Super Bowl 51

Coca Cola does it’s diversity ad with multiple languages singing America The Beautiful. Already a rough start for racist fans.

With the Super Bowl in Houston, George HW Bush and Barabara Bush are the guests for the coin toss which is super cool.  Good for them.   He tosses tails and Atl defers.

1st Quarter

Touchback.  NE opens with 3 WR to the left, and White in the backfield.  Brady a little high to Edelman over the middle.  Atl LB and CB there to interrupt.  2nd down Edelman open for gain of 9.  Not much pressure by Atl on first two throws.  Handoff to Blount, stacked up by the speedy Atl LB I wanted in GB, Deon Jones spills it short of the line to gain.  Solid punt and a flag on Atl.  Holding the call, wonder if Kelce agrees.  Atl will start deep in its own end.

Freeman on a toss running left sticks his foot in the ground and cuts it back all the way out to the 45.  He cut it back inside at the end towards more traffic.  Same play and a more modest 3-4 that time.  Throw to the FB in the flat good for 2 more and its 3rd&4.  Atl goes empty set and Ryan runs out of time.  Ball comes out but it was whistled dead.  Hope they got that right.  They did.  He was down.  Julio was open but pressure got their quick and Ryan dropped his eye level (staring at the rush) and didn’t get it to Julio.  Booming punt pins NE inside the 10.

Another ad with diversity so NE fans are furious I would imagine.  

NE opens with end around to Edelman he does a a great job avoiding the TFL on the free Atl defender.  He is smacked (while) out of bounds by Jones and it should have been flagged.  It wasn’t and on 2nd&8 pressure late and Amendola on a inside route.  Hogan catches the curl for another NE 1st down.  Blount punches Atl in the mouth for a couple.  Brady with nice clean pocket and throw to the boundary to Mitchell gets 7 setting up another 3rd&1 for NE.  Looked like NE flinched but I guess not.  James White runs underneath over the middle and gets another fresh set of downs.  NE spreading the ball around and Atl pass rush isn’t getting there.  Finally it does on 1st down and Brady dropped at midfield.  Courtney Upshaw  off play action just drives the NE OL back into Brady.  First throw by NE off play action, adn the extra beat wasn’t available.  2nd down throw to White down the field, James White on Deion Jones and Jones breaks it up.  Another example of why I wanted Jones in GB.  He can cover RB 25 yards downfield.  Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez woudl not make that play..  On 3rd&19 Brady holding the ball because why not, trying to find something down the field and nowhere to go.  Coverage sack.  He hung on to the ball which saves about 40 yards of field position.

Atl starts at its own 12.  Coleman running right bursts through the right side for 9.  Actually with his pace looked like it could have been even more but stopped short.  No matter 2nd down throw to a FB gets the 1st down.  Another toss play to Freeman and NE covers it up well.  Toss to Coleman to the left and he is chopped down after gain of 4? maybe.  3rd&3 for Atl.  No dice, Ryan can’t find anyone and has to eat it, sliding down for what I guess is technically a sack.  Atl fielded by Edelman inside the 10 and NE will start at its own 18.

I’m sort of glad I only got about 30% of the references in that internet something ad.

Brady appears to audible at the line and great route by Edelman gets a 1st down.  Shows inside and breaks outside.  Blount punches Atl in the mouth for 7.  Wonder if we’ll see some no huddle here.  No, another run gets another couple yards and NE will start the 2nd quarter with another 3rd&1.

2nd Quarter

NE look short and not there so Edelman breaks it off with a big gain inside the Atl 35.  Blount punches Atl in the mouth for 3.  Ball is out.  Flag down.  so lots going on here.   It’s holding and Atl will take over.  Deion Jones (game MVP with Edelman thus far) rips it out.  Evidently Blount did not watch Ripkowski 2 weeks ago because that was somewhat similar.  Atl takes over at its own 28.

Send your angry letters because Cam Newton just pushed children in a commercial.

Atl with a zone read play (college gimmick bs) and Julio just outfights Logan Ryan for the football.  Great coverage, Julio just a beast as we learned last week.  Deep out route to Julio into FG range.  Freeman running right then cuts back upfield and darts fwd into the redzone.  Freeman again with some shake and bake for 9.  Again, had he bounced outside that might have been 6.

Atl hurries it up, evidently liking the personnel package and NE on its back foot.  NE burns a TO.

I guess there is some new XMen movie of some kind?  I think some of it was filmed in NM.

