NFC Championship Packers @ Falcons

Good news for Packer fans as the inactive list does not include Morgan Burnett or any key WRs.  We’ll see if Adams or Nelson are on any kind of a snap count.  Same for Rollins.

1st Quarter

GB defers and Atl will start with the ball.   Nelson clearly wearing a brace/vest thing under his jersey which is good.  Lot of sideline work as is his forte would be good.    Weems brings on the kick 5-yards deep and Brice sticks him at the 20.  Momentarily looked like a seam there.  Brice down hurt after the hit.

Atl opens with single setback and Ryan under center.  Pitch to Freeman and Daniels stops him after gain of 4-5.  Daniels doesn’t make that plays and its a 1st down and more.  Ryan looks left the entire way underneath to his TE Hooper for 1st down.  Atl goes no huddle.   Ryan had Gabriel in a lot of space at midfield (got away from Randall) and its dropped.  Jake Ryan tackles Julio after a gain of 4 on a short throw from Ryan.  Blitz from GB and Gunter can’t break it up. Ryan unloaded it in time and Julio gets a generous spot to get the 1st down.  Clay got a hit on Ryan.  Coleman races up the middle for an Atl 1st down.  Nick Perry stones Coleman for a TFL on the next 1st down.    Ryan had Julio on the sideline and HHCD ranges over to bust it up.   Throw was a little high and Julio made a great adjustment but HHCD was there.  3rd&11.   Ryan clean pocket and Sanu got away from Hyde over the middle for the 1st down.  Nice job by Atl on the 2 3rd downs knowing where the sticks are and nice and easy.  Wheel route to a FB? gets Atl into 1st&Goal.   Jake Ryan and HHCD eventually stop the TD.  Already a 5+’ drive.  Coleman stopped after a couple inside the 5.  Play action to a TE would seem to be a wise call.  Atl show bunch left then motion a guy across.  GB in zone.  Dive to Coleman is stood up and 3rd&Goal upcoming from the 3.  Ryan drops and flips it to Sanu for the TD.  Flag down but probably on GB for holding or something.  Ryan could have run that one and probably should have.  That flip was close.  Replay shows penalty on HHCD for just decking an Atl WR in the endzone.    Hyde caught ball watching on Ryan worried about the QB scrambling in and Sanu darted away to get the separation for a TD.

13 Plays, 80 Yards, 6:36

Atlanta 7  Green Bay 0  8:24′ 1st Quarter

Atl kick off from the 50 after the penalty.  And instead of an onside or a short pooch  kick to force GB to return they just boom it out of the endzone.  I’ll never understand why in those situations teams don’t kick it high and short and smother the return.

GB opens with run to Montgomery.  Picks his way for 3-4.   GB goes empty and #12 finds Nelson on a corner route inside the Atl 45.  Nelson gets hit out of bounds, fortunately force of hit was on his shoulder.

Nelson again and he takes a seat smartly after the catch for a gain of 15.  Short dart to Adams for a gain of 6-7? on 1st down.  #12 under pressure, tries to find a tiny window to Cook but its incomplete.  Bulaga got beat around the end and hit on #12 as he throws.  3rd&4.    GB has to burn its 1st TO to avoid a delay penalty.  #12 in the grasp of Atl  and gets it away incomplete.  Linsley-Taylor screw up because Jones just came right through the middle untouched and ruined the play.  Crosby misses the 41-yard FG in the dome and early big break to Atl.  Atl will take over at the GB 34.

False start and its 1st&15.    Atl to the ground and Clay limits it to a gain of 3.  Easy pitch and catch to Sanu who runs an out.  If GB isn’t going to harass Ryan even a little they have no chance.  Our secondary isn’t that good.  Nice mix here form Atl not just to different targets but short and medium throws inside and outside.  1st down to the TE over the middle for 5.  HHCD with a TFL in run support spilling Freeman before the RB could bounce it.  3rd&7.  Previous 3rd downs Atl gets right to the marker for easy completions.  Ryan flings it the right and GB so soft he isn’t challenged until he gets past the sticks.  Brice is out there and misses the tackle along with Thomas.  Gootleg right and Randall again beaten by Sanu and another big gain for Atl into the redzone.  Another drop for Atl on what should have been about an 8-yard gain.

