Maryland @ Wisconsin

Wisconsin tries to pull out of its tailspin that looks likely to throw away a B1G regular season crown.  #11 UW hosts #23 MD at the Kohl Center.  Trice will start today for the Badgers but Koenig will be available in a limited capacity as a reserve. Terps and Badgers are 10-3 in B1G play and the victor joins Purdue at 11-3 atop the standings.

1st Half

UW start with some solid defense forcing MD to use a lot of clock.  But offensively the Badgers open with a turnover and an airball from Hayes.  Brown misses the putback.  But he draws a shooting foul and splits the FT on the next trip.  UW actually plays a little faster off a MD miss and Happ swoops in for 2.   Happ finds Showalter out of the double team for an open 3.  That’s exactly how that is supposed to work out of the double team.  Good recognition by Happ and he decisively fires a pass to Showalter on the wing.  Mystery foul on UW gets MD 2 FT.  Hayes travel uncalled and MD stick a 3 to reclaim the lead.  Hayes gets lost on defense.  Trice answers back with a midrange jumper to even things.

Maryland 8  Wisconsin 8  14:59′ 1st Half

Hayes sticks a jumper.  Iverson aggressive and active following his own miss but $10 moves and a 10-cent finish.  Koenig blocks Tremble which is a rare good defensive play from Koenig.   Hayes cleverly draws a shooting foul.  He’s true on both.  CBS audio is broken and its super annoying.

UW can’t take advantage of poor MD offense and Terps just down 1 as they keep sticking 3s.  Happ cuts inside for 2 but MD answers with a basket in the paint.   Happ fouled as he drove but no call.  He kicks to Pritzl who draws a mystery foul on MD.

Wisconsin 14  Maryland 13  11:36′ 1st Half

Pritzl off on both FT.  Bit more isolation ball today for UW.  MD out of control on offense and barrel into Trice.  Official dutifully call the foul on the Badgers.  Not a great start for the refs today.   Brown called for a phantom offensive foul this time.  No idea what is going on.  This time UW the beneficiary as the refs wait to see Happ miss his shot before calling a phantom foul on MD.  Looked like fine defense to me.   Patient offense and pretty pick and roll for 2 brings MD back level.   Happ actually fouled that time on a spin inside and no call this time.  Hayes wild drive inside that was always going to end in a turnover.  Tremble knifes in to give MD the lead as UW defense has softened.  Whistles just gone away when UW has the ball.  Charlies Thomas raked across the arms then Koenig bumped on a drive.  Then of course soft anticipatory whistle on UW on the other end.  Thumbs on the scales for the refs now.

Maryland 17  Wisconsin 17  6:41′ 1st Half

Happ gets legs tangled on an offensive rebound and somehow that was a shooting foul on MD?   He hits both and then gets a steal on the other end.  Tremble sticks a jumper and a foul on Trice.  Another ridiculous call.  MD hits the pair and take a 3 point lead.   No idea what fouls are being called.  But for some reason UW is shooting FT.  Just  a brutal half of officiating and FT shooting from UW.  Pritzl snags the offensive rebound and gets a foul called on Tremble.  Pritzl converts and back to tied.  Then phantom call on Pritzl off the ball and MD back to the line.  Seriously, this game is a joke being officiated like this.  MD front end spins out.  CBS graphic notes UW missed 11 of last 13 shots.  It’s the bald ref.  He is calling anyone and everything on both teams for no reason.

Maryland 22  Wisconsin 22  3:56′ 1st Half

Hayes splits some FT and Brown called for reaching in as we just shoot FT now.   MD hits a 3 and Tremble runs out an extends MD lead to 4.  Gard takes a TO.  Happ feeds Prtizl who collects an And1 despite not being touched on the dunk.  Nice job of Happ passing out of the post which he needs to do to open the offense.  Nice job Pritzl cutting.

