Wisconsin @ THE Ohio St

Bronson Koenig returns to the starting lineup for Wisconsin who needs a win on the road midweek in the B1G to keep the hopes of a share of the conference crown alive.

1st Half

Vitto Brown misses an open midrange on the Badgers first trip down but makes amends with a 3 next posession.  An emphatic dunk gets OSU on the board.  Happ throws away the inbounds  but OSU can’t get anything out of it.  Showalter then turns it over with a careless bounce pass in the area of Koenig and Happ but to neither.  Buckeyes hid an open jumper and UW nearly turns it over again.  Not a front foot start for Bucky this.  Koenig hits a 3 which is a nice sign early.  OSU answers with work down low and a corner 3 to take a 9-6 lead.  Nothing doing offensively inside the arc for the Badgers.  OSU forcing UW to settle for lots of jumpers.  Wisconsin with 3 turnovers in the first 4+ minutes.   Trice has some work to do on his defense.  Not that Koenig is a good defender either.  Pretty easy for G to get in the lane.  This leads to a UW timeout.

Ohio State 13  Wisconsin 6   14:53′ 1st Half

Koenig with another quick pull and he connects again from deep.  All 9 UW points in the first 6′ on 3 triples.  Happ with great anticipation reading the eyes of the ball handler to step in and steal.  Take notes Trice and Koenig.  Hayes with a strong move And1.   Prtizl travels and

Ohio State 16  Wisconsin 12  11:41′ 1st Half

Ohio St hit another open 3 to stretch the lead to 7.  Happ sees the double and nice ball movement gets Koenig open but he clangs the 3.  Ohio State with ANOTHER 3 this one answered by Brown.  Either UW D will improve or OSU will revert to the mean for shooting %.  Or I guess the last option is UW will just flat out lose.  ESPN really excited about some Ohio natives on the UW roster playing in state.  Koenig crossed silly but OSU can do nothign with it.  Interesting lineup with Trice and Koenig out here with Showalter.  Brown off on a rushed 3 off a kick from Hayes. OSU eurosteps? into the lane for 2 more.  Buckeye lead at 9.  UW doesn’t have Dillon Brooks though.  OSU doubling Hayes.  He hits both.  Happ’s exuberance gets a foul on the offensive glass 93 feet from the basket.

Buckeye 3 gets them to a 10-point advantage.  OSU 5-8 from 3.  Hayes draws a foul.

OSU 27  Wisconsin 17  7:50′ 1st Half

Koenig rattles him a needed 3 to get the deficit back to single digits.  Pritzl miles off on a 3 but a foul called on OSU to give UW a fresh shot clock.  Koenig hits the 1-And-1 as maybe UW can get some cheap points at the foul line to get back in this.

Koenig doesn’t no what to do with it so he shoots a 3 and misses.  Wild shot by OSU leads to an easy offensive rebound for 2.  Lead up to 12 and Hayes way off on a midrange.  Brown tries to defend without moving his feet and OSU to the line for an And1.  Alex Illikainen and Jordan Hill in for UW so maybe they are the key to the offense and defense.  Not so far.

OSU 36  Wisconsin 22  3:56′ 1st Half

sweet dish from Hayes to Illikainen.  Exactly how you’re supposed to pass out of the double team.  Koenig goes for the shot fake and fouls a 3pt shooter.  He hits 2/3 and OSU up 14.  UW had to show something here to get this margin down before half.  Hayes gets it all wrong out of the double team this time and throws it away.  Trice hits a 3 to cut the deficit to 12.  So things still going great.  UW gets a stop for what feels like the first time in awhile.  Trice goes himself against 3 defenders.  it doesn’t work.

Another easy drive and dish for 2 as the lead grows to 16 for UW.   Koenig sticks a 3 but bandaid on a gaping wound.

