blocks to give Montgomery justenough apparently.

Green Bay 14  Dallas 3  14:03′ 2nd Quarter

Touchback.  Dallas starts at its 25.  Dallas need a long scoring drive here to give the D a break.   GB crowds the box and Dallas play action and TWilliams wide open for Dallas.  Burns Randall on an out and the Dallas WR just drops it.  Caromed dangerously off him actually and Cowboys fortunate Gunter couldn’t get his feet to pick it. Daniels stops Zeke after gain of 2 or so. 3rd&8 for Dallas.  Dallas 5 wide with Dez and Beasley stacked to the right.  Prescott hit as he threw and dirts it.  Clay was held but I think Peppers drove Smith into Prescott causing the short throw.  Dallas punt and Hyde waives for fair catch at the 20.

This could be a big problem for the defense given Burnett’s work in run support especially.

1st down throw to Cook good for 6-7.  Dallas in man coverage and Taylor jumps.  2nd&9.  Allison gets the 1st down and #12 showing confidence in the undrafted free agent from Illinois.   GB empty set 4 WR on this drive.  #12 fires for Adams near midfield and broken up by Dallas S.  GB continues to pound the middle of the field through the air.  TJ Lang off the field.  Don Barclay in at RG.  That should help the Dallas pass rush wake up.  TJ Lang lost his chin strap so maybe not an injury.  Short throw to Cobb and its 3rd&6.  Big opportunity for Dallas again to get a 3rd down stop and get off the field.  Lang helmet getting fixed.  #12 not bothering with his chin strap.  Pass broken up but flag down.  my heart melts as #12 flashes a quick smile.  Claiborne gets a hands-to-the-face call and GB gets a free 1st down.  Home crowd did not approve of that call.  #12 with a lot of time rolls right and finds Allison inside the Dallas 35.  Allison working to the right in zone and then sees #12 rolling right and cuts back across.  Still no Dallas defender in site.  The Dallas zone was not tight there.  Another short throw to Cobb with Adams blocking and gets a couple.  Lang and his helmet back out there.  Ripkowski powers through the left side and down to the Dallas 11.  Allison with a nice block and Ripkowski shrugs off the tackle attempt from the Dallas LB and CB.   Adams wins the 1-on-1 with Claiborne and they say Adams out at the 1.   His heel was out? that was close.  Looked like a TD to me.  Montgomery punches it in for a GB Touchdown!  Again to the left.  But David Bahktiari is down injured.  Ripkowski and Bahktiari with the key blocks to carve a lane.  That could be a very expensive TD if Bahktiari can’t continue.  MM out there to check on the LT.  Sean Lee diving for Montgomery and his leg hits Bahktiari’s knee.  Bahkatiar jogs off the field so hopefully he’s okay.

Green Bay 21  Dallas 3.  7:37′ 2nd Quarter

Rare 1st down throw for Dallas finds Witten for 5.  Zeke drives through the middle for a big Dallas 1st down.  Back shoulder to Dez for a big gain to the GB 40.  Gunter can’t match up with him too worried about Dez’ speed.  Not sure what will it take for Dallas OL to draw offensive holding call.   That’s why Gunter is worried.   Dez over the top for the Touchdown for the Cowboys!

Fast TD drive.  That was impressive and a pace I didn’t know Dallas had.

Green Bay 21  Dallas 10  6:03′ 2nd Quarter

Christian Michael bobbles the kickoff and he could have stayed in the endzone for a touchback but he was afraid of the safety and took it out maybe to the 6.  Jason Spriggs in at LT.    Ripkowksi loses a yard on 1st down.  2nd&9 and Allison bottled up by Claiborne.  GB catches Dallas with 12?  No, Dallas called a TO before the substitution infraction.  3rd&9 and pressure on #12 and pass incomplete over the middle for Adams.  Adams held AGAIN and AGAIN no call.  Seriously? what are the officials looking at?  That forces a GB punt from its endzone and Beasley returns to midfield.  My guess is GB gets flagged it they tried that on a Dallas WR.  Should have been 1st&10 GB at its own 10.  Instead Dallas takes over with great field position and chance to pull even closer.