Freeman bounces it this time (thanks for reading) and waltzes in for the opening points. Touchdown Atlanta.  Freeman sees nothing inside and immediately cuts left to open space.  Atl blocked down well.  Bryant adds the XP.

Atlanta 7  New England 0   12:15′ 2nd Quarter

NE starts at its own 16.   1st down throw down the sideline and perfectly played by Atl CB who ran with him and turned enough to find the football and break it up.  Lewis with a hard earned 3 on 1st down.  On 3rd&7, NE, that same Atl CB drags down James White short of the sticks on an underneath throw.  Atl paying extra attention to Edelman.  Atl misses that tackle or White shakes it and its a 1st down.  Shortish punt, and Atl will take over at its 37.

Atl off play action on 1st down has Taylor Gabriel wide open inside the NE 40.  Julio commands a lot of attention.  Damarious Randall nowhere close on that one.  Ryan roles left and finds Julio to the 20.  Great throw and elite body control and toe tap to secure the catch.

Atl moving fast now.  Handoff to Coleman gets plugged up.  Ryan tries to force it to Hooper on a back shoulder but when its not thrown to the back shoulder its nearly INT.  Great job by Hooper to break it up.  On 3rd&9, Ryan hits  Hooper this time over Patrick Chung.  Doubles on Julio and Hooper gives ex-Oregon Duck S Patrick Chung a #StanfordProblem.  Touchdown Atl and the snap goes awry on the snap for the XP.  But flag on NE for trying that jump over the C thing so Atl rekicks 5-yards closer.  I think that was flagged b/c Atl smartly stuck an arm up.  The rule as written I believe is that if you make contact with an OL you get penalized.

Atlanta 14  New England 0  8:48′ 2nd Quarter

1st down to Martellus Bennett for 1st down and then TB dirts one towards Edelman as Edelman looks for a flag.  Brooks Reed doesn’t get to Brady but definitely pressure aroudn the edge and timing all off to Amendola.    Brady crushed on 3rd down complete to White short of the sticks.  Looks like a bailout flag to extend the NE drive.  Atl flagged for holding.  I don’t agree with that call.  I think he tried to hold Edelman but didn’t.  Big letoff for NE to avoid having to kick right back to Atl.  Blount stoned that time.  Swing pass to White nice gain but White is tripped up short of the marker.  3rd&3.

All day for Brady and its incomplete.  Again a hold on Atl bails out NE.  I think maybe they called the CB who grabbed Amendola’s facemask? These are really ticky tack calls on Atl.  Tumb firmly on the scale from the referees to keep NE alive.  Rigged!  Blount for 2.  Lewis sensing pressure and drops the throw from Brady.  3rd&9.  Brady under durress and has to throw it away over the middle.  Another hold on Atl.  That one looked like the correct call.  Blount stopped up at the 40.  No holding on Atl that time.  Brady finds Bennett for 12-15 over the middle to get into FG range.  Lewis stacked up on a couple runs and no hold on Atl.    Alford with a Pick6 for Atl!  No holding call that time.   Brady looking for Amendola over the middle and Alford read it the entire way.  No flag that time.  That looked identical to the dagger Pick6 Tracy Porter claimed against Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 44.

Atlanta 21  New England 0  2:21′ 2nd Quarter

NE with a timid run to take us to the 2′ warning.  A reminder that Atl deferred so if NE doesn’t do anything here Atl could get the ball to close the half and will get it to start the 2nd half.

Miracle play for NE to stay alive.  Brady hit by Beasley and ball flutters but Martellus Bennett is first there to snatch it and run for 15.  A long catch and run by White gets NE in business.  He escaped Deion Jones, first foot wrong all half by the Atl LB.  Brady misses Edelman on a 7 (I think) route that would have been a huge game as he motored away from the flat-footed ILB dropping in coverage.  Brady then throws enough behind Edelman that Alford for Atl can break it up.  He leads Edelman there and its a TD.  A holding call on a big run by White backs up NE and they settle for a FG to close the half.

