Wisconsin v Michigan B1G Title

1st Half

Michigan with a fast start in every sense.  Wolverines clearly trying to push the tempo off every turnover or miss.  Some tough defense early forcing the Badgers to drain the shot clock and settle for contested jumpers.Nice drive by Koenig gets 2 for Wisconsin and Happ finds Hayes for a flush.  Brown 3 won’t stay down and Happ misses a bunny to follow.  Michigan still running everything through Walton.  Showalter strips him once but Wisconsin with 3 careless turnovers early 1 each from Happ Showalter Koenig.

Michigan 8  Wisconsin 6  14:45′ 1st Half

Michigan finding the raneg from 3 early.  3/5.  Showalter answers with Wisconsin’s first triple to keep contact.  Illikainen just to slow in lateral movement and gets burned for an easy layup.  Hayes answers back with a midrange.  Hayes put on skates that time and Wolverines break the deadlock.  Mich runs out off a Showalter miss and connect on a midrange jumper.  Illikainen beaten again and Gard needs a TO.

Michigan 19  Wisconsin 13  11:08′ 1st Half

Koenig nice rotation to free himself for a 3 off the kick from Happ.  CBS notes 1 foul apiece more than 10′ into the game.  And frankly I think that’s right.  Officials done a good job thus far.  Now the whistles come as Michigan getting a little grabby.  Probably the right calls.  Trice with a rifled pass to Hayes underneath for 2.  Trice definitely chatted with #12’s family.  Michigan called for a charge drawn by Showalter?  Not sure they got that one right.  After his great dish next time down Trice forces a contested 3 for some reason.  Hayes sticks a tough baseline fadeaway.   Walton hits a 3. Miscommunication between Happ and Showalter there and Walton left alone.

Michigan 24  Wisconsin 20  6:24′ 1st Half

Showalter loses Walton off the inbound and Walton hits another 3.  He misse a 3 on the other end.  Walton shakes Trice and off the switch Hayes sags back and Walton with his 3rd straight triple.  UW switching lacking off Michigan ball screens.  UW TO.

Michigan 30  Wisconsin 20  5:25′ 1st Half

Happ with a strong move for 2 that would be an And1 in any other conference. Walton with a heat check 3 and misses.  Hayes draws the D and kicks to Koenig for 3 as UW quickly halves the deficit.

Michigan 30  Wisconsin 25  3:49′ 1st Half

Happ with some more slick moves inside for 2 to draw a little closer.  Michigan forces a shot clock violation showing the same strong D they did to start the game. Irvin drils a big 3 for the Wolverines who had gone cold for 3 minutes.  Happ working down low and Michigan doesn’t double.  UW shows some tough D of their own forcing a shot clock violation on Michigan as Hayes this time sticks to Walton and stuffs his attempt at the buzzer.  UW can hold for the last shot.   Koenig gets the switch he wants and pulls up and knocks down a 3 as we go to half.  Badgers close on a 12-3 run to end the half.

HALFTIME  Michigan 33  Wisconsin 32.

Stats from ESPN

FG Made-Attempted 13-22 14-26
Field Goal % 59.1 53.8
3PT Made-Attempted 7-13 4-7
Three Point % 53.8 57.1
FT Made-Attempted 0-0 0-1
Free Throw % 0.0 0.0
Total Rebounds 9 11
Offensive Rebounds 0 4
Defensive Rebounds 9 7
Team Rebounds 0 0
Assists 7 6
Steals 3 2
Blocks 0 1
Turnovers 6 6
Team Turnovers 1 1
Total Turnovers 6 6
Personal Fouls 6 3

2nd Half

Michigan forces UW to use the shot clock and Hayes misses a tough jumper.  Garbage call on Happ and he has 2 early in the 2nd half now.  UW can’t get anything going on offense.  As Michigan high energy on defense closing off driving lanes for UW.  Wolverines converting their high percentage looks as UW interior D has wilted.  Badgers are scoreless through 4′ and another Showalter turnover with 3 turnovers total to start the half.  Hayes off the rim on an open 3.  This Under16 TO can’t come soon enough.