Screen to Dez and Gunter whiffs on the tackle and a gain of 5.  Gain of 4 for Zeke.  Report says Bahktiari will be back at LT but still not Burnett.   Prescott runs for the 1st down as GB rush can’t contain him.  GB has wilted at the end of halves all season.  Dallas back to Zeke and Kentrell Brice (in for Burnett) with a shoestring tackle to keep Zeke to a gain of 1.  There was room outside if Brice doesn’t get him down.  Beasley beats Randall for gain of 6.  Big 3rd&4 coming up on the other side of the 2′ warning.

Green Bay 21  Dallas 10  2:00′ 2nd Quarter

Beasley over the middle for a big gain for the 1st down.  Brice body slams Beasley and celebrates but big deal because again Randall beaten easily on the slant and didn’t really hustle to get back in position.  Bad Randall this week.   Brice with nice coverage on Witten to deny the endzone shot.  Witten looking for a flag for some reason.  On 2nd&10, Witten falls down and again whining about a flag.  Joe Thomas had hands on him and Witten went down.  I’m expecting a flag on GB if there is an incompletion to give Dallas a 1st down and TD in short order.  Seems like that kind of officiating today.  Dallas uses its last TO before 3rd&10.  I think Garrett took that TO for Dallas just to give him and Witten a chance to complain to the officials.  GB seems content to let Dallas get the 1st down based on soft coverage.  Again, another shot to Witten in the endzone and Joe Thomas knocks it away.  That was close.  Witten was there but Thomas bats it away and Bailey knocks through the FG.  GB will have 60 seconds and 2 TO if they want to try anything before half.  GB gets the 2nd half kick.

Reminder, there was no flag here and Dallas had great field position.  Great job per usual NFL.

Green Bay 21  Dallas 13  1:00′ 2nd Quarter

Clean touchback this time and GB starts at its own 25.   #12 throw sfor Cobb down right sideline and incomplete.  If we get to 3rd&Long, the Cowboys have no TO left so I just run it and make sure I get to half up 8.  Said another way.  Get something here or just Pack it in.   Cook open near midfield and not sure why it wasn’t caught.  Claiborne got a finger tip to it so Cook couldn’t bring it in?  That should have been a completion.   Dallas blitz and a sack.  Oh well.  clock running so we can take it all the way down and punt.  Beasley fair catches it with zeroes.  I thought Dallas would get a free kick there thanks to some obscure NFL rule. But no.  We got to half.

HALFTIME  Green Bay 21  Dallas 13

  • Dallas penalties (the ones flagged) were costly.
  • GB razor sharp on 3rd downs to start the game but cooled as its final 2 drives before half never got a 1st down.
  • GB 15 passes to 8 rushes but those 8 running plays have been productive.  I don’t think we’ll see more balance in the 2nd half figuring GB would rather put its fate on #12’s right arm.
  • Each team has 1 sack but pressures have been few and far between for both QBs thus far.  Both teams haven’t been able to do much with their front 7.

Stats from ESPN

1st Downs 15 10
Passing 1st downs 9 6
Rushing 1st downs 4 3
1st downs from penalties 2 1
3rd down efficiency 3-5 2-6
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Plays 33 30
Total Yards 232 189
Total Drives 5 5
Yards per Play 7.0 6.3
Passing 182 141
Comp-Att 15-24 10-18
Yards per pass 7.3 7.4
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 1-9 1-6
Rushing 50 48
Rushing Attempts 8 11
Yards per rush 6.3 4.4
Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-2 0-1
Penalties 2-10 3-25
Turnovers 0 0
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 15:44 14:16

3rd Quarter

Touchback.  On 1st down, #12 bounces outside and takes a shot but not before finding Cobb on the sideline for a gain out to midfield.  Cobb knows to keep working and Jones thought Cobb was streaking upfield so Cobb slams on the brakes and cuts it out to the boundary.