Happ with a steal and throws it wildly.  Pritzl hustles after it and maybe saves it before he is out of bounds.  He looked out but refs let it go and UW gets it back.  Showalter gets his 3rd foul off a shot fake and a flop.  Another bad call.  In no world is that an offensive foul.  Happ draws a soft call on a MD big.  He’s just too slippery for them but I have no idea what is a foul now.  Happ splits and we’re knotted at 27.  Koenig really wants to shoot but hasn’t found an opening.  Tremble hits back-to-back triples and MD surges to the half now up 6.   Koenig finally shoots and way short.   Pritzl hit a 3 at the buzzer and the bald ref who hasn’t gotten a call right all game waves it off.  He’s wrong.  Pritzl got it off.  Horn was early but shot was good.  Nope.  They say shot clock expired.   Of course this half should end on a baffling officiating decision.  This crew is the worst.

HALFTIME  Maryland 33  Wisconsin 27

  • MD finally starting making some shots.  UW never did.  There’s your difference.  I mean, UW only 12-20 from the FT line isn’t helping either.
  • 23 fouls + 19 turnovers is not a pretty half of basketball but most of that is on the referees.
  • MD with 10 assists on its 11 FG.

FG Made-Attempted 11-22 7-25
Field Goal % 50.0 28.0
3PT Made-Attempted 6-12 1-6
Three Point % 50.0 16.7
FT Made-Attempted 5-9 12-20
Free Throw % 55.6 60.0
Total Rebounds 16 18
Offensive Rebounds 2 8
Defensive Rebounds 14 10
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 10 4
Steals 3 6
Blocks 2 1
Turnovers 11 8
Team Turnovers 0 1
Total Turnovers 11 8
Personal Fouls 12 11

2nd Half

UW goes right to Happ who backs in and scores with the left.  And of course, UW whistled for a foul on first MD possession.  Soft foul called for UW as Hayes grabbed underneath.  On next possession, Hayes working down low and eventually gets the stickback.  Crowd trying to get back into it but yet another ridiculous foul called on UW. This time Trice whistled for looking? at the MD ball handler.  UW doesn’t have penetrating guards to take advantage of these awful calls.   Showalter fouled on the drive and scores. No call.  Never mind.  Still unclear what is a foul.  pretty pass fired in by Tremble for an easy 2.  Great vision and accuracy.

MD margin still 3.  Koenig splashes a 3 of a kick from Happ and we’re back to tied.  Hard to overstate that importance for Koenig and the Badgers.  Koenig this time uses a shot fake to set up a midrange J and Badgers start the half on an 11-3 run to take the lead back.  We head to the Under16 with Happ swatting a MD layup.

Wisconsin 38  Maryland 36  15:43′ 2nd Half

stupid soft call this time goes against MD.  make that 2 soft alls in a row.  Happ spins baseline and gets yet another soft whistle on MD.  But he blows the FT and bald ref was a little too quiet so he calls Hayes for a foul on the rebound.  MD struggling to shoot now and UW taking advantage.  MD takes a TO as Hayes slips it to Happ for 2.

Wisconsin 42  Maryland 36  14:18′ 2nd Half

Does seem like the kind of game with such anemic offense any double digit margin may be too big a mountain to climb.  MD gets to the rim and putback for 2.  Koenig misses a wide open 3.  Happ somehow wrestles away an offensive rebound from 3 terps and draws the foul.  Koenig calf feeling better.  Bet he talked to #12’s family.  He sticks another jumper.   Koenig misses a heat check 3 and Happ victimized by dumb whistle this time.  MD misses a dunk.  Patient offense from UW as Hayes fires to a lonely Happ underneath for the dunk.  Tremble with a wild drive and more bad officiating to call another anticipatory foul.

Wisconsin 46  Maryland 38  11:56′ 2nd Half

Hayes misses a midrange and mystery foul (how fun!) called on MD on the rebound.  Hayes with a wild move inside but bailed out by a foul called on MD.  That exact play was a travel on him in the first half.  Tremble connects on a 3 to halve the UW lead.  Happ fouled down low, no call, and he misses.  MD skates into the paint and feeds for 2.  UW clinging to a 3-point lead.  Happ fouled on an offensive rebound.  Happ splits the 1-And-1.  Trice fould on a rebound, no call.  MD Coach T’d up for arguing?  No idea what he thought he saw.  There was nothing even resembling a foul on UW.  The only foul was MD hitting Trice on the rebound.  UW just 15/27 from the FT line after splitting.  Soft call on MD as Hayes spun inside.  Hayes makes both and UW stretches it out to 7.  Terrible call on Happ as he reaches in to get a steal.  “There it is…easy one to call” says Clark Kellogg who obviously was watching something else since Happ didn’t touch the guy.  Small hand check called on MD as Hayes draws another foul.  Hayes again true on both.  UW up 9 and MD is already doing the roll the back in thing with 8+ left?  Tremble getting to the rim gets an automatic whistle.  Doesn’t matter the amount of contact.  It’s going to be called a foul.  Tremble splits but MD grabs the rebound and then he sticks the 3 to trim UW margin back to 5.  Koenig airballs a rebuttal and Iverson collects.  Hayes just too quick for the MD bigs.  They have to face up and can’t stay with him.  Tremble hits a tough midrange as UW lead stays at 5.  Off the ball silly call on MD this time.