HALFTIME Ohio State 44  Wisconsin 31

Stats from ESPN

  • UW defense is the story of the half.  OSU shooting 51.6% from the field
  • Ohio State killing UW on the glass with a 23-12 advantage
FG Made-Attempted 9-24 16-31
Field Goal % 37.5 51.6
3PT Made-Attempted 7-15 5-10
Three Point % 46.7 50.0
FT Made-Attempted 6-10 7-9
Free Throw % 60.0 77.8
Total Rebounds 12 23
Offensive Rebounds 1 6
Defensive Rebounds 11 17
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 6 7
Steals 2 3
Blocks 3 2
Turnovers 5 4
Team Turnovers 0 0
Total Turnovers 5 4
Personal Fouls 9 9

2nd Half

Brown bricks an open 3 off a good find by Happ.  UW needs shooters.  Because there is no penalty for team who double the post.   Koenig just gets the ball taken out of his hands.  OSU hits another long jumper.  Happ finally gets off the mark but UW is still down 14.  Showalter misses the open 3 this time.  Koenig with 2.  UW a bit better on D here only allowing 3 OSU points in the first 3+ minutes.  Brown hits a corner 3 and UW is back within 9.  Still a lot more work to do.  OSU forced to use the entire shot clock and cans a desperation triple at the buzzer. Koenig splashes another 3.  But UW needs to put some stops together.  Can’t do it going under screens and OSU keeps knocking down jumpers.  Showalter again off on a 3.

OSU 53  Wisconsin 41  15:30′ 2nd Half

Iverson looked like he traveled and then dunked flat footed which is always awesome.  Thanks for not calling it i guess.

Koenig back and hits a midrange to again get UW within 9.  But this is where Buckeyes have always answered.  Happ and Hayes with multiple chances in close to further cut the deficit and can’t do it.  Buckeyes answer back with Dillon Brooks fadeaway in the lane because Koenig is still not a good defender.

Ohio State 56  Wisconsin 45  11:23′ 2nd Half

Happ with a nice spin and score.  Buckeyes holding steady up 9.  UW going under ball screens still.  OSU slowing it down using clock to shorten the game.   Pritzl misses a 3 and OSU hits one of their own to keep things status quo.  UW really needs somebody other than Koenig shoots.  UW ice cold right now and OSU hits another triple and that’s it.  Game over.  UW turns it over.

Charlie Thomas gets yanked down by OSU defender.  No idea why that’s a double T.  Not sure what Thomas did wrong.  UW still down 13 so hardly decisive.

Ohio State 62  Wisconsin 49  7:51′ 2nd Half

Koenig staying hot at the might be the only good thing to come out of tonight.  UW down 16.   OSU hits a 3 and trading FT for 3s is not a good trade for UW.  OSU lead is at 20 with 4+ left and I’m not sure why UW still has 3 starters out there.

Ohio State 77   Wisconsin 59   3:41′ left 2nd half

FINAL Ohio State 86  Wisconsin 69

Wisconsin B1G Title hopes rest with Michigan beating Purdue on Saturday.  Go Big Blue!

Stats from ESPN

  • OSU shoots 50% from the floor but 62.5% from 3 which was the killer all game.  Buckeyes added 23 FT for good measure.  All indicative of just lousy Badger defending that didn’t contest shots and couldn’t keep OSU out of the lane.
  • OSU dominated UW on the boards all game to finish +13.  Happ being on the bench with 2 dumb fouls didn’t help that stat.
  • UW attempted 57 shots with 30 of them from deep.  That’s too many.  Way too many.  With Happ on the bench especially, they couldn’t get anything going inside.  Since teams have started doubling the post, Badger bigs (especially Happ) haven’t adjusted and made good passes.  Badger guards have not taken advantage of open kick outs when they do come.  If UW doesn’t counter with quicker decision making and off ball movement to get open looks this will be an abrupt end to what should have been a promising season.
  • Koenig (27) and Trice (14) showed some offensive spark.  Nobody else on Wisconsin did.  The rest of the Badger starters had just 20 points total.  Showalter + Happ + Hayes + Brown combined for 7-23 shooting.
FG Made-Attempted 25-57 25-50
Field Goal % 43.9 50.0
3PT Made-Attempted 13-30 10-16
Three Point % 43.3 62.5
FT Made-Attempted 10-15 23-27
Free Throw % 66.7 85.2
Total Rebounds 25 38
Offensive Rebounds 8 10
Defensive Rebounds 17 28
Assists 11 12
Steals 4 4
Blocks 4 4
Total Turnovers 7 9
Personal Fouls 23 21
Technical Fouls 1 1

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