Blitz doesn’t get there and flip to Coleman out of the backfield is another 1st down.  Atl already run 21 plays to just 6 for GB.  Sanu takes the snap off zone read down to the 5.  Fade to Sanu is incomplete .  Not a great throw.  Good job by Randall there battling.  3rd&3 form the 5.  Atl false starts and we move to 3rd&8.   Trips right and 1 guy at the bottom to the left.  Ryan scrambles left and fires high to Julio at the back of the endzone.  Hold on Atl is declined bringing up 4th down.  speaking of holds, big hold for GB redzone D to force a FG form Atl.  So far Matt Ryan is 11-16 (with 2 big drops) for 125 yards and 1 TD.  He has completed passes to 6 different receivers and targeted 8 total.  Another long scoring drive.  24-6 in plays run advantage to Atl.

12 Plays 59 Yards 5:21

Atlanta 10  GB 0  :15′ 1st Quarter

Underneath to Montgomery gets a couple.  Atl has speed on D.  Not sure underneath short throws out wide is going to trouble them.

2nd Quarter

Cobb with a big gain out of the slot just running a slant.  Finds space in the zone.  #12 does that thing you’re never supposed to do rolling right and throwing back across the middle over his body to Cobb for a gain to the Atl 35.  Cobb knows what to do in that situation.  Atl CB did not.  Handoff to Montgomery, just the 2nd carry for him, gets a couple.  FOX shows a boring quote from Tom Brady about #12.    #12 finds CHrstine Michael underneath and a lot of East-West-South dancing gets little.  Montgomery getting treatment on his knee on the bench.  3rd&4.  GB will have to use its 2nd TO.  No, they reset the play clock because the ball moved?  break there.  Atl blitz and #12 sees it and hits Cook for a 1st down on quick throw.  Cook got a free release and given the short down and distance Cook just runs to the sticks and turns around.  Ripkowski with a strong run inside the Atl 10 but he FUMBLES and its Atl ball after the touchback.  just ripped out as he drives the pile.  GB left at least 6 points possibly 10 out there so far.  Atl defender clearly had it at the 1 then rolled backward in the endzone to get the touchback.  Should be Atl ball at the 1 but no replay review

disagree with this but that was the call

2 quick throws off play action and Atl is inside the GB 45.  Atl running game hasn’t hurt GB but doesn’t matter unless/until the GB D can slow down the passing attack.  Gunter trailing Julio and Ryan hits him in stride as Julio looked to get North-South.  3rd drop.  Somehow Julio all alone and its 1st down at the GB 15. Gunter foolishly gesticulating to Thomas to pick up Julio while Thomas was covering another WR.  communication.  On 2nd down, GB in zone, Jake Ryan and Thomas staring at Ryan but Ryan (not known for his running), skates around Thomas and in for the Atlanta Touchdown

9 Plays 80 Yards 3:35

Atlanta 17  Green Bay 0  7:24′ 2nd Quarter

So this is pretty simple.  GB scores a TD here or its over.  Low throw snagged by Nelson for a gain of 8.  Back shoulder throw to Nelson incomplete.  Nice coverage. Physical but not a foul.  GB goes bunch to the left and pass to Cobb is low and short.  #12 gets crushed late by Atl and low throw no chance for Cobb.  If #12 threw that one earlier I think the blitz isn’t a problem and Cobb gets the ball in his hands for a 1st down chance with softish Atl coverage and Nelson and Adams out front to block for him.  Bad decision.  That was a late hit on #12.  Atl blitzer took a step or 2 before launching into #12.Well I’m sure he’ll get fined next week so no problem.

Atl can finish this game off with a TD here starting from its own 23 with 5:58 left in the half.  Coleman beats Thomas on a little out route and big 1st down for Atl.  That is why I want Christian McCaffrey for GB.  Those are the kinds of matchups a shifty RB with a full route tree feasts on against an ILB.   Such a tough matchup.  Jake Ryan with a howler.  Taylor Gabriel in motion and the ball hits him.  Jake Ryan just has to fall on it.  He doesn’t and Atl gets it back. Everything breaking Atl way now.  That was the foothold GB needed to get back in the game.  On the next play Ryan checks it down to Coleman who is short of the sticks.  Atl punts and GB will take over at its own 10.  So lose about 50-yards of field position because Jake Ryan can’t fall on the ball.

