Oregon @ Cal

Oregon basketball still firmly in command to secure a coveted #2 seed opposite Gonzaga in the West Regional. Oregon lost 10/12 @ Cal.  Lets see if the Ducks can solve its #CalProblem

1st Half

Oregon goes turnover + wild drive missed shot + offensive foul + 2 missed shots  + missed midrange on its first 5 possessions.  Not a big fan of the Oregon offense where they make 1 pass in the half-court and just let the ball handler drive.  Leave it in the NBA Ducks.  Thankfully, Cal only makes 1 shot during this time and Ducks only trail 2-0 3:30 into the game.  Aggressive drive by Brooks draws a foul but he splits.  Cal gets away with an offensive foul (same one called on Oregon).  Bill Walton is the best.

Cal 4  Oregon 1   15:40′ 1st Half

Oregon now 0-6 from the floor and we’re not even 5 minutes in and the Ducks look out of ideas on offense.  Surprised we’re not seeing Oregon run out on Cal misses.   Cal doing a good job sitting back and cutting off driving lanes.  But Oregon can’t shoot over it to make the Bears pay.  Off an airball 3 in the corner future GB Packer TE Jordan Bell catches and puts it in to win NC State a national title.  Ennis for Oregon slashes in for 2 to tie the score at 5.  I think he also interns as the ball boy for Oregon football.  Cal stick a contested 3 so at least we’ll see one jumper tonight.  Bell hurries up a midrange early in the shot clock for some reason.  Oregon already on 4 team fouls 7′ into the game.  3 of them were good calls too.  Oregon misses another shot early in the possession.  If you’re going to run, run and make them defend in transition.  But I don’t get the point of walking it up even off turnovers and then shooting again off the first pass.   Ducks need a TO as Cal on a 10-0 run.

Cal 15  Oregon 5   11:13′ 1st Half 

Dillon Brooks gets his 2nd foul and so Oregon will have to try and get a foothold without their best player.  Maybe Oregon will start looking for open shots off ball movement.  Oregon airball a 3 and Cal just bothering everything Oregon tries to do on offense.  Oregon not getting the same calls on offense as Cal does which is too bad.  Might cut some of the Cal aggressiveness on D.  Ducks still pumping up quick shots.  Cal travels and then hits a 3.  Bears lead is up to 13.

Cal 20  Oregon 7  6:46′ 1st Half

Dillon Brook back out there with his 2 fouls.  He draws an offensive foul.  No flop required. Ennis with some slick handling.  Brooks hits a jumper.  Cal dared him to shoot after the Duck talisman started 0-5.  Finally Ducks run out off a Cal miss and get an easy hoop.  Rabb finally looking like a lottery pick doing work down low.  Oregon clang another 3.

Cal 24  Oregon 13  3:44′ 1st Half 

Ref felt compelled to even up the foul count I guess? No idea.  Ducks down 11.  If they can trim a little off that before half they’d be thrilled considering how bad they’v e played.  Cal G sticks his 3rd triple.  Ducks run out after the make and a shooting foul is called.  The Cal crowd does not agree with that call.  No replay.    Cal hit another 3 as Oregon fails to intercept a pass (looks familiar) and leads to open look.  Dreadful half for Oregon.

HALFTIME Cal 30  Oregon 16

Stats from ESPN

  • Oregon can’t shoot.  And Cal can.  That’s my analysis.
  • Too much 1-pass + dribble + shot early in the timer for Oregon.  2 assists on 7 baskets.
  • Still want to see Oregon get out and run a little bit.  They have no room in the half court offense and lack ideas.
  • Oregon only had 6 turnovers but a lot of wasted possessions.
  • Oregon is too athletic to be out rebounded this badly (19-12)
FG Made-Attempted 7-24 12-26
Field Goal % 29.2 46.2
3PT Made-Attempted 0-7 5-9
Three Point % 0.0 55.6
FT Made-Attempted 2-4 1-2
Free Throw % 50.0 50.0
Total Rebounds 12 19
Offensive Rebounds 3 5
Defensive Rebounds 9 14
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 2 8
Steals 3 3
Blocks 1 2
Turnovers 6 6
Team Turnovers 0 0
Total Turnovers 6 6
Personal Fouls 5 7

2nd Half

Oregon whistled for a foul and Cal hits both FT.  Bill Walton interviews the Cal Bear mascot.  Brooks scores to get Oregon started this half.  Oregon doubles Rapp and Oregon G fills in on the glass and cleans up the miss.  Brooks hits a 3 and flicker of life from Oregon.  Oregon forces a turnover.  Brooks misses heat check 3 and Call answers with one its own to push lead back to 14.  Dorsey misses another 3.   Things not turning around for Oregon.