Throw to Montgomery for 3.  GB needs some better WR blocking + elusiveness by the WR to get some serious yardage on that pick play.  Throw to the far sideline for Adams only gets a couple more.  Again, Adams can’t break tackles.  3rd&3.  GB go empty and get Montgomery on an ILB .  #12 looks that way.  CB there early but Adams hangs on for a 1st down to the Dallas 30.  #12 fakes throw to the right to Adams and #12 hits Cook down to the Dallas 3.  Cook keeps running.  Pump fake draws Byron Jones up and Cook high points it behind the CB and before the S can get there.  1st&Goal.  Play action to Montgomery to the left and Cook all alone for the easy Touchdown!

Green Bay 28  Dallas 13  11:25′ 3rd Quarter

so much to Braeden’s delight, we’ll see more of Kentrell Brice.  But again, another injury and GB is in serious trouble back there.

Dallas starts at its 25 and opens with a run to Zeke for big run out past the 45.  At some point Dallas is going to hand it to the guy on the jet sweep they’ve been faking it too and its going to be a touchdown.  GB not even pretending to care about that guy.  Even on plays that looked stacked up Zeke still finds positive yardage.  2nd&6.  Prescott chnges the play and the RT moves very early. 2nd&11.  Prescott under duress in the arms of Nick Perry but they can’t get him down.  Lets check the replay make sure his knee wasn’t down.  Guess not.  Prescott finds Witten for the 1st down.  Prescott goes deep into triple coverage and Brice drops the INT.  Ball shoots through his hands.  That will likely cost GB points.  Toss to Zeke gets 6 and Thomas sorts through the trash to drop him.  3rd&4 for Dallas.  Probably 4-down territory even with a stop here for GB.   Prescott escapes and dives fwd for the 1st down.  As all season, GB doesn’t get any pressure up the middle and Prescott steps fwd and runs for the 1st down.  Zeke with another solid run and 2nd&1. Good down for a shot to Dez deep.    Hyde reads the screen the entire way and INT Prescott and heads up by Dallas WR to drag him down or thats Pick6.  Hyde recognized the formation and read screen to Beasley and stepped in front for the INT (and get Brice off the hook).  Replay shows that throw probably wasn’t even going to get to Beasley.  Looked low and short.

Big opportunity for the offense here to get a 3-score lead.  GB opens with a run to Montgomery for just a yard.  Montgomery bobbles the handoff and another short gain.  3rd&3 and GB could throw Dallas a big lifeline here if the Packers don’t do anything off the turnover.   #12 deep drop gets Montgomery underneath for 1st down.  Hard hit from Church but a yard too late.  Sideline report says Dallas starting CB Claiborne Questionable to reutrn.  GB in the pistol and screen to Cobb is -1.  Great play by Sean Lee for the Cowboys.  #12 doesn’t see anybody open and rushes fwd no slide, no dive, and lays out for the 1st down?  yes, I don’t think you can reverse that on  replay so hopefully Dallas challenges.  Sean Lee blows up a screen.  GB just simply can’t block screens.  Lang whiffs completely on the cutblock.  Stop running screen plays if we don’t block them because we had number there.  Montgomery on delayed handoff gets 3.  3rd&8 upcoming.  This might be 4-down territory from the Dallas 38.   #12 throws for Adams, and S ranges over for a stunning diving INT.   Clean catch. He puts more air under that and Adams has a chance for 6.  Instead #12 seemed to be expecting Adams to cut the route off or turn back underneath and Dallas S reads it.  Returns it out to the Dallas 40.  So no points off the turnover and not even field position gained.  The ghosts off playoff collapses past have awakened.   Dallas is absolutely going to score a TD here.