#12 leveled on the 1st down throw to Nelson.  That one was a clean hit.  Not sure why #12 doesn’t see these guys blitzes off the edge.  Or just doesn’t care and unloads it? Happened in Dallas a couple times too and he took sacks include the one preceding the miracle rope to Cook.  Playing with fire for a turnover or injury if he keeps taking free shots.  Not like its disguised or anything.  Lane Tyalor shuffles off injured and Don Barclay in.  Oh man.  I bet Don Barclay wouldn’t finish Oregon conditioning workouts.  Nelson drops one for the 1st down this time.  Just didn’t squeeze it.  That was the first time Nelson looking to avoid contact maybe impacted his catching.  Nelson wanted to get down fast and didn’t haul it in cleanly.  #12 takes a terrible sack up the middle.  Not sure why.  Hageman just bowls over Linsley and flat on his stomach reaches a hand up and trips up #12.

#12 with a long INT punt just throwing up a prayer to Nelson and its picked off.  That was never going to work.  Fortunate that Nelson touched down the Atl S.  Atl takes over with all 3 TO and 1:50 to work with.

Couple check downs gets Atl about 20 yards to midfield and GB in real trouble.  Nick Perry was tackling Freeman over the middle but not call.  GB whiffs on an easy sack and Ryan throws one up for grabs.  Marwhin Evans misjudges the ball in the air and doesn’t intercept it.  Another turnover slips through GB fingers.  Pressure doesn’t get there and Taylor Gabriel beats Rollins for the 1st down.  Atl moving fast.  Checkdown to Freeman and GB misses a few tackles and Atl is inside the 15 with:24 left in the half.  Ryan escapes up the middle and finally remembers to use its last TO as Atl wastes about 5 seconds there.  That’s 1 extra fade to the endzone.   GB blitz doesn’t get there.  Gunter drops an INT.  Last throw of the dice and to the surprised of Gunter and literally no other person Ryan finds Julio in the corner of the endzone for the TD.  Thats actually pretty close.  Looks to me like Julio’s right foot touched green first before hitting the chalk.   Touchdown Atlanta.

9 Plays 64 Yards 1:47

HALFTIME  Atlanta 24  Green Bay 0

1st Downs 6 20
Passing 1st downs 6 18
Rushing 1st downs 0 2
1st downs from penalties 0 0
3rd down efficiency 1-4 7-9
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Plays 21 46
Total Yards 127 325
Total Drives 5 5
Yards per Play 6.0 7.1
Passing 108 271
Comp-Att 12-17 22-32
Yards per pass 6.0 8.5
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 1-11 0-0
Rushing 19 54
Rushing Attempts 3 14
Yards per rush 6.3 3.9
Red Zone (Made-Att) 0-0 3-4
Penalties 1-15 2-10
Turnovers 2 0
Fumbles lost 1 0
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 9:58 20:02

3rd Quarter

So no Lane Taylor meaning Don Barclay at RG.  Jared Cook drops the easy 1st down throw.  On 2nd down, Barclay and Bahhktiari blown up and scuttles a screen.  Barclay barely touched the Atl DL.  On 3rd&10 another drop by Cook.  #12 hits him, and Cook can’t make the sliding catch.  Different half same story for GB.

After a short run, Julio bulls through Gunter’s holding (correctly flagged) and catches a crossing route. Gunter can’t contain him and Julio runs right through Randall’s limp tackling attempt.  Touchdown Atlanta!  GB I think has quit which is too bad.  Atlanta the much better team in all 3 phases but I still thought we might hustle a little.  Turns out Atl sandwiched TDs around the halftime break not GB.