Wisconsin 55  Maryland 50  7:30′ 2nd Half

Hayes 1/2 from the FT line and Tremble stays hot with a layup.  Nobody on UW can contain him.  Hayes  sticks the open jumper as MD sits deep off him.  Like clockwork foul called on UW as Tremble dribbles.   Trice showing some stones and hits a midrange.  UW lead back to 8.  Tremble out of control, Showalter gets to it first and knocks the ball away.  Foul called on him? In a game of bad calls that one is the worst.  This game is still a joke.  MD missing FT which helps the Badger cause.  Koenig misses a layup but Pritzl taps it in and UW up 10.  MD takes a TO.  Wonder if UW will get whistled for a foul on Tremble during the TO.

Wisconsin 62  Maryland 52  5:30′ 2nd Half

Hayes just rips it away from MD big.  UW keeps feeding Hayes.   He misses but Pritzl grabs another offensive rebound.  Trice shows poise and doesn’t hoist immediately.  Koenig with the jumper and UW lead is 12, and MD takes a desperation TO.  Iverson with perfect D and phantom call on him gets MD to the FT line.  MD showing some 3/4 court pressure and UW breaks it easily.   Trice sneaks in a putback as shot clock expires to keep UW margin at a dozen.  MD big travels and goes down grabbing his ankle.  Of course a foul is called on UW.  Game still a joke.

Wisconsin 66 Maryland 54  3:35′ 2nd Quarter

MD pressure isn’t doing enough.  UW spreads them out and Hayes screens for Koenig who feeds Happ for a layup.   Koenig with a 2nd block on a MD layup.  No foul called despite the MD shooter not being touched.  UW running clock up 12.  MD rushes up a shot and Hayes clears.  Under 2′ and this one is over.  Koenig still out there with outcome not in doubt.  Koenig called for a foul hustling for a loose ball.  Another stupid call.  Man these refs are just the dumbest.  Trice hits 1/2 as MD fouls.  UW up 11 with 73 seconds left.  Happ blocks a layup from behind because Fuck You I guess?  Hayes draws an anticipatory whistle this time.  Hayes with an unnecessary dunk beating the MD trap with 15 seconds left.  Again a bit of a Fuck You to MD to close this out.

Wisconsin 71  Maryland 60  Refs 0

  • UW needs to work on its FT shooting.  Not just Happ. Everyone.  21-37 from the FT line is the only reason this one was in doubt at all.
  • MD just 8-23 in the 2nd half.  And Melo Tremble kept them afloat in the last 10′.
  • 48 Fouls called in 40 minutes of basketball.  Absurd.  Just awful officiating.
  • Good things happen to UW when they commit to pounding the ball inside.  UW just 2-12 from 3.  46/58 FG attempts from inside the arc.
  • UW with an 18-5 edge on offensive rebounds.  Prtizl and Iverson will compete to fill the Krabbenhoft/Jarmusz/Gasser/Showalter role next season.  Great energy from Pritzl off the bench.
FG Made-Attempted 19-45 24-58
Field Goal % 42.2 41.4
3PT Made-Attempted 8-18 2-12
Three Point % 44.4 16.7
FT Made-Attempted 14-23 21-37
Free Throw % 60.9 56.8
Total Rebounds 27 44
Offensive Rebounds 5 18
Defensive Rebounds 22 26
Assists 13 8
Steals 4 7
Blocks 6 4
Total Turnovers 13 8
Personal Fouls 25 23
Technical Fouls 1 0

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