Dallas back to Zeke and big hole .  But there might finally be a holding call on Dallas which I thought had been suspended for the week.   RT called for the hold on Peppers.  That was far less blatant than the holding on Adams but I appreciate the gift.  Tough call on Dallas.  1st&19.   Screen strung out well by Kenny Clark for a TFL.  2nd&21.  Dallas goes empty and Clay being held again.  Dez working over the middle and big gain for the Cowboys to set up 3rd&2.   Thomas and Ryan exploited there.  Clay roped down and again no call.  Zeke matched up 1on1 with Thomas and Slant for the 1st down for Dez as the Dallas WR continues to abuse Gunter and end the 3rd quarter with Dallas on the march.

4th Quarter

Zeke powers fwd for 5-6.  FOX graphic shows Elliot averaging 5.6 per carry.  Twilliams over the middle into the redzone.    Brice doesn’t really do much.  Packers sitting back in 2 Deep shell and nothing complicated there for Dallas.   Zeke actually stacked up that time and 2nd&10 for Dallas.   This time, Perry, Lowry, Jones, Clark, harass Prescott and he scrambles himself into the arms of Perry for a sack.  3rd&14.  Witten just sits down at the sticks and Randall cant’ be troubled to interfere.  No idea why Peppers was dropping that deep into coverage.  This is early even for Capers for the charmin soft coverage.  Witten scores on the very next play as Randall again is beaten.  What a disappointing sophomore campaign for the 2015 1st rounder.   Randall thought he had inside help.  Off play action the S jump up and easy throw for the TD.  All set up by the easy completion on 3rd&14.  GB plays with any hint of ambition there and could have forced a FG or tough decision on 4th down for Dallas.  Again all the trademarks/hallmarks of GB playoff collapses present here.  The 2nd&21 and 3rd&14 “defense” by GB was embarrassingly timid and Dallas made them pay.

Green Bay 28  Dallas 20  11:39′ 4th Quarter

If #12 wants the MPV over Ryan this would be a good moment.  1st down play action works for some reason and Cook gets down for it.  #12 stumbles over his own feet and low throw corralled nicely by the big TE.  1st down out to the 40.    #12 has to throw it away.  Look to me like Dallas DL moved early but he bulled Linsley into #12 and ruined the play.  Montgomery nice cut but Lee limits him to 5. Another 3rd down.  And the Dallas D has improved on 3rd down as the game has gone on.  3rd&5, and Dallas blitz gets there and #12 goes down.  Initially I though Montgomery had done enough to buy #12 the time he needed but #12 had to pull it down and takes the hit.  All Dallas now and Schum punt is too good and its a touchback.

Green Bay 28  Dallas 20  9:14′ 4th Quarter

1st down and Clark cant stick Zeke cleanly and its a gain of 4.   Dez eats up the zone and a gain of 15 for Dallas.  Ryan is not going to pick up Dez.  And Brice slow to recognize.  Hyde on the blitz forces Prescott to throw underneath to Dez for a short gain.  2nd&8.  Dallas in PowerI formation and Zeke races around the right side for big gain to the GB 49.  Having a big lead means Dallas couldn’t be balanced.  But GB has not taking advantage of opportunities to extend the lead and Dallas has no reason to throw the ball now.  Clock under 7 minutes.  Witten beats Randall again and a favorable spot gives Dallas a 1st down.  Capers out of ideas.  Prescott goes up top and Butler can’t get it.  Gunter with decent coverage.  Butler could have had that for 6.  He pushed off on Gunter but that was never going to be called today.  2nd&10 I really dont know why they don’t just run all the time.  Short gain and its 3rd&8.  Time for Witten to run 8.5-yards as Randall observes and get the 1st down?  Blitz doesn’t get there.  And Gunter flagged for DPI.  Yup, he was there early.  Gunter lost track of the football and panics, and collides with Dez.  1st&10 at the 15.  Zeke time I imagine.  Zeke spins out of Clay tackle and skates for 8.  Prescott overthrows Dez in the corner of the endzone. 3rd&2. I’d go back to Zeke until he’s in the endzone.  GB sells out for run and Gunter AGAIN victimized by Dez for a TD.