Michigan 39  Wisconsin 32  14:53′ 2nd Half

Hayes faces up on the D and gets to the FT line.  That.  Iso ball in the post is where you attack.  Then hopefully the G can hit open 3s on kick outs and you get a thin Michigan frontline in foul trouble.  Trice Koenig Hill in together so lets see if rebounding is an issue for UW.  Conversely, dribbling around the arc is not a great offense.  Wilson snatches an offensive rebound over Hill and Irvin glides in for And1 on Hill.  That’s where that small lineup kills you.  Michigan lead back to 10.  Wisconsin still just 2 points in 2nd half with 7′ gone.  Another UW turnover but the Michigan 3 rims out.  Hayes misses in close but Trice draws a charge? close.  Violent collision but his trail leg was moving.  Happ not expecting the pass from Trice but he gathers and zooms in for 2.  Finally UW gets a basket.

Michigan 44 Wisconsin 36  11:29′ 2nd Half

Walton drains 2 FT and UW answers with a shot clock violation.  Michigan misses 2 3s on the next possession as a major letoff for UW.  Badgers still just 4 points in the 2nd halfway through the frame.  Hayes fires a rope inside to Happ for 2 as Badgers sort of hanging around down 8.  trice for some reason goes 1-on-3 to the rim.  It doesn’t end well.  Wonder if Hill will be coming in for him?  KOENIG SHOT BLOCK on Walton.  Koenig miles off on a 3 but Showalter? draws a foul on the rebound.  Michigan gets an absurd bounce on a 3 to push the lead to 11 but Brown gets an And1 but misses the FT.   Koenig comes down and fires up a tough jumper and misses.  Generally inadvisable to pump up a contested shot immediately without a single pass.  We ain’t UCLA.  UW again miscommunication on D and Michigan slips to the bucket for 2.  Brown answers again with 3 off a kick from Happ.  Happ nearly travels but kicked it out before he did.  Showalter with a steal and score and deficit at 6. Wolverines take a TO.

Michigan 51  Wisconsin 46  6:06′ 2nd Half

Irvin has to force a 3 at the shot clock expiration and it goes.  Lead back to 9 and 2 lucky 3s keep the Badgers in a big hole with just over 5′ left.  Also not scoring a bit of an issue for UW.  Badgers can’t get the friendly bounce this time.

Michigan 54  Wisconsin 45  5:09′ 2nd Half

UW pounding the offensive glass for a tip-in but margin still at 7 with clock rolling under 4′.  Michigan sticks a 3 and lead back to 10 with 3:40′ left.  Showalter cans an open 3 to anser back.  UW takes a TO and have just 1 remaining.

Michigan 57  Wisconsin 50  3:34′ 2nd Half

Beautiful accidental alley-oop for Michigan as UW small ball exposed again.  Wolverines lead to 9.  Happ switches but Hill does not and is adrift like a GB cornerback.  Happ hits 2 FTs and aggressive Showalter commits a foul.  Not a bad one to take as its only 5th UW team foul.  Badgers showing pressure.  But UW can’t take advantage of pressureand Michigan scores on the run out.  I thought he traveled as he gathered it but no call.  UW then turns it over and that should do it.

Michigan misses a 3 but Happ a beat slow and ball kicks off his foot and out of bounds.   UW misses a 3 and Michigan with consecutive run outs for 2 for the exclamation points.

UW doesn’t really need to foul at this point but they are.

FINAL  Michigan 71  Wisconsin 56

Stats from ESPN

  • UW not exactly amazing on defense in the 2nd half but hte anemic O killed whatever chances they had.  UW with just 24 2nd half points
  • Michigan shoots 56.3% from the field and UW 39.3%.
  • UW finishes with 15 total turnovers
  • Michigan with 17 Assists on its 27 made FGs
FG Made-Attempted 27-48 22-56
Field Goal % 56.3 39.3
3PT Made-Attempted 10-23 6-15
Three Point % 43.5 40.0
FT Made-Attempted 7-9 6-8
Free Throw % 77.8 75.0
Total Rebounds 25 32
Offensive Rebounds 3 14
Defensive Rebounds 22 18
Assists 17 10
Steals 7 4
Blocks 2 3
Total Turnovers 10 15
Personal Fouls 13 13

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