HALFTIME  Atlanta 21  New England 3

Stats from ESPN

  • NE dominating the TOP and plays run.  I don’t know if that matters as much in a Super Bowl coming off a 2 week break and the longer halftime break.  Now some of that TOP edge came on 3 successive 3rd down holding calls on the Atl secondary.
  • Matt Ryan 7/8 passing which s hyper efficient but only 8 attempts in the first half is a lot lower than I was expecting.
  • The 2 NE turnovers were so massive.  NE fumbled  in FG range and Atl turned it into a TD on the other end.  Pick6 when NE was in FG range.
  • Atl hasn’t been knocking Brady around exactly but doing enough to bother him forcing some big errant throws.
  • The success of the Atl run game and the extra attention on Julio has opened up the field for Atl O.
  • Flipping the script on the Barnwells, Simmons, Kings, of the world where everything that happens should be viewed through the NE prism, this reminds me of Super Bowl 45 and Green Bay who raced to a 21-3 lead via a Pick6.  With a depleted GB secondary Pittsburgh scored a TD to end the half and cut it to 21-10 and James Jones dropped a TD to open the 2nd half.  It was a grandstand finish from there.  intemperate way of saying, Atl can put NE to the tip of the sword with a TD to start the half.  But if Atl comes up empty NE has plenty of time to get back into this.
1st Downs 13 9
Passing 1st downs 10 6
Rushing 1st downs 0 3
1st downs from penalties 3 0
3rd down efficiency 3-7 1-3
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Plays 42 19
Total Yards 210 189
Total Drives 6 5
Yards per Play 5.0 9.9
Passing 175 103
Comp-Att 16-26 7-8
Yards per pass 6.3 10.3
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 2-9 2-12
Rushing 35 86
Rushing Attempts 14 9
Yards per rush 2.5 9.6
Red Zone (Made-Att) 0-1 2-2
Penalties 2-15 4-22
Turnovers 2 0
Fumbles lost 1 0
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 1
Possession 19:35 10:25

Trump voters get ready.  Its Lady Gaga time.

3rd Quarter

Atl will start inside its 20.  Freeman wrestled down for TFL as exactly as NE drew it up.   Ryan checks it down to Freeman to set up 3rd&6.   Lets see how NE handles Julio.  He is split out wide right as are Sanu and Freeman.  Julio running a go and Ryan never looks his way.  Ryan goes to Gabriel and NE CB is there early and no flag.  Atl booms it again and Edelman returns inside the Atl 45.  Thats why “outkicking your coverage” isn’t a good thing.  That absolutely should have been illegal contact or DPI on Atl but I’m not surprised nothing was called.

Atl challenged the return and it was determined Edelman stepped out at the NE 47 so Atl picks up 8 yards on the challenge.  Lets see how long it takes for NE to get it back.  1st down good play call on a shot to Hogan and Brady with a decent throw not a perfect throw to the boundary and its incomplete.  Atl wrecks a NE screen but flag down.  OPI called on NE!!!  Atl declines and its 3rd&12.  Atl has to burn an early TO amid confusion on D.  Edelman dropped what probably would have been a 1st down.  Great read by Brady to find Edelman on the crossing route and puts it in the perfect spot where the WR can turn upfield.  Bad drop.  Atl start at its 16.  Another chance to dig the hole deeper.

Budweiser does its ad set to inflame all the “economic anxiety” on twitter with a message that portrays immigrants as something other than rapists and criminals set to overrun that hometown you’ve never left.

Atl goes back to the zone read fake to Coleman and just like last time hit Gabriel over the middle.  Pitch to Coleman who muddles fwd for maybe 5.  Atl has no interest in testing NE up the middle.  Everything outside.  Atl no huddle.  Ryan with a strike to a wide open Taylor Gabriel.  Malcolm Butler stumbles and falls and I don’t know if NE was in single-high S or whatever but there was nobody home.  S ranged over to knock him down.  McCourty was drawn to Hooper underneath.  Ryan under pressure and rolls left finding Sanu for 1st down over the middle.  Freeman rips around right end for 8 and Atl knocking on the door.  Freeman East-West and eventually South and he loses a couple.  Not smart there.  1st Half he cut it outside for 6.  NE wasn’t going to allow him out the door again.  3rd&4.  Julio in motion open underneath.  NE CB was there waaaayyyy early and 2 flags come out.  DPI on NE gives Atl a 1st&goal from the 6.  Actually wasn’t as bad on replay been definitely a foul.  Coleman on a flat route and the NE ILB running like Jake Ryan can’t get there.  Touchdown Atlanta!  Having RB who can catch passes out the backfield a useful tool #ChristianMcCaffreyForGreenBay

Atlanta 28  New England 3  8:31′ 3rd Quarter

GB play-by-play man has seen enough although I think it’s way too early for that.