Now can GB stop the 2-pointer forthcoming? I say no.  Either fade to Dez or run to Zeke.  Really, just do it again.   Dallas converts the 2-pt on a draw.  GB had guys there at the goalline but they can’t keep him out.   Jake Ryan can’t do it.  GB still needs an answer at ILB.  Honors even.  All Dallas though.

Dallas 28  Green Bay 28  4:08′ 4th Quarter

Dallas and GB have all their TOs.  So loads of time here if GB comes up empty on offense yet again.  I don’t have confidence that GB can muster a drive here.  I think Dallas wins this 31-28 after GB stalls out.  Dallas will run it to FG position and just sit on the ball to take the clock all the way down.  As a reminder, GB scored to make it 21-3 with 7:37 left in the first half.  They have 7 points in the next 33:37 of game action.  The D has been bad but O hasn’t been anywhere near dominant enough.

RR drops the pick play.  #12 hits Adams on a slant for nice gain to the Dallas 40 but Adams is down hurt.  Hamstring?  Replay shows its an ankle as he got rolled up on.  This really better be the last possession of regulation.  Trevor Davis in for GB.  Run to Montgomery with a nice gain for about 9 just into Dallas territory.  Now Bulaga limps back to the huddle.  #12 takes  TO with 2:33 left as GB was slow to get to the line.  Oh good, FOX now recapping the painful playoff losses.  MM apparently 9-7 in postseason and losing 4 OT games.  Dallas putting everyone at the line.  Off play action, #12 runs around the end for a 1st down as we approach 2′ warning.  Adams back out there.

Dallas 28  Green Bay 28  2:00′ 4th Quarter

GB goes empty with 4 WR and Cook.  #12 off his back foot.  Dallas S I think made an incredible INT but flag down.  #12 was clearly throwing it away but that Dallas S again got it.  DPI on #30 on Dallas, spot foul, automatic 1st down.  He grabbed Montgomery and I guess the refs are allowed to call penalties on the Dallas secondary now.  Good call.  Not as egregious as the holds on Adams but still called.  Refs move ball back to the Dallas 35.  GB with a safe run call and Dallas starts using its TO.   2nd&8 from the Dallas 33.  In Crosby’s range but certainly not automatic.  Would like to see play action and get it to Cook for a 1st down.  Dalls brings on some LB and DL and pulls of CB.  GB in jumbo formation and run spilled back out of FG range to the 38-39?  Jason Spriggs misses his block and a big TFL for Dallas.  Cowboys uses their 2nd TO.  #12 has to make some magic here.  If GB does nothing, a Crosby missed FG and Dallas would be about 15-20 yards from FG range with Dan Bailey kicking for them.  #12 tries to find Adams in double coverage inside the 15 and it never really had a chance.  Still 1:38 left with 1 TO for Dallas and Crosby going to try the 56-yarder I guess.  Crosby sneaks it through!  Wasn’t pretty but it counts.

Green Bay 31  Dallas 28  1:33′ 4th Quarter

Lot of time here for Dallas to get the 35 yards needed to set up Dan Bailey for the tie or go for the win.  I play action to Zeke and take a deep shot to draw a flag.  You know Capers will be soft.  Prescott finds Williams for 25 out to midfield.  And Dallas definitely not thinking about just a tie now.  Witten to the GB 40 and Dallas in FG range.  Dallas spikes it with :48.  Beasley beats Randall and picks up 7.  3rd&3.  Still lots of time left.  Clay knocks down Prescott as he throws and Perry bats the pass.  Bailey with a makeable 52-yard FG for the tie.  GB will have 1 TO and :35 left.