Cal 37  Oregon 23  15:57′ 2nd Half 

Walton with a solid yet obvious point that big men passing out of the double team do it early, before the defense can get set.  When the 2nd defender commits you make the pass immediately.  cc Ethan Happ.  Boucher collects a lob and stuffs it And1.  I didn’t see the Cal foul but Dave Pasch it is Dave right? did.  Oregon getting the margin to 9 immediately swells back to 11.  Boucher goes to the floor to draw a foul on the 3.  Boucher hits 2/3 and Ducks back within 9.  Another stupid hand check call on Oregon that (1) should not be called (2) should be called both ways if you insist on ruining the game ref (3) it isn’t being called both ways.  Cal throws up wild pass and there was a foul on Oregon I guess?  Cal misses both FT and gets the rebound.  Cal +9 in rebounding.  Oregon bites on every shot fake.

Cal 41  Oregon 32   11:39′  2nd Half

Oregon back within 9.  This would be the moment to make a run.  But Oregon fouls and Cal splits but get the offensive rebound and hit a layup.  Oregon can’t keep Cal in range.   Oregon pressing on inbounds off makes.  Cal doesn’t break it confidently but break it they do.  Brooks gives Cal an And1 an idiotic foul on him.  I mean why bother.  Just give him the layup.  Ducks down 13 and this thing is about over.  Cal dunk off a turnover and that’s it.  Game over.  Boucher hits a 3.  Too late (*UPDATE*: brilliant take by me)

Cal 49  Oregon 37  9:30′ 2nd Half

Dorsey with a tough layup and Cal margin at 10. But as always, Cal has the answer and Call up 13.  Answered back with another Oregon triple.  Oregon make some FT but Cal hits the floater as Cal has coasted into the lane at will all game.  Now some touch fouls on Cal getting Oregon to the FT line.  Bill Walton still the best

Cal 54  Oregon 44  7:34′ 2nd Half

Oregon bricks front-end of 1-and-1.  Dorsey fouled on a drive, no call.   Cal misses a layup off the glass, doesn’t hit the rim and it’s a shot clock violation to everyone but the officials and Bill Walton.  Refs are filibustering this one for some reason.  It didn’t hit the rim. Oregon ball.  lets go.  Brooks fouled on an offensive rebound and he splits the FT.  Cal still holding steady up 9.   Oregon gets a turnover and steady ball movement eventually leads to a nice Ennis layup.  Margin is at 7.  Next basket could make things interesting for the first time all night.  Boucher draws a charge.  Don’t like that call.  Cal guy passes it and takes a step before crashing into Boucher.  Thats a no call for me.   Ennis again with a tough layup to get Oregon back within 5.  Cal travels, no call.  Ennis goes for the shot fake and Cal G leans in to Ennis to get the foul called.  Bad call.  Cal G jumped into Ennis.  Cal lead back to 8.  Ennis misses a 3 and Ducks foul on the rebound.  2 more FT and Cal up to 10.  Boucher 3.

Cal 59  Oregon 52  3:43′ 2nd Half

Oregon sticks a 3 from the corner and suddenly Oregon creeps back within 4.  Can the Ducks avoid fouling?  I say no.   Oregon forces a turnover.  Pritchard hits a corner 3 and Ducks down 1.  Ennis called for soft foul off the ball.  Cal hits both FT and push the led back to 3.  Brooks hit a tough floater over Rabb.  Another turnover  .  Ennis fouled.  No call.  Under 2′ and Oregon down 1 with a chance to take the lead.    Boucher scores and fouled.  No call, but Ducks take their first lead 62-61 with 1:39 left.  Cal G hits a frantic runner in the lane.  Oregon D caught ball watching there.   Brooks forces another tough shot.  Could have been a foul.  Looked like Oregon knocked it out but refs on the floor called it Oregon ball.  I would give that ball to Cal.  But it’s hard to tell.  I think this means it is Duke ball.  Another victim of the murder conviction standard.  Brooks hits a tough fadeaway off the front rim.   Superlative defensive effort there from Oregon.  Cal forces a 3 and Oregon stays down on the shot fake.  Dorsey to the line for 2.  He splits.  Ducks up 65-63.  Cal uses its last TO.  Rabb gets free inside and makes to even it up.  Dillon Brooks comes down and COLD BLOOOOODDDEEDDD for the smash&grab.  Oregon wins on a Brooks 3 with 0.2 seconds left.

FINAL Oregon 68  Cal 65


FG Made-Attempted 25-54 23-50
Field Goal % 46.3 46.0
3PT Made-Attempted 7-21 7-18
Three Point % 33.3 38.9
FT Made-Attempted 11-17 12-18
Free Throw % 64.7 66.7
Total Rebounds 24 36
Offensive Rebounds 6 10
Defensive Rebounds 18 26
Assists 11 14
Steals 5 3
Blocks 3 2
Total Turnovers 7 14
Personal Fouls 17 19






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