Mike Pence is there.  Wonder how he feels about Atl D so far denying NE O points based on deeply held religious beliefs.  Short throw to Lewis for a couple and James White gets the 1st down on a short pass.  White up to 6 catches for 67 yards.  Lewis bounces a run well for 8.  Atl needs to #Resist a little here and make NE use clock if they are going to just escort NE down the field.  TFL on a run snuffed out by Deion Jones (my MVP so far).  3rd&3 from the Atl 46 was gadget time and college QB Edelman with a nice throw to Lewis but sticky coverage and its incomplete.  Decision time for NE and the Pats go for it with 6′ left in the 3rd .  Brady has all day. Amendola skips away from Poole and keeps NE afloat.  Brady sees the blitz and fires it out to Amendola for minimal gain.  Brady timing off on the out route to Edelman and 3rd&8 from the Atl 35. Obviously still 4-down territory.    Brady alertly sees the middle open and he scrambles for 15.  Atl in man-to-man and he isn’t a QB you spy.  Blount punches Atl in the mouth for a 1st down.  Clock under 3′ 3rd Quarter.   Blount less room this time as Brooks Reed stands him up.  This is already a 6+’ drive so even with the imminent NE TD this has been successful for Atl.   Short throw to James White and the ex-Badger takes it in for the TD.  XP no good off the upright.  So it’s a 19-point margin.

Atlanta 28  New England 9  2:06′ 3rd Quarter

Atl pounces on the world’s most obvious onside kick. Ball hit Gostwoski early before Falcons covered it up.  Ryan hits Hooper for 9 on 1st down.   NE spill a toss to Coleman but flag down.  Holding on Atl.  I didn’t see it on replay.  Atl has to use its 2nd TO.   Ryan avoids a sack and ball incomplete on throw to Hooper.  Nearly a catch fumble.   Definitely incomplete.  Ryan takes a sack on 3rd&11.  Whatever.  I mean at that point keeping the clock running is fine.  If you throw it away clock stops and you’re still punting.  Gives the Atl P a little more space.   Atl had a chance to really put this thing to bed but don’t.  And clock runs out on 3rd qtr after a delay of game.

4th Quarter

NE tries some trickeration with up-man Edelman faking on the left side when punt went to the right.  Atl gunner didn’t bite and NE starts from its 13.  Can’t have a 6-7′ drie now.  Solid start on throw to the outside to the 30.  Underneath for 7.  Atl is probably okay with anything that keeps the clock rolling.   NE run to White for the 1st down.  Again Brady can’t get in tune with Edelman on a vertical to Edelman on an Out-And-Up past Jones out of the slot.  Slant to Mitchell and throw to White for some more chunks.  Atl too soft right now.  No call as Amendola grabbed on 2nd&1.  Should have been a hold and 1st down NE.  On 3rd&1 Brady drops a dime to Martellus Bennett for a gain inside the 10.  Brady holds it and 1st read isn’t open.  Jarrett drops him for a sack which if nothing else burns clock.  2nd&Goal from the 12 and Brady outside to White but gets maybe a yard and clock still running.  3rd&Goal and Jarrett again as Brady can’t escape.  He swims the RG and no chance for Brady.  Edelman half heartedly looks for a flag because he is a Patriot after all.  NE knocks through the FG to make it a 16-point (2-score) game.

Atlanta 28  New England 12  9:44′ 4th Quarter

Atl run to Coleman for 8 around the right side.  Again everything outside the tackle.  This tiem up the middle gets nothing.  3rd&2.  Coleman stays down and clock stops.  Ryan takes a terrible sack and NE recovers and we got ourselves a game.  Freeman whiffs on his block and the ball is out.  Literally the one thing that Atl can’t do it just did.  I mean run the ball even if it gets nothing you punt and make NE drive the field.

Freeney gets around the end and dumps Brady to put NE in 2nd&15.  Another underneath throw to White and Keanu Neal smacks him down.  3rd&11.  Holding on Atl would fit the bill.  Brady hits Mitchell for a 1st down.  Just a stop route.  Pick play to Amendola and clock running he is down inside the 10.  NE finally picking up the pace.  NE has all 3 TO so after this TD they can kick away.  Amendola just runs an out, untouched the entire way.   Big 2-pointer here.  NE converts NE only needs the ball once more.  Wildcat to White and he plunges in and NE can kick away.

