Indiana @ Wisconsin

UW has a chance to claim 1st place by itself atop the B1G with Maryland’s close loss to Purdue on Saturday.

1st Half

UW doubles Thomas Bryant on the first possession with Brown rotating over to help Happ.  That is atypical of UW defense.   UW with a turnover on its first possession.   IU doing a nice job forcing Happ and Hayes away from the basket and Hayes’ midrange rims out.   Happ finally opens the scoring off a pretty slip pass from Showalter.  IU empty on its first 4 trips.  Happ with a careless turnover on a forced pass to Hayes when he should have just shot it.  He was open from 10-feet but doesn’t even have that range.   Happ draws a shooting foul and MAKES both FT!  He has the only 4 points of the game thus far.   IU still hasn’t scored 4+’ in but UW hasn’t taken advantage.

Wisconsin 4  Indiana 0  15:58′ 1st Half

Brown clangs an open 3 off a kick from Happ.  Seriously, Badgers.  Score some points and get some separation.   Hayes with a slow/patient but effective slash to the rim for 2.  IU settling for lots of outside shots and they need to feed Bryant inside.   Lid comes off as IU hits a 3 to halve the deficit.  Happ with a reverse but Bryant rebuttal and its an offensive explosion now.  Bryant spins around Happ  and draws a foul as Happ got a little grabby.   UW ends up forcing a shot clock violation.  Hayes bricks another midrange and slick slip pass inside on the other end gets IU within 3.    IU doubles Hayes but he somehow kept his pivot foot down as he worked inside for 2.  Hayes with a dumb bounce pass in the lane gets picked.  Nothing from Koenig thus far, and Hayes can’t find the touch outside.  He’s been successful at the rim but IU keeps baiting into him into long jumpers and he keeps missing.

Wisconsin 12  Indiana 9  11:06′ 1st Half

Would be nice if somebody would hit a 3 for UW.  Stretch the IU D.  Happ returns after the TO and pays immediate dividends drawing a shooting foul.  Again he MAKES both FT!  Finally, Trice makes a 3 which is good for this game and good for him.  He’s been quiet of late after a superlative start to his college career.  Iverson with a great steal on one end and then throws it away on the other.  These UW turnovers aren’t brilliant D from the Hoosiers just terrible decisions by UW on the ball.

Wisconsin 17  Indiana 9  9:43′ 1st Half

Brown misses another open 3 and IU just can’t stop turning it over.

Hayes draws the And1.  does his quick spin and uses the shot fake to get his defender in the air.  I’m guessing this FT % is unlikely to remain for UW.

IU splits FT on the other end.  Happ with the And1 this time as IU’s interior D is just mpt getting it down.  IU zone was about as effective as previous iterations.  Hayes at the elbow and immediate drops it down to Happ.

He misses the FT this time and Bryant with a big 3 for IU.

Wisconsin 22  Indiana 13  7:55′ 1st Half

UW with 12 of its 22 in the paint which is good.  Still would like to see Koenig or Showalter get off the mark from deep.   Brown misses his 3rd open trey and Koenig hurries his 3 and misses off the rebound.  Showalter throws it away on an entry pass.  Another unforced error for UW.  Brown tries some iso ball and misses his attempt.

Bryant hits a midrange as IU creeps to within 7.  UW throws it away again as IU with a chance to further close the gap at the end of the half.  Instead they turn it over.  Happ sits down to rest before the Under4.  I would imagine UW offense runs through Hayes.  Yup, and he is way off on a 3.  IU knocks down a 3 and Gard calls the TO.

Wisconsin 22  Indiana 18  5:03′ 1st Half

Koenig knifes to the room for 2 and IU responds in-kind.  Happ draws another fouul on IU.

Wisconsin 24  Indiana 20  3:36′ 1st Half

Terrible sequence out of the TO for UW.  Happ misses a pair of FT.  IU grabs 2 offensive rebounds and Bryant with a dunk.  Hill for UW didn’t get on the floor to grab a loose ball when he could have.  Maybe if Cam didn’t dab.  UW then turns it over and commit a foul on the run out.  Happ fouled on a drive, no call.  Again, UW doesn’t get on the floor for the loose ball and Hayes lets IU swipe it and go the other way.  Hayes misses another 3 badly enough that he can control the rebound and kicks to Koenig for 3.  Just UW’s 2nd 3 of the game.  IU way off on a 3 and Hayes hammered on the rebound.  Again no call.  Slikc passing out of the post for UW but can’t get a clean look.  Showalter off on a 3 and Hayes gets the rebound and Trice rushes a 3 and misses. Showalter flies in and UW can sloe the half.  Koenig wants it but can’t get it off.

HALFTIME  Wisconsin 27  Indiana 24

UW eventually had a 12-point lead as IU started and stayed cold.  UW flat start themselves.  But Hoosier eventually grew into the game and closed the gap with a furious energetic run to end the half.

2nd Half

Brown opens the half with a nice midrange jumper.  He hesitates on an open 3 and eventually misses it.  Showalter grabbed an offensive rebound and quickly tries to throw it up admitd the trees.  does not go well and he gets whistled for a foul trying to get it back.   UW breaks IU pressure and Showalter draws the foul and cashes in at the FT line.  Brown nice job on the offensive glass although misses an open Koenig for kickout 3.  Hayes still cold from outside.  Showalter draws the charge on stingy D from IU as the Hoosier can’t find room to operate.

