Wisconsin v Northwestern

Wisconsin tries to avenge a home loss to the Northwestern (NU) Wildcats in the semifinals of the B1G Conference Tournament.

1st Half

NU doubles Hayes as soon as it touches the post.  Ball swings over to Koenig wide open for 3 but he misses badly.  That was exactly what you wanted to punish the NU double team.  But UW couldn’t take advantage.  NU opens with consecutive turnovers.  Happ went for a pump fake in an unBadgerlike manner but no matter as NU walks.  Happ with a terrible turnover and compounds it with a stupid foul…wait, they called that on NU? Not sure what the refs saw.  That was definitely a foul on Happ.   Hayes another ugly miss before Koenig splashes a midrange to get the lid off the rim.  NU making no effort early on the offensive glass.   Koenig true on a corner 3 off a feed from Showalter.  Good to see his shot dropping.  Happ feels the double and quickly kicks to Showalter who is off on a 3.  Brown with smarts to tip an rebound to himself.   Brown still ice cold.  Not great when only 3 guys on your roster who can shoot for UW.   Hayes with a pretty drop step/spin without using his illegal hook for the dunk.  NU finally gets off the mark on a floater about 5′ into the game.  Teams are 4/16 in a B1G classic.  Hayes sticks a 3.

Wisconsin 10  Northwestern 2  14:37′ 1st Half

After not many whistles, Trice and Illikainenon for UW to spell Brown and Happ.  Hayes again with the spin as he patiently goes underneath for 2 more.   He and Koenig the offense thus far.  If memory serves, UW built a nice 1st half lead at the Kohl Center that NU erased by halftime.   Happ and Hill in for UW now.  Hill airballs a wide open 3 and Hayes saves the miss to Koenig for 3 to stretch Badger advantage to 12.   Couple touch fouls on UW, including a ridiculous one on Happ battling for a rebound.  I think the refs wanted to even the team foul count.    NU hits a rainbow 3 to give NU a little juice.  Trice misses a 3 and McIntosh hits another floater to get NU back to within 7.  Happ with a possession to forget as he fumbles it out of bounds.

Wisconsin 15  Northwestern 8  11:45′ 1st Half

Hayes with some crafty defense to induce a walk.  Happ misses a sitter but fouled on the stickback.  Might as well send him to the FT line.  He splits.  Koenig struggling with size of NU guards and NU within 6.  UW with the 3-guard lineup with Koenig, Showatler, and Trice.   Koenig way off on a 3 as Pritzl comes in to give him a blow.   Double team , or even the threat of a double team erasing Happ.  Trice 3 won’t stay down. Trice bullied off the dribble and NU back within 4 after a 9-1 NU run.   Showalter hits a big 3 off a poor low feed from Brown.  Brown again off on a wide open 3.  Happ wrestled down but no whistle.  I guess makeup for that one earlier.  Ball back to NU.   Showalter again from 3 trailing off the NU turnover and lead is back to 9 for UW.   Lindsey with a tough drive and shot to answer for NU.  Hayes swims by NU and nobody in purple bothered to try and stop him.  KOENIG SHOT BLOCK which is never not funny.   Hayes called for a mystery foul on the wild NU drive.

Wisconsin 24  Northwestern 15  6:31′ 1st Half

Koenig can’t hit the corner 3 and Brown unable to gather the rebound.   Hayes strength and quicks really troubling NU.  They tried a double and he still gets to the FT line.  He goes 1/2 as Badgers holding onto an 8-point lead.   Absolutely no idea what that foul off the ball was on NU.  Showalter misses a 3 but Brown does get this one back  Off the bounce Showalter glides in for 2 and NU takes a TO.

Wisconsin 27  Northwestern 17  4:38′ 1st Half

Happ finally gets something going getting nice deep position and shot up before a double team can do anything.  Brown great defense to avoid the foul and tremendous motor to tip the rebound to Showalter and save the ball after a wild Showalter shot on the other end.  Happ travels with UW up 12 and 3+’ left 1st half.  Another soft call on NU off the ball but sending Happ to the FT line is, again, not a bad thing, especially in the 1-and-1.  He hits both weirdly enough and stretching UW lead to 14.   Badgers have had a bad habit of limping into half as leads disappear.  Trice whistled for a foul that was unfair.  Arm straight up and Lindsley leaned into him.  Gives NU 2 cheap ones at the FT line.   Happ scraps for a rebound off the Hayes miss and Hayes pays it fwd feeding Happ for the And1.   Happ hits another FT and Badgers up 15.  NU misses a 3, it goes over the backboard but Mike Perriera can’t tell us why that wasn’t out of bounds.  Lindsley hits a floater for NU.  Hayes too easy for him inside.  NU needs somebody else.  I’d still take my chances on allowing an open 3.  Happ  1/2 at the FT line.  NU settling for contested 3s and they aren’t dropping.   Happ jus stole the rebound away from NU off the Koenig miss and then Happ gets fouled on the offensive glass.  Again 1/2 from the FT line.