Green Bay 31  Dallas 31  : 35 4th Quarter

GB needs about 40 yards in :35 seconds.  No Nelson for the home run throw here.  1st&10, Cook was wrestled down and no flag.  Clear DPI on Jones.  No call.  2nd&10 with :30 left.  Screen to Mongtomery actually blocked and GB out to the Dallas 42.  :23 left now.  Heath again with the play for Dallas.  Sacks #12 and GB uses a TO.  That probably eliminates any serious thoughts at getting into FG range.  #12 again doesn’t get it out of his hands.  Just :18 left and GB needs about 30 yards.  Incomplete on a throw to Cook.  It was a good throw but didn’t look like Cook was ready for it.  I figure #12 goes deep here just hoping for a miracle completion or DPI flag.   Dallas sitting deep.  #12 rolls left and Cook with the catch!  first ruled out of bounds.Cook has his feet in, and clearly a catch.  Both can review it.  I thought he was throwing it away.  Cook just half speed jogs across the field and #12 hits him to the Dallas 32.  Crosby will have a chance from about 50 yards to win it.

Dallas has a TO.  They burn it and not a moment too soon because Crosby drilled it.  We’ll do it again.  This time Crosby is Good.  Kick is tailing left but sneaks through the upright.

FINAL  Green Bay 34  Dallas 31

Stats from ESPN

  • Fairly even game as stats outline as identical numbers on 3rd down, close on 1st downs, plays, TOP, and even on turnovers.
  • GB did just enough to not lose the game.  But as Dallas must have known, you can only give #12 so many bites at the apple before you yourself get bitten.
  • The D did not inspire confidence despite allowing just 13 in the first half.  They wilted badly as the Cowboys O starting humming in the 2nd half and the GB O dried up.
  • That last throw from #12 to Cook to set up Crosby for the game winner was absurd.  He really might be the only QB in the game who could have done that.  But GB took its foot off the accelerator and a terrible INT by #12 let Dallas back in this.  I’ll say this for Matt Ryan.  He started hot and stayed hot against Seattle.
  • GB needs Morgan Burnett back next week.  Dez just carved up Gunter and the GB secondary.  Julio Jones (gimpy ankle and all) is a better WR and has a better pure passer throwing to him.  Damarious Randall doesn’t seem to like playing football.  I can’t figure out his lack of focus or effort.
  • 2 Sacks for 11 yards lost is not good enough for the pass rush.  yes Prescott is mobile. yes the Dallas OL is great.  But they simply didn’t get enough pressure to cause much consternation for Dallas.
  • GB OL did a nice job.  1 sack was late in the 1st half that really was harmless.  #12 didn’t take a big shot and it let the clock run.  The other 2 were obvious blitzes by Dallas that I can’t imagine #12 didn’t notice but he held the ball and paid the price.  GB fortunate #12 has strong hands to avoid fumbling at the end and putting Dallas in FG range.
  • Shoutout to Mason Crosby.  56-yarder for the lead (and if he misses Dallas is 15 yards from FG range for the win.  Then drills the game winner.  I still don’t like paying K but it was worth it today.
  • Plenty to like plenty to critique but GB has won 8 straight.
1st Downs 27 25
Passing 1st downs 18 16
Rushing 1st downs 6 7
1st downs from penalties 3 2
3rd down efficiency 6-11 6-11
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Plays 63 64
Total Yards 414 429
Total Drives 10 9
Yards per Play 6.6 6.7
Passing 327 291
Comp-Att 28-43 24-38
Yards per pass 7.1 7.3
Interceptions thrown 1 1
Sacks-Yards Lost 3-29 2-11
Rushing 87 138
Rushing Attempts 17 24
Yards per rush 5.1 5.8
Red Zone (Made-Att) 3-3 2-4
Penalties 3-22 6-50
Turnovers 1 1
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 1 1
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 29:46 30:14



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