Atlanta 28  New England 20  5:56′ 4th Quarter

Great kickoff and Atl will take over at its 10.  Loads of time left.  Atl needs to stop doing the MM thing and attack.  Ryan  has Freeman wide open underneath and nobody home for NE D.  Freeman takes it out to the 49.  Freeman over the left side for 1-2.  Ryan steps through pressure and Julio with a catch that maybe only him and OBJ make that catch along the sideline.  That’s absurd.   Julio is just bigger and stronger than you.  In no scenario is that a window but I guess Julio makes his own windows.  Atl run wide to Freeman and he is dropped for TFL but clock ticks under 4′ with Atl at the NE 25.  Birds are in FG range to restore the 2-score advantage just can’t take s ack.  And Ryan takes a sakc on a deep drop.  I mean what is Kyle Shannahan thinking there?  Absolutely no reason to risk that with a deep drop. On 3rd&23, Sanu wrestled down but flag down on a short throw.  Holding accepted to make sure Atl can’t kick a FG.  Yup, that was pretty clear.  Of course, Sanu was pulled down by his facemask and no call.  3rd&33, Atl at the NE 45. Falcons need 10 or so.  Out route to Gabriel and nothing there.  Clock stops on the incompletion.  Was a screen not in the Atl playbook?  That would keep the clock running and maybe get you some yards.  And now the TOP and plays run edge could really show up.

NE 91-yards away and 2Pt from tying.  Brady under pressure and pass offline.  Atl knocks Brady down.  If #34 for Atl (Poole?) doesn’t slip that’s an easy Pick6.  Brady going deep for hogan and incomplete.  No bail out flag that time.  3rd&10.  NE still has 2 TOs.  Brady put it where only his guy could get it but just beyond Hogan’s grasp.   Hogan gets the 1st down as clock rolls under 3′.  But still lots of time for NE to tie this up.    Over the middle to Edelman broken up and batted in the air.  Mitchell for the 1st down and Brady over the middl epass batted in the air and Edelman hangs on.  Atl furiously screaming to the bench it was incomplete.   Unreal catch for NE.  Payback for Seattle goofy throw to Baldwin.

Atlanta challenges and will lose its final TO.   Should have been INT.  Amendola with a deep catch to set up Atl inside the redzone.  White wriggles free inside the 10. White again down to the goalline.  Handoff to White and TD NE!    NE commits flagrant OPI on the 2-pointer and gets in.  Throw to Amednola and Hogan and Edelman were blocking all the way.

Sanu takes it out to the 23.  Atl can’t stop the clock.  They need another 40 yards or so.  Where is Jared Cook?  Hooper to short completion.  That’s not how you get down field. Ryan on 3rd&6 pass is incomplete and Atl will have to punt it back to NE.  NE has :03 left for a little magic.  No idea if Brady has the arm for a heave.  No matter, Dion Lewis gets hurt on a goofy run.  His right ankle rolled and he goes down.

FULL TIME Atlanta 28  New England 28

NE takes over at its own 25 and I have no illusions the Atl D can muster anything here to stop NE.  White gains 7 on a flip.   White should be the MVP here.  Amendola beats Poole and NE quickly out to the 45.   Hogan inside the Atl 40.  Atl D just has nothing left in the tank.  Deion Jones dumps White for -3 on another swing pass.  Edelman over the middle for a 1st down and its just a matter of time now.  Another flip to White for big gain to the 15.  Only question is who will get the Super Bowl winning TD.  I hope its White I guess if NE has to win this.  Nearly game over.  Martellus Bennett almost makes a game winning catch and of course this will end with a DPI call on Atl.  Throw it NE.  They do and its batted away by Beasley.  Throwing at the 1 in the Super Bowl is hilarious.  Give it to Blount.   Pitch to White and he is in and White wins it with a second effort.  Man I hate NE.  White fights hard to get across.

I mean Atlanta just gave this away.

Stats from ESPN

  • Atl had the ball at the NE 41 with 2′ left in the 3rd quarter and a 28-9 lead.
    • Coleman runs for 9 then a hold on Atl and Ryan takes a sack off a deep drop to knock Atl out of FG range for good.
  • With 9′ left in the 4th Quarter, Atl has the ball in 3rd&1 and deep drop and Ryan fumbles and leads to a quick NE Touchdown.
  • NE runs 93 plays and Atl just 46.  Atl D runs out of gas.
1st Downs 37 17
Passing 1st downs 26 13
Rushing 1st downs 7 3
1st downs from penalties 4 1
3rd down efficiency 7-14 1-8
4th down efficiency 1-1 0-0
Total Plays 93 46
Total Yards 546 344
Total Drives 13 11
Yards per Play 5.9 7.5
Passing 442 240
Comp-Att 43-63 17-23
Yards per pass 6.5 8.6
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 5-24 5-44
Rushing 104 104
Rushing Attempts 25 18
Yards per rush 4.2 5.8
Red Zone (Made-Att) 4-6 3-3
Penalties 4-23 9-65
Turnovers 2 1
Fumbles lost 1 1
Interceptions thrown 1 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 1
Possession 40:31 23:27

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