2 Plays 75 Yards :51

Atlanta 31  Green Bay 0  13:51′ 3rd Quarter

Not sure why Nelson is still out there.  Why risk a more serious injury.   Beasley gets up to deflect a swing pass to Montgomery.  Even the simple stuff impossible for the GB offense today.  Delayed handoff to Montgomery gets a 1st down but Montgomery hit hard for his efforts.  Michael in and a run is stuffed for -2.   Michael drops a screen.  It wasn’t going anywhere anyway but this is beyond embarrassing now.  This is Giants-Vikings in the 2001 NFC Championship Game.  #12 takes a TO before the delay.  Why does he always do that on the first possession of a half.  On 3rd&12, Cook hangs on this time on a low throw.  Cook again for another 1st down.  Honestly, any points here seems purely cosmetic.  Cook for a short throw for 4.  Good run for Michael for 1st time.  #12 extends a play and hits Cook to set up a 1st&goal.  Great catch on a low throw from #12.  #12 another low throw doesn’t get to Cobb.  Short throw to Nelson sets up 3rd&Goal.  A FG here would be the most MM thing of all MM things.  Atl takes a TO before the play.   #12 hits Adams on a slant after changing something at the line.  Nelson and Cobb had no idea what the audible was.  But sharp cut by Adams for the Touchdown.

12 Plays, 75 Yards, 4:32

Atlanta while not thrilled to allow a TD.  Will be happy to make GB use 4:32 of clock and take 12 plays to do it.

Atlanta 31  Green Bay 7  9:19′ 3rd Quarter

Packers kick away and Atl.  Atl get 5 on a 1st down run.  Ryan smacked down for a short sack technically on 2nd down but a curious flag thrown on Gunter for holding.  There wasn’t much there aytipcal.  Tough call.  Julio gets upended by Jake Ryan and Gunter but no matter.  1st down Atl inside the GB 45.  Still pretty easy for Atl.  Freeman busts loose on 2 carries into the redzone.  Somebody should remind the GB D that it doesn’t matter how badly you lose, you don’t get extra draft picks.  Mike Daniels is still playing of course and drops Freeman for no gain.  Ryan floats one for the TE in the endzone.  Burnett was there a little early but Burnett turned around and tries to play the ball.  Mike Periera agrees with the call.  Tough call but Burnett was there early.  Normally the CB/S get the benefit of the doubt if they turn and find the ball.  I think that shouldn’t have been called.  2nd&Goal, Atl fumble the snap and yet again GB can’t take advantage as Ryan gets back on top of it.  On 3rd&Goal, Ryan zips it to Freeman. Simultaneous with Burnett.  I think if Atl challenges that is a TD.  I mean why not.  Its 31-7 with 3:28 left 3rd Quarter.  You lose a TO if you’re wrong.  Atl challenges and overturned.  Touchdown Atlanta.  Everything coming up Falcons.  Payback for GB rolling in here General Sherman style in 2011.

Atlanta 37  Green Bay 7  4:11 3rd Quarter

Atl in man-to-man so when middle opens up, #12 races up the middle for big gain.  Ripkowski drops and TJ Lang down injured.

Agree 10000%

Jason Spriggs in for Lang.  #12 forces one downfield low to Cobb and it appears INT.  But replay shows it hit the ground.  GB in 3rd&10.  Atl tricks #12.  Show blitz, back off, #12 fires quickly to Adams so its short.  4th&2.  Adams staggers off.  The always popular zone read and #12 scoots around the end for 1st down.  #12 slides and Falcon defender leads with his helmet to spear #12.  extra 15.  Scratch that.  #12 slipped/slid down feet first and the refs pick up the flag because #12 didn’t slide feet first? makes no sense.  Cam treatment for #12 today.  #12 hits Cook on a deep out and #12 scrambles left for big gain.  GB still huddling up for some reason.  Cobb gathers a short throw for 1st&Goal as 3rd Quarter winds down.  Nelson catches the slant for the GB Touchdown.  His defender slipped down (not sure feet first or not) and easy catch.  Ripkowski powers in for the 2 pointer and hangs onto the ball.

Atlanta 37  Green Bay 15  :38′ 3rd Quarter

GB tries the onside and shoestring tackle after Sanu snagged it or Sanu would have broken that for a TD.  Marwin Evans tripped him up or the embarrassment would have deepened immeasurably.

4th Quarter

HHCD drags down Gabirel just short of 1st down yardage off a quick screen.  3rd&1.  Coleman carries for an easy 1st down.  Coleman flails for 4-5 on 1st down.  On2nd&6, Burnett breaks up the throw.  Sort of surprised with the ball well inside FG range the Falcons are bothering to throw at all.  Just bleed block.  Julio over the middle with Rollins no match for him.  1st&Goal for Atlanta.  Really, no idea why Atl is keeping Julio out there and exposing Ryan to hits.  Toss to Coleman easy around the end for the TD.  We still might hit the Over for the game and its a blowout.