Wisconsin 31  Indiana 26  15:51′ 2nd Half

IU already on 4 team fouls less than 5′ into the 2nd half.  Trice feeds Happ directly off the inbound for 2.  Happ cleans up a wild Showalter shot and UW lead swells to 9.  Iverson beat off the dribble and Showalter has to help and leads to an open 3 for IU.  Iverson has to keep his guy in front of him and not hang his teammates out to dry.  IU drain another jumper and Trice turns it over.  IU won’t go away and UW can’t deliver a knockout punch.  Koenig with flashy behind the back pass to Iverson but it goes out of bounds.  Bryant hooks Happ and then walks.

Wisconsin 35  Indiana 31  11:46′ 2nd Half

Brown drives in and makes a layup as he collides with Bryant.  Brown jumped around Bryant but still called for the offensive foul. Bad call.  Pritzl drives in for 2 because I don’t think IU has good scouting on him.  This time UW gets on the floor and Iverson grabs the loose ball.  Clark Kellogg very unhappy that IU isn’t getting fouls in their favor when they turn it over for some reason.  Happ with pretty move down low and lead back to 6.   Hayes misses a cutting Iverson but no matter as he finishes the And1.   This guy Davis for IU has given Happ some problems down low on successive trips.   True swing offense Pritzl to Showalter to Koening around the perimeter for 3.  UW lead back to 8.  IU answers right back with a 3 and the Hoosier just won’t quit.  Hayes had a good matchup down low bu tinstead kicks to Koenig who is off on the deep 3.  Hayes need to keep that.  At a minimum he would have gotten the foul.

Wisconsin 47  Indiana 40  6:18′ 2nd Half

Bryant right around Brown for 2.  Clark Kellogg no problem with the offensive foul there I guess.  soft call of the ball on IU.  Teams trade 10And01 and on the 2nd made FT and Bryant gets called for a foul tangled up with Brown on again, the MADE FT.  That’s his 4th.  He just kind of threw his arm out there but surprised that was called.  Tough call for IU.  Brown splits the 1-And-1.  Britzl draws the foul on IU and he’ll shoot FT(s).  Prtizl makes both and UW margin at 6 with 4+ left.   IU makes a pair and Showalter fouled as this has devolved into a FT contest.  He misses both and IU just down 4.  Happ gets the steal sends it home to put UW up by 6.

Danger time for IU as the clock ticks towards 3′.  Sweet drive and flipped in bucket to keep IU in touch.   Happ throws it right to IU defender but attones with great hands to steal a pass.  He calls TO falling out of bounds which I didn’t think you can do.  His feet were down so maybe that’s the difference.  Hayes drives right around his defender and draws the shooting foul.   He splits and IU still only down 5.  He snatches the rebound off a quick 3 from IU.  UW can burn clock.  Badgers only have 1 TO left.  Showalter hits a 3 and that might be the dagger with less than 90 seconds left.  Happ gets another steal but they call him for the arm on the IU player back.

Happ collides with Showalter diving for a Hayes turnover and ball eventually bounces to Pritzl who grabs it and gets fouled.  He is true on both and 8 point Badger lead with under :50.  IU hits a 3 and IU takes a TO.  Brown open at midcourt on the inbound and misses the layup.  Not the best decision there.  He’d have been much better off just holding the ball and taking the foul or moving it around to use clock.  He misses, then sulks on the baseline before sprinting back on D.  He eventually fouls the IU guard who makes both and it’s a 3-point game.  UW had to take its last TO to get it in.  Koenig gets the ball and takes the foul with :25 left.  He makes both.  Brown with good defense at the rim and Koenig snatches the rebound.  Koenig makes 1.  IU uses almost all of the last :15 before making a 3.  UW up 3 having to inbound with 1.3 seconds left.  Showalter inbounds to Hayes and he is fouled with .5 seconds left.  He makes both and UW hangs on.

FINAL   Wisconsin 65  Indiana 60

Stats from ESPN

  • IU made 2 more FG than UW but the Badgers shot 19 more FT and made 12 more FT than the Hoosier.  UW 74.2% from the FT not terrible but not as good as it will need to be.
  • UW with 13 turnovers.  Many of them just dumb passes. The basketball version of tennis unforced errors.
  • Ethan Happ with 20-7-2 while adding 3 steals and 3 blocks.  Everything on UW offense flows through his work down low.  His activity on D leads the charge there too.
  • Hayes and Koenig just 7-22 from the field.  Hayes did add 10 rebounds but his best work is clearly in the post and he needs to stay there.
  • “Only 17” of UW’s 48 attempts were from deep which is good.  Happ and Hayes down low are a combination few teams can handle.  But bad shooting from Koenig, Brown, Showalter kept IU in this.
  • UW probably should have been home and dry a lot sooner but it’s still a win and 1st place is theirs in the B1G.


FG Made-Attempted 21-49 19-48
Field Goal % 42.9 39.6
3PT Made-Attempted 7-20 4-17
Three Point % 35.0 23.5
FT Made-Attempted 11-12 23-31
Free Throw % 91.7 74.2
Total Rebounds 29 33
Offensive Rebounds 7 12
Defensive Rebounds 22 21
Assists 11 9
Steals 7 8
Blocks 0 5
Total Turnovers 15 13
Personal Fouls 22 16

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