HALFTIME  Wisconsin 38  Northwestern 21

Stats from ESPN

  • NU has 7 made FG off 1 assist and 5 turnovers.
  • Wisconsin has 13 made FG off 7 assists and 2 turnovers.
  • Wildcats needs to slow down UW inside.
FG Made-Attempted 7-27 13-31
Field Goal % 25.9 41.9
3PT Made-Attempted 1-6 5-16
Three Point % 16.7 31.3
FT Made-Attempted 6-8 7-11
Free Throw % 75.0 63.6
Total Rebounds 18 21
Offensive Rebounds 5 7
Defensive Rebounds 13 14
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 1 7
Steals 0 2
Blocks 0 2
Turnovers 5 2
Team Turnovers 0 0
Total Turnovers 5 2
Personal Fouls 10 6

2nd Half

Koenig misses an open 3 but Happ gathers the offensive board.  Hayes gets a friendly bounce on a 3.  NU answers with a bucket inside.  Effective double team initially on Happ but he does a couple spins to get a layup.    Lindsley answers with a 3.  Hayes patiently backing down and as the double arrives feeds Happ who gets fouled and makes both FT.  NU finding the touch as UW going under screens but Wildcats haven’t trimmed the deficit.  Brown skies for a rebound off another Koenig brick but then turns it over.  Hayes showing it all here spins and shot fakes.  Draws a foul.

Wisconsin 45  Northwestern 28  15:51′ 2nd Half

Hayes splits.   Not exactly where the foul was but NU gets the And1 on a jump hook.  Didn’t appear that Koenig touched him but foul called.   NU eyes drawn to Koenig and Illikainen slips to the rim for 2 off a feed from Trice.  Apparently those were our first bench points.    NU ready for the same play that time.  Hayes snatches a missed 3.  That would have been interesting had NUN cut it to 12.  Badgers +8 on the boards.   Happ kicks out of the double team and Brown sticks a flat 3 which elicits sighs of relief from everyone.  He then swats a NU shot attempt and forces a tie up.  Brown in the right spot for an offensive rebound and Koenig just misses the 3.  Trice in perfect position defensively and takes an elbow to the chest.  Foul called on him.  Tough break young fella.  Trevon Hughes and Jordan Taylor used to get hit with those outrageous fouls called on them as freshman too. If that wasn’t an offensive foul then nothing is.

Wisconsin 51  Northwestern 33  11:56′ 2nd Half

Brown and Happ hustle to secure a defensive rebound as NU can’t chip away.   Showalter takes over as shot clock winds down and splits 2 defenders and hits a floater.  Touch foul on Happ.  He looks tired.  I wonder if Under8 or Under4 when Gard starts sitting his regulars assuming the lead doesn’t shrink too much.  Seems like Bo always waited forever to do it.  Brown feeling himself and he sticks a 3 from the wing.  UW lead swells to 23.   Trice sticks a triple from the wing and Badgers up 24.   Showalter with a high energy steal, sharp bounce pass to Trice.  Trice patient and uses shot fake to get bigs in the air before handing to Happ for 2.  NU TO.  That should do it. Stop the fight.

Wisconsin 61  Northwestern 35  9:37′ 2nd Half

CBS notes UW has 10 total fouls an d6 turnovers so far.  Brown misses an open 3 after successive NU turnovers.   UW chewing clock  but Showalter with bad turnover leading to NU dunk.  Trice sticks a contested 3 with shot clock expiring and Badger lead up to 27.   Trice then spikes a low ball to Hayes.  Some sloppy play from UW here as time winds down.  Gard takes a good TO to settle things down and hopefully sit some seniors.  Hayes with 2.  Not sure why Hayes and Brown still out there.   Brown with tough shot on the baseline.  Jordan Hill splashes a 3 off nice swing ball movement and UW up 30.  Still I ask, why Hayes and Brown are out there.  I get that Iverson isn’t available but goodness.  Pritzl ? The Belgian guy?  A ladder?  I mean rest them for Michigan.

Wisconsin 71  Northwestern 41  3:48′ 2nd Half

Pritzl and Moesch are in for Brown and Hayes.  Brevin Pritzl hits a 3 which is nice to see.  Consistent with the book on him that he shoots well in practice and shrinks in big moments during a game.   Trice with a Trevon Hughesish forced shot but Illikainen with a nice rebound still working.  Charlie Thomas well down the depth chart now I guess because he just got into the game and misses a tap-in.  The Big Belgian is in there.  Jordan Hill running PG which will be important as he either starts or backs up Trice next season.

FINAL Wisconsin 76  Northwestern 48

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 18-52 27-57
Field Goal % 34.6 47.4
3PT Made-Attempted 3-14 12-29
Three Point % 21.4 41.4
FT Made-Attempted 9-11 10-15
Free Throw % 81.8 66.7
Total Rebounds 27 37
Offensive Rebounds 8 12
Defensive Rebounds 19 25
Assists 5 13
Steals 4 7
Blocks 0 3
Total Turnovers 12 9
Personal Fouls 14 11

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