Atlanta 44  Green Bay 15  12:07′ 4th Quarter

Ripkowski takes a screen for 20. So that’s what it looks like when GB blocks the screen.  #12 throw away and incomplete.  His face mark is grasped and pulled down but Cam Rules.  No call.  #12 fires to Cobb for the 1st down.  I mean if this game were at all close the awful officiating would be more than a footnote.  GB runs to Ripkowski and he fumbles again.  Atl recovers.  But this joke of a crew didn’t see it so they rule him down.  he wasn’t.  That’s Atl ball.  Clear recovery for Atl.  Not sure how that isn’t Falcon ball.   They don’t challenge.  #12 flips to Ripkowski for 1st down.   #12 with time and this time just has to throw it away.  Joe Buck praising the secondary.  They have done a nice job but Jeff Janis and Trevor Davis are out there right now.  #12 flicks to Allison for a 1st down.  GB with a 1st &Goal.  2nd&Goal and a falling #12 somehow flings it in the endzone and nearly completes it.  That was nearly the play of the game for the losing side in a rout.   2nd&Goal another superfluous run to Mr. Fumbles gets stuffed.  Spriggs destroyed on that one.  On 3rd&Goal the Cam Rules are in full effect.  #12 stiff arm, they grab his facemask and #12 reciprocates and he rips off the defender’s helmet.  #12 called for the facemask.  CAM RULES!  both guys grab the others facemask and the QB gets called.  3rd&Goal.  Surprised Atl didn’t decline and make it 4th&Goal.  But whatever.  Janis interfered with on throw to the endzone and this time its called.  Pretty similar to what Burnett did.  So fair is fair.  I’d have let both go.  DPI on Atl.  GB ball on the 1.  Corner route to Cook didn’t work since Cook ran an out.  This time, #12 throw the out and Cook runs the out.  Touchdown Packers as those who bet the Over rejoice.  2-Pt try is no good as handoff to Michael is smothered.  Not sure why you take the ball out of #12’s hands so you can run behind Barclay and Spriggs as your OG.

14 Plays 75 Yards 5:24

Again, Atl forcing GB to work hard to get those points and take time off the clock.

Atlanta 44  Green Bay 21  6:43′ 4th Quarter

Onside high but right to Sanu and Atl take over at midfield.  Atl in no hurry just running the ball.   Atl maybe stopped up on 3rd&Short but nope, gets a good spot and 1st Down.  Atl just smartly running the ball and chewing clock.  3rd&8 and Atl keeps it on the ground.  Blake Martinez knifes in for the stop.  GB not even bothering using TO.  Atl will punt.  No,  They’re trying a long FG just for the helluva it.  Atl will use its final TO with 2:42 left.  But if he misses GB gets field position…no Atl pulls it back and punts after remembering the score.   Davis signals fair catch at the 5.  Brett Hundley time?

yes, I would say so.  Brett Hundley time.  Somebody offers as a 1st.  Come on Cleveland, you have two 1st rounders.  Hundley out of the gun, hands to Michael for nothing.  Michael dancing in the hole which got him dismissed in Seattle.  2′ warning.  Michael runs again for little.  Guion couldn’t keep his feet and the LB made the play.  Good effort though.  Guion sealed off his man that time as Hundley keeps it and runs for 1st down yardage.  Michael runs for 3-4.  Guion did his job sort of.  GB doesn’t have to snap it again.    Last snap of the game here I hope.  Run to Michael and a lot of East-West does nothing.

FINAL Atlanta 44 Green Bay 21

1st Downs 24 30
Passing 1st downs 18 22
Rushing 1st downs 5 6
1st downs from penalties 1 2
3rd down efficiency 4-10 10-13
4th down efficiency 2-2 0-0
Total Plays 64 68
Total Yards 367 493
Total Drives 10 9
Yards per Play 5.7 7.2
Passing 268 392
Comp-Att 27-45 27-38
Yards per pass 5.7 10.3
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 2-19 0-0
Rushing 99 101
Rushing Attempts 17 30
Yards per rush 5.8 3.4
Red Zone (Made-Att) 3-3 5-6
Penalties 6-63 4-31
Turnovers 2 0
Fumbles lost 1 0
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 26:21 33:39





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